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This book made me laugh I sometimes struggle with the fact that I have only one outfit appropriate for going out anywhere vaguely fancy after work, and that I am totally averse to shopping and makeup and other things that make women look presentable Hence reading this book on the recommendation of myclassically stylish sibling But then I remember that I am a field biologist, and that my idea of a good evening out is drinking a craft beer in the unpretentious brewery district near my house, or spending a few hours dreaming of garden box designs in the lumber section of the Home Depot, and I stop worrying about it Stiletto mary janes and diamond studs, my foot I would now like a cape and jaunty cap to go with my wellies, though, so the advice in this book has not been entirely lost on me Sherlock Holmes themed wet weather wear, here I come I say meh I ve been reading a lot of style and fashion books in an ongoing attempt to dress less slobby and tooly and this feels like a retread Also, don t tell me I must have this or that thing I m never going to own aviators or a Chanel purse. I love this book Fun and helpful Sassy and classy The full color illustrations are the perfect accessory to the writing.There were some thing on this list I disagreed with It seemed Nina was grasping to fill out the 100 items But the items I do agree with come with absolutely perfect advice.If you re into fashion you need this book If you re a fashion disaster you need this book If your hopelessly stuck in the middle somewhere you need this book. Very silly in my opinion but fun to page through and think about items that could be good gifts for me or someone else Would NOT recommend buying it unless you re actually serious about following through with her suggestions a library rental is perfect since it takes about an hour to peruse, which is about as deep as I needed to go with it. From Nina Garcia Fashion Judge On Bravo S Hit Project Runway And The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Style Strategy Comes The One Hundred, The Companion Edition To Her Wildly Popular The Little Black Book Of Style A Must Own List Of All The Items Every Fashion Conscious Woman Should Have As A Solid, Stylish Foundation, The One Hundred Features Gorgeous Illustrations By Ruben Toledo You are an original Start dressing like one 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 I absolutely adore Nina Garcia on Project Runway, and I ve been interested in reading her books for a while The idea of a capsule wardrobe is really appealing to me and I thought this was a good place to start Initially, I was a little bit worried because the book was published about 10 years ago, and these fashion books about style tend to get old quite fast when there are trends involved.No need to worry though I found it to be quite on point and took several notes while I was reading this The things I didn t agree with where technology based so I swapped the Blackberry for an iPhone and the iPod for an Apple watch, for example.I also didn t agree with animal furs and skins being listed as must haves, but that is my personal choice as I don t condone animal cruelty in that way.Other than that, it was a really good read with lovely illustrations and a great starting point if you want to start building a classic wardrobe Would recommend for fans of capsule wardrobes If you Google Pinterest search those two words endlessly like me, you might like this one It s a bold title The One Hundred A Guide to the Pieces EVERY Stylish Woman Must Own But is it true Yes and no While the full one hundred won t apply to everyone, there is at least something to appeal to nearly everyone since when is Champagne a fashion accessory There are items that fall into classic categories, and nearly every woman will own them no matter what their personal style statement is I would say great jeans, a trench coat, a great sweater, a black dress and that one wear with anything pair of shoes all fit into the American Western wardrobe in some shape or form But there are definitely things I consider unnecessary or just not for me on Garcia s list Havianas I m not a flip flop kinda gal.Champagne If I m going to imbibe alcohol, it most likely won t be champagne.L.L Bean Tote I don t own an L.L Bean anything Ever My heart still rebels against The North Face, too I blame bitchy high school girls for this prejudice.A caftan Do I look like Mrs Roper A Blackberry Well, technically I do own a Blackberry Pearl I don t recommend it , but this entry just shows how this book has already dated itself The Blackberry is on the way out as the tech du jour, ladies.I am glad that Garcia included things like Converse sneakers a must and vintage t shirts along side investment bags read big name, splurgerific bags by the likes of Prada and Hermes and cashmere sweaters I have a lot of fun combing through this book, especially as each alphabetical entry includes little bits of trivia and history to take the topics beyond merely constructing a catalog of acquisition.I won t lie I like clothes I like shopping for clothes and putting pieces together just for the love of personal aesthetic expression I also like reading about fashion oraccurately, style , because it reflects who we are as a culture Every decade has its costumes, and that is fascinating This book takes elements from various decades to create an essential foundation