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You Are My Sister Now, Victoria Said, Quietly And Solemnly Never Forget It I Love You Like A Sister, And You Are My Only Friend In All The World Miss V Conroy Is Good At Keeping Secrets She Likes To Sit As Quiet As A Mouse, Neat And Discreet But When Her Father Sends Her To Kensington Palace To Become The Companion To Princess Victoria, Miss V Soon Finds That She Can No Longer Remain In The Shadows Miss V S Father Has Devised A Strict Set Of Rules For The Young Princess, Which He Calls The Kensington System It Governs Her Behaviour And Keeps Her Locked Away From The World He Says It Is For The Princess S Safety, But Victoria Herself Is Convinced That It Is To Keep Her Lonely, And Unhappy Torn Between Loyalty To Her Father And Her Growing Friendship With The Wilful And Passionate Victoria, Miss V Has A Decision To Make To Continue In Silence, Or To Speak Out By Turns Thrilling, Dramatic And Touching, This Is The Story Of Queen Victoria S Childhood As You Ve Never Heard It Before

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    Thank you to NetGallery for providing me an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.Two girls named Victoria One is the princess and is held under the thumb of Sir John Conroy, and the other is the companion of the princess placed there by her father to keep an eye on the princess With the strict living arrangement, the girls find comfort in each other even though they are not completely satisfied with their lives.I first want to state that this book comes out again on 05 08 and if you like historical fiction books, this book will probably be right up your alley I like some historical fiction, like The Infernal Devices, The Dark Days Club, and some others but I am not someone who goes out looking for historical fiction I say that because I want you to go into my review knowing that I am not a big H Fiction fan and this was written by someone who just thinks they are okay and not the best thing to happen to man kind.So, anyway, this book was dragging for me I am not sure if it was because there wasn t a lot of action and that the plot was lacking some for me, but for some reason I found myself enjoying it enough to keep going, but had to force myself to pick it up each time instead of reading one of my other books I take complete blame for that though I went into this book knowing it wasn t going to have huge fight scenes and such, but for some reason I was still waiting for them The characters weren t very three dimensional, but felt as if they had a lot of potential to be so I found myself caring for the girls and hoping things would turn around for them, but it was of how an acquaintance feels for someone, and not how a friend would feel, if that makes sense to anyone but me.I believe this is based off of real historical events and settings I m not a huge history buff, so I know very little about Queen Princess Victoria and what all happened during her life This was very enlightening on what could have happened though The author, of course, has creative liberties and might have changed a few things, but I believe she tried to stick to the main story as much as she could To conclude, I think if I was a bigger fan of historical fiction, I would have enjoyed it So I will give this an even three star rating to show how on the fence I am about it.

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    Thank you to Netgalley, bloomsbury publishing plc and Lucy Worsley for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review I voluntarily reviewed an Advance reader copy of this book You can find my review on both Goodreads and On goodreads.com karenwhittard and on under k.e.whittard from publication date This is a great book to introduce young ones into historical fiction Lucy s Wealth of knowledge as always shine through Children from age 7 would enjoy this book It tells the story of queen Victoria and her charge lehZen who quickly becomes a second mother to her Victoria is basically controlled by her mother and Sir John conroy As Lucy always does on her BBC historical programmes she tells mostly true historical facts but also tells a side we may not have heard before A side Lucy believes could very well have happened So when Sir Conroy brings his daughter Miss V into the picture instead of not getting on as history tells us they strik up a friendship It is lovely to see Victoria have a friend instead of just being controlled by her mother and Sir Conroy I thought the girls friendship was touching and very sweet This is a great book for a young reader Lucy really knows her history I love her tv programmes and she uses this knowledge to write a very good historical book I look forward to seeing from Lucy Happy reading everyone

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    If you ve read my review of Lady Mary by the same author, you would probably guess what I am going to say about this one, because I had basically the same problems with it I understand that these books are maybe for younger YA readers, and that is fine it just isn t for me But what I cannot stand is when the character is supposed to be sixteen, seventeen, even eighteen years old and they still feel like a ten year old Lucy Worsley needs to work on developing her characters as they get older, because at the moment, they stay the same for the whole book And it would be understandable if the characters stayed the same age, but they don t I did enjoy the historical side of it I don t really know much about the Victorians specifically, the royal family I have studied a bit about the industrial revolution, but not much about the royals themselves I think I would like to know though This book was a bit of an alternative history, and speculative than Lady Mary, and I recommend reading the author s note at the end of the book The characters in it are real people, but I did enjoy the ending she gave it Lucy Worsley s books are very easy to read I read the majority of this in one sitting They are engaging and enjoyable, and I do enjoy my reading experience, even if the book is not the most memorable and I don t really find myself attached to any of the characters I would recommend this for a younger reader, or maybe someone who wants to transition into YA but doesn t want to be reading ACOTAR straight away, for example It is fun, I will admit, and I might read her other books if I have the chance BUT that being said, these books would never really make a favourites list of mine, and honestly, Lucy Worsley s non fiction books actually look a lot interesting.

