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The Earl Of Spenborough Has Always Been Noted For His Eccentricity Leaving Fanny, A Widow Younger Than His Own Daughter Serena Is One Thing, But Quite Another Is Leaving His Daugther S Fortune To The Trusteeship Of Ivo Barrasford, Marquis Of Rotherham A Man Whom Serena Once Jilted And Who Now Has The Power To Give Or Withhold His Consent To Any Marriage She Might Contemplate Lady Serena Carlow Is An Acknowledged Beauty, Many Eager Suitors Have Vied For Her Hand, But She S Got A Temper As Fiery As Her Head Of Red Hair When Her Father Dies Unexpectedly, Serena Discovers To Her Horror That She Has Been Left A Ward Of The Odious Lord Rotherham Serena Raged As She Heard Her Father S Last Will And Testament How Could He Mortgage His Only Daughter To Lord Rotherham, Making The Very Man She Had Recently Jilted Caretaker Of Her Inheritance And Her Heart Her Father S Heir Is Eager To Take Over His Inheritance And Her Lifelong Home But The The Fiery Hearted Serena Is Not So Easily Controlled She With Her Lovely Young Stepmother, Fanny As Chaperone , Decide To Move To Bath There They D Turn The Ton Inside Out Volatile Serena And Gentle Fanny Could Not Be Less Alike But They Are Good Friends Serena Makes An Odd New Friend And Discovers A Childhood Sweetheart, Major Hector Kirkby All Too Soon, The Scandalous Serena Had Beaux Than She Could Dangle On A String, But None Of Them Seemed To Matter Now That Her Former Suitor Rotherham Pursued Another Beautiful Belle What She Cannot Know Is That The Astute Rotherham Has A Calculate Scheme Of His Own For Capturing Her Heart Before Long, Serena, Fanny, Kirkby, And Rotherham Are Entangled In A Welter Of Misunderstood Emotions, Mistaken Engagements, And Misdirected Love

