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While the above description suggests, misleadingly, that all of protagonist David Balfour s adventures take place on the high seas he only gets as far as the treacherous coastal waters of his native Scotland, and the great majority of the story takes place on land , the rest of it is pretty apt This is Romantic historical adventure fiction at its finest that is, fiction from the Romantic school, with its stress on appeal to emotions here, excitement, fear, sympathy, moral indignation, admiration not small r romance fiction David doesn t get to fall in love in this book , from a master of the genre Set a few years after Bonnie Prince Charlie s failed rebellion, it tells the tale of a orphaned heir, kidnapped at the behest of a scheming uncle When the ship carrying him to indentured servitude in America is wrecked off the Highlands, the young man teams up with a Jacobite adventurer, and they set out on a dangerous trek across Scotland to confront the uncle.This novel has the basic features of much of Stevenson s fiction a well realized historical setting, vivid characters, eventful plotting, a strong emphasis on wholesome male bonding and friendship, straightforward celebration of masculine virtues, and a clear eyed distinction between good and evil The author s diction, of course, is of the 19th century sort, and compounded by his use of Scots dialect in some character s speech and a salting of 18th century terms that are no longer in common use the Scottish geographical references would also probably be Greek to most American readers without a good map But if these weren t insuperable obstacles to me, reading it as a kid of ten or so, they won t be to many of you, either Given the similar setting, this might have some appeal to fans of Gabaldon s Outlander though of course it lacks a love story. This is in the olden days when there wasn t anything except boats and cows No phones, no movies, nothing Who would want to live there, right But see some people did, and they had to or we wouldn t be here with all our stuff They had to like go without so we could rock and roll That s deep.So for entertainment they would play funny tricks on each other, like this guy s uncle sells this guy into slavery even though this is a Scottish guy, so he gets coshed and wakes up on a boat to the US of A but then this guy and this other guy who is like the low tech James Bond of the total Highlands they take over the boat and then it gets wrecked, that part is okay, there is some good fighting, the sailors get melted But then there is way too much heather Which they have to tramp through for days, no water, no entertainment except whistling, that seemed to be the thing they did instead of streaming These days you would be having some trouble whistling modern music, like say Jeckyll and Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch, go ahead, whistle that So that was dull Ouch this heather hurts Oh dear, I am sleeping in some water Well then don t, is what I thought In the end it all comes right but I thought they should of hacked the uncle to death with a cow s antler but they didn t course all you gr types know already that Jeckyll Hide was written by the same guy that did Kidnapped which I don t get as JH is really intense anyway the graphic version Tricked By The Uncle Who Has Stolen His Inheritance, Young David Balfour Is Kidnapped And Bound For America Or At Least That Was The Plan, Until The Ship Runs Into Trouble And David Is Rescued By Alan Breck Stewart, Fugitive Jacobite And, By His Own Admission, A Bonny Fighter Balfour, A Canny Lowlander, Finds An Echo Of Some Wilder And Romantic Self In The Wilful And Courageous Highland Spirit Of Alan Breck A Strange And Difficult Friendship Is Born, As Their Adventures Begin Kidnapped Has Become A Classic Of Historical Romance The World Over And Is Justly Famous As A Novel Of Travel And Adventure In The Scottish Landscape Stevenson S Vivid Descriptive Powers Were Never Better Than In His Account Of Remote Places And Dangerous Action In The Highlands In The Years After Culloden A Cracking Tale Of Low Skulduggery And High Adventure, Robert Louis Stevenson S Kidnapped Has Enthralled Generations Of Readers Since Its First Publication InA Book For Thrill Seekers Of All Ages, This Romp Through Jacobite Scotland Is A True Classic Sunday Herald A Delicately Balanced Book, Expertly Controlled, Sharply Focused, And Written With An Affectionate Irony It Is Perhaps The Finest Of Stevenson S Novels Jenni Calder Why haven t I readStevenson Perhaps because from what I can tell his writing feels as remote and cold as the Scottish Isles It can be beautiful in its way, but you often forget it s there in favor ofpopular destinations withcolor and pizzazz In a way, Kidnapped feels a little like the Scottish version of Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo, which I was never overly fond of Something about