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An excellent example of how to turn a workshop into a well written book I am not really a Marketing person, but I wanted to understand that perspective, and this book does a great job of making the marketing process clear and straightforward There are suggested exercises to get you thinking about how to implement the concepts, and it is all broken down into easily understood steps.Sometimes it is a bit too formulaic for me, sometimes edging toward end results that feel a bit contrived, but then, I am a technical writer, not a marketing writer, so it might just be a matter of perspective.Anyway, this is a well written book, but I still think Horn s best book is Take the Bully by the Horns. Loving it Perfect for personal branding and elevator pitches, especially if you are a recent grad or new in an industry Also great if you are planning to start a company or do any type of marketing at all If you are eager to get your ideas heard and rise above the noise, this is the book for you Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new product, an executive with a new idea or a community leader working to implement change, Sam Horn will teach you how to gain visibility and attention and enroll others to get on board She will also engage, inspire and empower you to create one of a kind tag lines, note worthy product names and highly quotable phrases that will bring you a steady stream of friends, fans and followers If you are ready to stand out for all the right reasons buy this book today Good for anyone looking to create or expand their business or service Be Purposeful Original Pithy Highlights 1 coin your own term for the topic.2 Identify common challenge facing people that need my service.3 Express core of the common problem 4 Be funny and philosophical make people laugh AND think 5 It is our responsibility to craft messages that capture and keep our target audience s interest 6 We communicate because we want to share a message that matters. This book is essential reading for any business owner, salesperson or marketing professional In addition to great ideas, Horn includes guides on how to implement those ideas to help increase the visibility, and profitability, of your enterprise. Want to say something in a way that will stick in people s heads This is the book that will help break up your writer s block and help you find the right way to say it Creative exercises and interesting ideas fill these pages Really enjoyed it and check out her other books As a PR professional, I found this book to be full of gimmicks and tricks and found the ideas to be very elementary Nobody wants to be tricked and without substance behind a product or service, no tagline or gimmick is going to do any long term good. Fantastic book with very creative advice on how to develop slogans and other word based marketing I borrowed my from the library, but you ll want to own your own copy because you will refer to it over and over again. A Powerful Tool For Entrepreneurs, Businesspeople, Authors, And Anyone Who Wants To Break Out Big, The POP Process Is A Fun, Fascinating, Strategic Approach To Making Messages Purposeful, Original, And Pithy To Generate Instant Intrigue And Word Of Mouth Buzz Workshop like book Interesting read POP, the book on how to stand from the crowd with your marketing message is itself a great manifestation of just that.