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    Update Listened to the audiobook narrated by Sian Phillips in March 2015 and totally loved it She had exactly all the right intonations and I loved how she voiced Serena The last battle was super well done too spoiler alert Oh, I loved this one I really, really, really did It was sheer entertainment from beginning to end, and I embarrassingly laughed out loud several times A great many people had told me prior to starting that they hadn t liked this book as much as other Heyer s, mainly because of the hero and heroine s fiery tempers, and the resulting scathing arguments between them For my part, I greatly enjoyed it both characters were strong willed, intelligent, impetuous and their bickering was rather funny, since they were both blessed with a keen sense of humour The title of this book, Bath Tangle was remarkably well chosen This story is nothing but a delightful tangle of misinterpreted sentiments, misguided actions and lots and lots of drama Come to think of it, it s nothing that we ve never seen I mean come on, if these people had FacebookSerena Carlow added a life event In a Relationship with Ivo Barrasford.Serena Carlow changed her relationship status to It s Complicated.Serena Carlow change her relationship status to Single.Fanny Spenborough added a life event Widowed.Serena Carlow with Fanny Spenborough at Dower House Life is so boring There is nothing to do around here mourning bored countrylife notonpartiesIvo said I told you you should get a house in Bath Serena said And let my cousin ruin my childhood home Ivo said There s nothing you can do now, so you should just move to Bath Serena said Selfish Ivo said Idiot Emily Laleham is now friends with Serena Carlow, Fanny Spenborough and Ivo Barrasford.Ivo Barrasford is attending Quenbury Assembly with Emily Laleham and 27 others.Ivo Barrasford liked Emily Laleham s profile photo.Ivo Barrasford liked a photo on Emily Laleham s timeline.Ivo Barrasford liked Emily Laleham s post.Ivo Barrasford liked a photo on Emily Laleham s timeline.Serena said Dude, Ivo, stop liking all of Em s pics And like some of other girls too, or else she ll think you re interested.Ivo said But why, Emily s photos are pretty Serena said You don t get it You can t just like her photos Ivo Barrasford added a photo with Emily Laleham at Quenbury AssemblySerena said Tag the other girl in the pic too Ivo said Who, my niece Can t remember her name Serena said You re so pathetic Serena Carlow with Fanny Spenborough in Bath Just rented a house for the summer I love a change of scenery bath drinkingthewaters summer fun walkingthepumproomsIvo said I freaking told you so.Serena said Shut up Serena Carlow is now friends with Grandma Floore, Ned Goring and 2 others.Hector Kirkby wrote on Serena Carlow s timeline SERENA IT S BEEN SO LONG TXT MEEEEE 345 213 4578 D D I miss you so much Serena said OMG, Hector I miss you too Can t wait to talk 3Hector Kirby added a photo in the Pump Room with Serena Carlow and Fanny Spenborough feelingblessed soinlove loveyouserena serenaiadoreyouSerena Carlow added a life event In a Relationship with Hector Kirkby.Fanny said I m so happy for you Congrats Hector Kirkby is now friends with Fanny Spenborough.Susan Laleham at Rotherham House Ball with Cordelia Monksleigh, Ivo Barrasford, Emily Laleham and 109 others This party though So proud of my daughter, she is the most beautiful girl in the room Ivo Barrasford likes this.Hector Kirby liked Fanny Spenborough s profile picture.Hector said You look nice on this photo Fanny.Fanny said Thank you Did you see Serena s new photo She is so beautiful Hector Kirby liked Serena Carlow s profile picture.Hector said My Goddess My Queen Omg you look so HOT Ivo said Serena you look like a magpie.Ivo Barrasford added a life event In a Relationship with Emily Laleham.Fanny Spenborough wrote on Serena Carlow s timeline Serena inbox me, ASAP Serena said What what s wrong hun Fanny said Did you not see Serena said No, what Fanny said Ivo Serena said Ivo, what He s sick Ill Had an accident Dead WHAT HAPPENED Fanny said He s going out with Emily Serena WHAT Are you sure Susan Laleham is now friends with Ivo Barrasford.Susan Laleham wrote on Ivo Barrasford s timeline Thanks you sooooo much my making my lovely daughter sooooo happyyyy DEmily Laleham feeling sick I can t wait to see you again Grandma Floore Fanny Spenborough liked Hector Kikby s photo.Fanny said You wanna hang out sometime Hector said Sure Love to Hector Kirkby added a photo with Fanny Spenborough in Bath.Gerard Monksleigh wrote on Ivo Barrasford s timeline I EFFIN HATE YOU, YOU RUINED MY LIFE, I NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN.Ivo said Hold on, man, da eff is going on Gerard said You know what I hate you Ivo said Yeah I got that But wtf did I do now Gerard said Everything Everything is wrong with you Ivo said Oh stop being so damn dramatic and just SPIT IT OUT ALREADY Gerard said YOU STOLE EMILY FROM ME Ivo said You love Em She s in Bath, but don t you DARE go near her Gerard Monksleigh is now friends with Emily Laleham, Grandma Floore and Ned Goring.Emily Laleham changed her relationship status to It s Complicated.Grandma said Em hunny What s wrong Just think how happy you are with Ivo He is so RICH Emily Laleham with Gerard Monskleigh So many hard decisions in life feelingpressured indecisive needalcohol somanyproblemsFanny Spenborough wrote on Serena Carlow s timeline Serena, I don t think Emily is very happy with Ivo.Serena said Why, what do you mean Fanny said Do you not see all her statuses I think she s in an abusive relationship Serena said What no Ivo is not a ogre He s just very passionate and allFanny said But she s so frightened I don t think it s healthy for her Serena said Ivo clearly loves her, but he probably doesn t show it very well Emily has no reason to be afraid Hector said Fanny, I think Serena and Ivo need to get back together PFanny said What Serena hates Ivo And besides, she s going out with you Hector said I know Gerard Monksleigh with Emily Laleham going to Wolverhampton Want to travel faster Can t wait to arrive at destination Serena said What are you two doing over there Gerard said Nothing, none of your business.Serena Carlow with Ned Goring Chasing after a pair of crazy children and bringing them back MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Ivo said SERENA AHKSFJHASKFJH WHAT DA EFF DO YOU THINK YOU RE DOING Serena said I m getting you your girlfriend back, you imbecile Please don t even think about thanking me Ivo said AAARRRGGGGGHHHH I SWEAR Serena said Why are you always so bloody mad after me I m rending you the biggest service I can Ivo said I don t want your help Serena said I can t effin believe I went to all this trouble to be treated like this Ivo said I DON T WANT TO BE WITH EMILY Serena said WHAT THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU GO OUT WITH HER IN THE FIRST PLACE Ivo said To make you jealous.Serena said Don t talk to me EVER again.Ivo Barrasford changed his relationship status to Single.Hector Kirkby added a life event In a Relationship with Fanny Spenborough.Ivo Barrasford added a life event Engaged to Serena Carlow This one did not disappoint On to the top 10 Heyer list it goes D

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    Bath Tangle was another Georgette Heyer s delightful story We have here couples that have to overcome romantic entanglements, with every character paired with the wrong person Bath Tangle indeed But what I most enjoyed was Heyer s sense of humor and her vivid portrayal of the genteel everyday life of the time.

