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An Outbreak Of Kleptomania At A Student Hostel Was Not Normally The Sort Of Crime That Aroused Hercule Poirot S Interest But Then He Saw The List Of Stolen And Vandalized Items A Stethoscope, Some Old Flannel Trousers, A Box Of Chocolates, A Slashed Rucksack, And A Diamond Ring Found In A Bowl Of Soup He Congratulated The Warden, Mrs Hubbard, On A Unique And Beautiful Problem The List Made Absolutely No Sense At All But, Reasoned Poirot, If This Was Merely A Petty Thief At Work, Why Was Everyone At The Hostel So Frightened

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    Why the hell doesn t Goodreads have a galaxy instead of just 5 stars rating system for books that just make you go

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    Hickory Dickory Dock Hercule Poirot, 30 , Agatha Christie Hickory Dickory Dock is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 31 October 1955 and in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in November of the same year under the title of Hickory Dickory Death 1995 1374 209 20 1390 262 9789643637804 1392 246

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    3.5 I congratulate you on having such a unique and beautiful problem Again Poirot shows how clever he is, this time because his perfect secretary starts getting typing errors It s amusing how he is half in awe of her, half in fear of her Set in a hostel with a mixed group, this intriguing story wasn t like other mysteries by her that I ve read He s called in because of a bizarre list of items stolen, but murder comes across eventually.Set in a hostel with a mixed group, characters become individualized that some of her other works As usual there are jabs at various groups of people the paranoia of the Americans tickled me, actually pretty true , and there is the stigma of alcoholism hidden in there with one particular character The eccentric hostel owner, the straight laced sister team, the young lovers scheming to win affections, all of the characters are well done.Poirot is still top dog, but he shares plenty of investigative time with another detective, which is kind of discouraging Poirot twiddles his mustache during the first half the book before the murder happens, then the police take over the playing field until the ending and actual reveal happens Poirot isn t even involved in most of the interviewing.

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    In this 32nd book in the Hercule Poirot series, the detective investigates mysterious occurrences at a rooming house Like all Agatha Christie books, it can be read as a standalone Hercule Poirot is asked to investigate a rash of theft and vandalism at a boarding house for students and young workers The items involved seem random a diamond ring, a scarf, a backpack, light bulbs, eye wash, etc but Poirot suspects a sinister motive may underlie the incidents When Poirot threatens to call in the cops a young woman, Celia Austin, confesses to some of the small thefts but claims innocence of the other incidents Pretty soon several people connected to the boarding house are dead and residents dark secrets start to come to light To me this seemed like one of Agatha Christie s less developed and obvious plots with not quite believable motivation for many of the characters Still, it was an entertaining light mystery.You can follow my reviews at

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    3.5 stars 10 in my Agatha Christie Challenge During the first 50 pages, I was thinking that Agatha Christie had let Hercule Poiriot go a bit soft in her latter books, but then bodies started dropping in a co ed boarding house and all the signs pointed to murder and it got interesting As always, there is plenty of fantastic characterization, albeit a bit melodramatic in nature I never mention enough how much I laugh at Poiriot s loveable arrogance or raise an eyebrow at some of the political and social issues that creep up in these books As this book was written in the 1950 s, the big fear was Communism and several of the characters are implied to be card carrying members But really the most memorable scene in the book probably goes to one of the characters and her tirade against the British police calling them pigs and referring to them as the Gestapo, only to have her collection of brandy bottles revealed.

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    A bunch of boarders, mostly students and young folk, get into a bit of mischief which turns out to be than just a bit of mischief Hickory Dickory Dock was published in the latter half of Agatha Christie s career It s also one of the later Poirot books As such, it does feel a bit mature in the characterization and such But what the hell do I know I m no Christie scholar I ve only read a few of her many books This is yet another one that has me wanting to read of her work.In this tale of love, death and well, I ll just say , our usual hero Poirot, that diminutive man from Belgium, plays but a small role That was a disappointment, a disappointment made up for with a slightly interesting police detective and a variant cast of crazy landlords, rather one dimensional students and a couple multilayered individuals that had me bouncing back and forth between who I thought had dunnit Maybe this isn t Christie s most memorable work, but it would be a credit to any mystery writer s oeuvre.

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    Hercule Poirot frowned Miss Lemon, he said Yes, M Poirot There are three mistakes in this letter His voice held incredulity For Miss Lemon, that hideous and efficient woman, never made mistakes She was never ill, never tired, never upset, never inaccurate For all practical purposes, that is to say, she was not a woman at all She was a machine the perfect secretary She knew everything, she coped with everything She ran Hercule Poirot s life for him, so that it, too, functioned like a machine.Order and method had been Hercule Poirot s watchwords from many years ago With George, his perfect manservant, and Miss Lemon, his perfect secretary, order and method ruled supreme in his life Now that crumpets were baked square as well as round, he had nothing about which to complain.Square crumpets Have I missed these so far Anyway, to the book Hickory Dickory Dock was a fun read, in which Miss Lemon gets some page time The story is set in 1955 in London and Miss Lemon is worried about her sister and the strange goings on at the hostel where her sister works Things have gone missing In order to return to a life of normalcy and perfection, Poirot offers to help Miss Lemon s sister solve the mystery of the disappearing items Hickory Dickory Dock is a great story to note the differences in Christie s writing between the pre and post war periods This story is set in the 50s, and the bright young things are now less decadent and international The youth comes across in Christie s dialogues reasonably well, but the international aspect made me cringe Let s face it, despite her efforts, Christie just was not great at writing characters from non English backgrounds Still, it was fun watching Poirot solve this, even if sometimes you just want to kick Poirot in the shins Hercule Poirot nodded understandingly It seemed to him appropriate that Miss Lemon s sister should have spent most of her life in Singapore That was what places like Singapore were for The sisters of women like Miss Lemon married men in business in Singapore, so that the Miss Lemons of this world could devote themselves with machine like efficiency to their employers affairs and of course to the invention of filing systems in their moments of relaxations.

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    I spit upon the murder Mrs Nicoletti They are stupid about love, these girls as if love mattered Mrs NicolettiHickory Dickory Dock is one of Christie s novels with a nursery rhyme title, though there is little to no connection There is a Mrs Hubbard like the one with a cupboard , but again, this is just Christie being cute I certainly did read this half my life ago and probably enjoyed it then than I did this time, in the context of having read the previous 29 Poirot novels This isn t one of his best ones, but it is remarkable in that it is one of the rare ones that mentions current politics at all the McCarthy trials of the early fifties in the U S Christie makes fun of people thinking people are Communists everywhere Poirot also plays a relatively small role in this one, although he does assert his principal interrogational principle conversation getting to know people through talking to them Everything interests me PoirotThere s too many characters in this book, and few of them are adequately developed, as a result We have an array of international students in co ed housing, including an Indian, African, Jamaican, Egyptian, and so on I am not sure why she does this, really I guess she is appealing to some idea of the exotic stereotypical foreigner as opposed to the fairly stereotypical, formal stuffy Brits and the amusingly arrogant Poirot There s a pompous British grad student in psychology, Colin, that Christie makes fun of, which is also her way of making fun of pop psychology Is Celia a kleptomaniac, or is she just stealing stuff to get Colin s attention and close psychological analysis There s multiple murders in Hickory Dickory Dock, and then this admirably wrapped up conclusion which we have come to expect Christie especially loves her poisons morphine overdose, in this one But I thought this was, for Christie, on par On to 31