the story doesn t grab me Although it should, as I just recently endured a similar situation where in my business was done out of a contract by someone essentially claiming to be me Usurping my anticipated profits by saying they took over my business isprecise A dastardly bastardly thing to do So, these sorts of stories should wring pity and 5 stars out of my bleeding heart, but they don t Perhaps it s something to do with the writing style of the times It s a little stiff, actions are a bit telegraphed That s tough though, because I suppose all literature may very well suffer from such ravages of time, to be thrown upon the scrap one day because readers have moved on, sped up, and become jaded Fuck, I m getting melodramatic in my old ageAnywho SO glad I waited to read Kidnapped until now If I d read this in high school like I was supposed to I would have missed so muchhell, I wouldn t have understood even half of what was said But now that I mfamiliar with UK history, Scottish accents and old timey slang, I can actually sit back and enjoy something like Kidnapped, rather than be mired under every time the brogue overtakes me. Kidnapped is an adventurous young adult story The main protagonist, young David Balfour, having become an orphan, takes on a journey to find his uncle seeking support and fortune Little he knows of the adventure that he is to embark on, upon meeting his wicked uncle view spoiler These include being Kidnapped to be sold for slavery, made a friend of a Jacobite, becomes shipwrecked, find himself in a deserted island, becomes a fugitive before finally coming to the happy note of securing his inheritance and fortune hide spoiler Swashbuckling fun, but the problem I have with this rereading it as an adult is the same as reading The Black Arrow Stevenson manages to be both engaging and silly sometimes at the same moment, but luckily the human brain is capable of multi tasking even in the middle of a paragraph.Isn t the relationship between Alexander and Ebenezer Balfour which drives the narrative too ridiculous The elder brother giving up his inheritance and becoming an out of luck village teacher is one thing and hard enough to believe why not just split the inheritance or pay him off or set him up in a profession but such a story must have got all over the countryside It is hard to believe that David, or at least the pastor, Mr Cameron would have been ignorant of it At least Stevenson kept back that detail until the end, but still I wonder why he didn t think of a different way to drive the story say Ebenezer tricking his brother in some way or framing him for a crime More or less anything would have beenplausible than the story he does use.On the plus side I liked the sense of the cultural differences between the lowlanders and the Highlanders which comes through strongly, although I was not sure how far the prejudices against the highlanders reflected Stevenson s own views or what he felt would be a reasonable reflection of those held by contemporary lowlanders Alternatively this is a moment in a children s book in which the child s moral values and intellectual capabilities are shown to be superior to that of an adult.That perhaps is the secret of Stevenson s success it is there in Treasure Island and The Black Arrow too The child can outwit the wicked uncle, the pirate, or the wicked uncle disguised as a leper as they so frequently are The child lost in an adult world triumphs through their own ability And the characters and settings are sharp and vivid, Sandy s devotion to the memory of Alan Breck in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie seemsreasonable than the obsessions harboured by her teacher view spoiler but to be fair, I m not a fan of Mussolini hide spoiler Alan, cried I, what makes ye so good to me What makes ye care for such a thankless fellow Deed and I don t know, said Alan For just precisely what I thought I liked about ye, was that ye never quarrelled and now I like ye better Historical fiction, an adventure story, but also a great buddy story The plot follows young David, who is cheated out of his inheritance by a greedy uncle, and kidnapped into servitude on a sailing ship The ship hits a small boat during a fog and picks up Alan Breck Stewart, a renegade Highlander Set in the period following the failed Scottish rebellion, a reader not well versed in the history might have difficulty following the politics and the dialect of the Scots It s a grand adventure story, though, with the friendship between the two quite different main characters providing light hearted moments, narrow escapes, and a fitting, but bittersweet ending. I don t know how the rest of young David Balfour s life turns out, but his early adventures where amazing Set in 18th century Scotland during the Jacobite period, David, a loyalist to King George, and his friend Alan Stewart, a Jacobite, seemingly travel the entirety of the Scottish Highlands hiding in the