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    3.5 I haven t read this title for about 27 years, my memory of Bath Tangle is that, other than the three GH wrote before her death, this was her least enjoyable romance.I thought I was going to be proved wrong at the start After all, I wasn t overly fond of The Foundling A Civil Contract in my younger years, both are now 5 reads for me.And I really enjoyed the start Serena, 25 unmarried is orphaned by the unexpected death of her father This results in a huge change of circumstances for Serena her very young stepmother Both ladies finding living on the estate s Dower House insupportable, so move to the sedate town of Bath their adventures start.On this read, I loved Serena Yes, she has a bad temper was no doubt spoiled indulged by her late father But along with grieving for a parent, she has a change of circumstances to a life that is now stifling it it s restrictions A highly intelligent woman, she must have been ready to scream with boredom This book is almost feminist in that it highlights the lack of opportunity for women.There is a lot of wit in this story some of the funniest lines are given to minor character, Mrs Floore With the aid of the baluster rail and Mr Goring s stalwart arm she arrived, panting but triumphant, on the first floor, and paused to take breath Observing that Lybster was about to throw open the door into the drawing room she stopped him by the simple expedient of grasping his sleeve Affronted, he gazed at her with much hauteur, and said in freezing accents Madam Looby enunciated Mrs Floore, between gasps You wait Trying to push me in like a landed salmon Love her As usual with GH the writing is skillful, there are some hilarious scenes, but on this reading I didn t enjoy the secondary romance so much I also remembered why I don t love this title.I really don t like the hero.Ivo s treatment of view spoiler his unfortunate fianc e, the featherheaded Emily, is appalling hide spoiler

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    While I like Serena a lot and the chase she leads Ivo is a lot of fun, the book has two weaknesses that put it on my read less often list First, Ivo isn t even present through most of the book He pops up like a jack in the box from time to time, but he doesn t stay long and his actions aren t terribly enlightening Heyer s skill is such that even as little as we see him, we can see where he stands even if Serena doesn t , but that isn t really enough to carry through those long gaps of his absence.The second problem I have with the book is the long part in the later middle where very little happens with the characters I actually care for It s long enough getting to the point where Kirkby and Fanny are sorted which took way too long on its own but once there, I m ready to wrap things up Instead, we have interminable machinations by the idiot Gerard and the soppy headed watering pot Emily Chapters and chapters and pages and pages go on and I really couldn t care less.So I like the beginning and the very, very end, but the payoff isn t often worth the slog in the middle hence my read less often designation

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    I ll open no gates for you, my girl you ll take any fence I take, and we ll clear it, neck and neck Wonderful story with marvelous dialog and Heyer s trademark witticism The book is not as popular or as universally loved as some of her other titles And, actually, if you re never read the author, I wouldn t recommend it as your first encounter but, please come back to it later The plot is a clever mix of romantic entanglements, comedy of manners, and vivid portrayal of everyday life of genteel society I found myself reading the book at a slower pace, savoring nuances, marveling at the turn of phrases This was a real treat The slow building romance between the main protagonists, who constantly clashed with each other, is fun to watch They are both strong willed and impatient, and have been indulged for most of their lives As such, it s only natural that they should behave like an irresistible force meeting an immovable object The characters are the main reason why some people don t find this novel as appealing as some other author s work But as flawed and imperfect as they are, I couldn t help but loved them And even though, this was one of these stories where the main characters didn t spend much time together, the strength of their relationship is a domineering force of the narrative I think Heyer is at her best during their quarrels and banters.The story begins shortly after death of Lady Serena s father It s during a reading of her father s Will that Serena receives a shock of her life Her father designated Ivo Barrasford, Marquis of Rotherham to be a sole trustee of her wealth Moreover, Rotterdam would have a power to give or withhold his consent to any marriage Serena might contemplate For a beautiful, sharp tempered, independent, domineering Serena the situation is simply intolerable and made it so due to their past She has known Rotterdam all her life, and has great affection for him, they were even engaged once but she jilted him a month prior to their wedding because two of them just wouldn t suit It seems every time they are in the same room, sparks fly and they get into some kind of argument This is partly due to the fact that Rotherham does not let Serena boss him around, as she is wont to do everyone else Soon, however, even the indignity of having to cope with Rotherham is nothing compared to having to watch her cousin assume her dead father s place Hoping to revive her flagging spirit Serena and her lovely young stepmother Fanny decide to move to Bath, a place appropriate than London for they are still in mourning And that is where the main story takes place including reappearance of Hector, Major Kirkby, Serena s old admirer His reappearance is just a beginning of a tangled web that the author so masterfully weaves in this novel The title sure suits the book Numerous secondary characters who contribute to the tangle are unique, interesting , wonderfully characterized and nicely compliment the story I especially like the secondary romance involving Fanny The poignant quiet nature of that particular romance provides a nice balance to a spirited and spark inducing relationship of Serena and Rotherham.I also loved the setting On our visit to England couple of years ago, I dragged my husband to Bath location of many of my favorite romances By the way, the walking tour of Bath organized by the Mayor of Bath s Corps of Honorary Guides is a must do activity there in addition, of cause, to visiting the Pump Room, the Abby, the Roman Baths, etc Reading this book was like visiting these lovely places again.