for a great wardrobe I don t use this book as a guide to my own clothing choices, but rather I like to look at it as a fun inside look at how we, as a culture, look at clothes what is classic What is just a fad How does this reflect our culture How can I enjoy clothes and accessories without letting acquisition take over my life Well, this book doesn t help so much with that last question, but it does help give perspective as to what things are worth investing in for the long term, which is one way of avoiding the consumer money pit And Ruben Toledo s watercolor illustrations are adorable. In her second book, Garcia lists the in her opinion 100 pieces every woman must own From an A Line dress to Cashmere knits, she covered nearly every essential I ve ever heard of Only the mention of an IPod IPhone kind of confuses me I don t see where both items are making women stylish but I won t start a discussion about that now because everyone knows I m an crackberrian and thus very biased Anyways, Garcia gathered not only essential clothing items and how to wear them, but also very interesting background facts about most of them For anyone who doesn t know the history of flats, caban jackets or biker boots or even jeans , this book is a valuable source Many famous actresses and models are mentioned, too All my favorite Brigitte Bardot movies are in this book She also recommends her favorite designers of particular items The way she writes about them makes me want to go shopping everytime Although Garcia writes from a very subjective view, she somehow manages to keep a general opinion that makes her either a genius or a very ordinary person.But the thing I love must about this book are let s be honest Ruben Toledo s illustrations He worked with Garcia before The Little Black Book Of Style and absolutely adore everything he draw, every little stroke in this book Not only are his works a great piece of art, but also so simple and yet so great I wonder if there s a calendar with his workOverall, this book was a great investment Of course, there a few items I highly doubt you need to be stylish the previously mentioned IPhone IPod, flipflops, Kaftan, Sarong, Yoga pants but then again, Garcia wrote this book based on her own, personal opinion I also wonder why she left out Maxi dresses Sure, petite girls hardly find one that fits them, but I haven t bought a Bikini since I was thirteen.Pro alphabetical order lots of items useful information on Do s Don ts Sometimes, girls are seen wearing tights as pants Which they aren t I love her for this interesting background information First appearance of flats to the fashion world And God Created Woman with Brigitte Bardot, 1956 Great artworkContra some items aren t mentioned some items shouldn t be mentioned A bit average too USA centeredIf you re interested in fashion, looking for advice, craving for information about your favorite clothing items, interested in Nina Garcia s books or simply need to stock up your personal fashion book shelf like me , then you shouldn t miss this. The Good The focus here is how to build a wardrobe of stylish pieces that you can wear in to your 50s and beyond, and I totally appreciate that Garcia allows mixing in a trend here or there for fun, but basically insists that the truly stylish don t follow disposable fashion The layout and design of this book is also adorable the illustrations are spot on and help to make the book seem like the classic tome it clearly wants to be And as I get older, I m starting to appreciate the importance of things like good silk robes and statement necklaces She also gives great advice on classic color and choices for simple things like nail polish and lipstick The Bad Garcia clearly goes in for the investment piece line, and every truly must have item is usually a super top of the line designer piece that costs thousands And Birkins, caftans, and Missoni knits are probably not in everyone s wheelhouse, no matter how fabulous you may be There s not a lot of variety in the cartoon models here, and you get the feeling that Garcia doesn t see her audience as having much variety in body shape either She is fashion after all This was fun to thumb through and I think I took away some mature fashion advice Overall, worth a look with some included eye rolling. Nina Garcia understandably has expensive taste I knew that I would be skipping right over suggestions like the Birkin bag, the cocktail ring, the Pucci, and the Missoni knit But, I could certainly take those designs into consideration when shopping and look for similar silhouettes and patterns in my price range.Having recently cleaned out my closet and committed to filling it out with quality, lasting pieces instead of just great deals, this book was helpful It gave me a great place to start and specific items to look for when I go shopping instead of my often regretted moment of weakness, cheap but rarely worn purchases.I wrote down my realistic list from her 100, then let myself cross of the items from the list that I already had in my closet It helped to see that I did have SOME taste already The list is also helping me explore areas of fashion I never dared try before Some I might not like, but others might just surprise me For example, why had I walked mockingly past the Minnetonka moccasin in shoe stores all these years Have you ever put one on your foot Well, thanks to Nina I finally did and now have very happy, fashionable feet