rocks and heather from rival clans and the British Army Character lessons abound, especially for young David Just a fun book to read. I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of both, and I believe they both get paid in the end, but the fools first We find ourselves in Bonny old Scotland circa June 1751 King George and the red coats rule this empire Following on from the Jacobite Revolution we are introduced to an innocent teenage gentleman known as David Balfour To initiate the narrative David and the minister, Mr Campbell discuss the necessity for a journey that our young hero should take following the untimely death of both his parents He is entrusted with a letter that was written from his father s very own hand which cannot be opened until it is delivered to a certain individual his conniving uncle who happens to be, of course a close family member of Young Balfour His uncle represents the Scottish House Shaw the destination of the aforementioned is close to Edinburgh and so David treks as a young 18 year old person would Maybe even skipping across the glen in bonnie pretty spirits ay lad Is everyone in fiction who is called Ebeneezer a scumbag David journeys for a few days across the lowlands of Scotland including Cramond, Colinton until the sight of the Glasgow Road is in his peripheral vision At this point, he knew he was close to the presented described destination After these travels to start his what would turn out to be journey, he meets his uncle I will not say too much but upon their meeting, after slight consideration, David realises his uncle is a slimy, sinister snake who has stolen his inheritance After that Ebeneezer undermines David s intelligence after failing in a notorious plot to kill him David only because of his soon to be but present in this tale heroic wit that is already bubbling below the surface the mean uncle arranges for him to be K1dnapped Some book title on GR you have to spell wrong or it deletes them and makes reviewers look like a sausage This book was so amazing that if I was to truly analyse it I would probably writepages than Mr Stevenson did I will not divulge too much into the intricacies of the story but essentially David s mean uncle sells him out literally David is a lord by name and paper but Ebeneezer pays pirates money to send David to Carolina to become a slave worker On his journey on said pirate ship they impale a boat and a gentleman called Alan Breck joins the fray That is all I will say story wise so don t worry.The journey continues It is David s voyage away from and journey back to his rightful estate that is the lions share of the novel My father is a Scottish History lecturer so every time I mentioned a character in this book as I was reading he would tell me how legitimate they were at being presented by Stevenson in this era as the majority were real characters people in this amazingly interesting but dark age E.g Alan Breck, James of the Glens, Red Fox, Robin Oig Rob Roys Son.If you read this book your mind will flow in a Scottish accent 100% As a non Scottish reader do you know what these words mean that are prevalent If I wasn t half Scottish I may have struggled didnae, auld, dram, ay, keek, lassie, ken, kenned, gliff, whigh etcFollowing this colloquial language It cannot getScottish than one amazing scene Two gents challenge each other for a dual, but instead of deadly combat with pistols and ten steps etc they settle on a bagpipe showdown There is a huge divide between the hielands and the lowlands England analysed Scotland as one country at this stage but all of the Clan s saw many different countries in Scotland In the highlands people mostly only speak Gaelic which alienates David in their presence The closer the south of Scotland you were theEnglish you were. does that play a part perhaps To me, I would probably give this 3.75 stars Not as much happens in this as Treasure Island However I enjoyed losing myself in the world of my forefathers I am named after Scottish kings y know I will check out the film later Love as always James www.youandibooks.wordpress.com While Stevenson s Kidnapped was not quite as strong a work as either Treasure Island or his incredibly gripping The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, it was such an exciting, action packed, genuinely fun adventure story that I couldn t help but love it Set in 1751, it features such thrilling elements as a sinister, foul tempered uncle, a ship full of villainous sailors, a shipwreck on a gloomy, deserted island, political intrigue, Murder , the perilous proximity of the Red Coats on the Scottish Highlands, and much, muchPlus, I found the young protagonist, David, extremely likable and relatable he was good hearted, loyal, intelligent and brave, but not unbelievably or irritatingly so All in all, he was a wonderful companion I found myself enthusiastically rooting for, which always makes a story that muchengrossing Highly recommended