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    Frolicking fun.Both Serena and Rotherham are pistolwhips, which makes for fiery interactions No wilting wallflower could possibly be expected to standup to the gothic ferocity Rotherham exudes Serena, fearless and equally terrifying to others in her own way, has no such problem I think perhaps Shakespeare was thinking of them when he said, Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably I am not picking a quarrel It would surprise you, I daresay, if I told you that I rarely quarrel with anyone but yourself Ah, that s because very few people have the courage to pick up the gauntlet she said, smiling An amiable portrait you draw But a speaking likeness Again, I avoided reading this book for too long because I misjudged the title You d think I d have learned after These Old Shades While it takes place in Bath, this is not a retiring sort of story, but very much a comedy of errors Everyone s truly in a tangle and they all come together in Bath I don t love this quite as much as Cotillon, but it is close.

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    I enjoyed reading this again very much The story is interesting The reason for the four stars is I couldn t warm to Ivo and Serena as much as I would have liked I did like Fanny but she was a bit wishy washy at times There are a lot of tangles in this book but it lacked the comedy of her other novels.

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    Lady Serena Carlow is the indulged daughter of an earl though if that description makes you think she is pampered and petted, you d be far off the mark No, her father treated her like the son he never had, and she grew up as his companion and equal Serena rides to hounds and hosts political parties and in general leads a free and public life Her mannish ways are tolerated because of her elevated rank and the protection of her father, but her life has not been free of scandal a few years before the story begins, she became engaged to the wealthy but irascible Marquis of Rotherham and then jilted him a few weeks before the wedding.Now twenty five years old, Lady Serena is mourning the sudden death of her beloved father and finding that her life has drastically changed She must leave her home to make way for the new earl, and she finds herself in straitened circumstances at least as long as she remains single and unable to engage in her usual pursuits because of the mandatory period of mourning To add to her difficulties, her father has made the jilted marquis her trustee and given him veto power over any marriage she hopes to make Fortunately, she is able to make a home for the time being with her youthful stepmother, the sweet and timid Fanny They settle for a time in Bath, and there the tale really gets under way Bath Tangle is one of Heyer s longer and elaborate Regency novels, and on this reading I found myself admiring the structure of the plot and the setup of the characters There are two possible heroes, and for a long time they are given almost equal weight The relationships among the principal and even the secondary characters are often surprising Many of them, while recognizable as Heyer types, have layers to their personalities that give the story depth and nuance For me, however, these pleasures are marred by the heroine s angry nature Heyer has several novels with angry heroines, and I have to be in a particular mood to enjoy them In this case, Serena s quarrels with the marquis go so far into vituperation and insult that I have trouble seeing their relationship as salvageable And there are Taming of the Shrew overtones that make me distinctly uncomfortable male leads can be cranky or sardonic in my book but never dictatorial Among the pantheon of Heyer s angry heroines, Serena is a complex character than Judith Taverner in Regency Buck but not as sympathetic as Deborah Grantham in Faro s Daughter. So while I admire the craft of this novel I can t love it.

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    The audio version of this book, narrated by Sian Phillips, bumps it up to four stars for me I liked all of the characters, but every Heyer fan should read even better, listen to this book just to become acquainted with Mrs Floore, the immensely wealthy, admittedly vulgar grandmother who protects her granddaughter from the girl s social climbing mother Lots of banter and zingers Great fun.

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    Years and years ago I devoured Georgette Heyer books, bringing them home from the library in stacks of as many as I could find and carry My favorites then were SYLVESTER, VENETIA, and REGENCY BUCK and one of my least favorite was BATH TANGLE In recent years, of course, we are fortunate enough to find her novels in reprint So I ve been taking that trip down memory lane, only to find out that I was giving BATH TANGLE a bad rap The interaction between H and h that I found so unromantic in my youth, turns out to be very romantic in my golden years And the secondary characters are such fun, especially Mrs Floore, who s a hoot This is not a slow or boring story to me But then I m the kind of person who has read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE times than I care to remember and has the AE miniseries of said Austen novel, 6 hours long, to re watch at will So I don t require a whole lot of action to go on in the novels I read I m happy enough with good conversation, and Georgette Heyer has always given us that.