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    This book, which is aimed at older children young teenagers, tells us of the lives of two girls named Victoria The famous of these two is the Princess Victoria, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent With the death of a number of her uncles, she becomes heir to the throne of Great Britain The other Victoria is Miss V , the daughter of Sir John Conroy She is roughly the same age as the princess and becomes her companion.Princess Victoria lives in Kensington Palace, with her mother, a widow, and her governess and teacher, Baroness Lehzen Sir John Conroy is comptroller of this household and, with the Duchess of Kent, they had devised something called the Kensington System This ensured that the young princess was kept isolated and obedient, under the strict control of the adults around her.Miss V is brought into the household at the age of 10 to be a companion for the princess, but her reception is not particularly enthusiastic Princess Victoria is very unhappy with her restricted life and is highly distrustful of her young companion.Lucy Worsley has used real historical characters and settings in this novel, but she has used her imagination to develop the relationships between them I loved the what if plot development, which took me by surprise.This was a very enjoyable read for me The settings were described in a way which made them visible in my mind and the characters were well developed and interesting I am a fan of Lucy Worsley s history programmes and I have to say, I m a fan of her novel, My Name is Victoria I would like to thank NetGalley for enabling me to read this novel, in return for my honest review.

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    A book of two halves the first I enjoyed the second I didn t.

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    originally posted on The Writing Hufflepuff Disclaimer I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley and the publisher thank you in return for an honest reviewThis one was a bit disappointing to me Last month I read a similar book from Worsley, but about Queen Mary, which I had mostly the same problems with as this one, so I guess Worsley s books are just not for me Because I love lists let s sum up these problems Not much happens This is the biggest problem with both this one and Lady Mary there isn t much of a plot I mean, there technically is, but it doesn t feel like it because barely anything happens There s just,, a lot of talking Because of this it s just,, a bit boring I feel like this book could ve been so much interesting given the concept and the historical people it focues on I mean there s so much political intrigue, but because we see everything through the eyes Miss V we barely know anything about it That plot twist was,,, not to my liking This is a very personal thing which led to my two star rating instead of three, and shouldn t keep you from not reading this book The plot twist itself was well written as there were enough hints for it to not be entirely out of the blue, but not that many that it was predictable though I did see it coming and Worsley explains that this is an alternative history, just her exploring a what if , it s not some conspiracy theory haha, I just personally didn t like it I feel like the characters were just not that interesting either Worsley knows her stuff, especially when it comes to Queen Victoria, so it s not a lack of research, but the characters were kinda flat and while we follow both girls through childhood to their teenage years, I just don t feel they changed much Also Miss V s voice was just,,, so lack luster But There were definitely things I liked Like I said, if it weren t for the plot twist I would ve given this three stars Honestly me not liking the plot twist probably has to do with the tv show and maaaybe with my crush on Jenna Coleman but,, The friendship between the girls They were probably not such great friends in reality, but Worsley wanted to explore this what if and honestly it was lovely At first they didn t really know what to make of each other of course, but in the end they love and support each other, want what s best for the other, would risk anything and everything, know each other like the back of their hand, were willing to give up their own happiness for the other s It was so great to see, even though Queen Victoria probably hated Miss V in reality lmao Despite not much happening and the characters feeling a bit flat, it s clear that Worsley knows what she s talking about It really does feel like you re transferred to the 1800s While Miss V didn t change that much, I do like how she eventually stood up to her father Queen Victoria s support system Of course she was isolated, but she still had a small group including Miss V that would do anything for her and loved her with all their heart Not much is known about Miss V Conroy, so it s nice to see about her Dash I don t think Worsley s books are for me, but if you love historical fiction than I do recommend checking them out There s a good chance you won t have these problems after all

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    As Worsley is a curator at Kensington and a trusted historian, I know that people s names, the places, and events used by the story are accurate, but I also loved the fictional twist that she weaves the story around, which is especially clear in the must read epilogue I love that she is playing with the fact that we can never truly know what life was like under the real Kensington System, and she uses the unreliability of the young Victoria s melodramatic diaries to create a thorough enjoyable piece of historical fiction I thought the ending was fun to think about, even though I saw it coming but thought it couldn t possibly happen because of how preposterous it was It serves to prove that we must remember that all presentations we see read of historical people are always a perception.

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    I received a copy via Net Galley I previously read Lucy s other YA novel Eliza Rose and I really enjoyed it These novels are aimed at younger readers, however, I think that they are enjoyable reads and a good introduction to the historical fiction genre When reading these books you can tell that Lucy is clearly passionate about history and has a good knowledge of the subject that she is writing about This novel follows a young Victoria and her companion Miss V Conroy Miss V Conroy is placed in the palace by her father to keep an eye on the young princess This story tells a different story to what the history books tells us I really enjoyed reading Lucy s take on the events and the people I know very little about Queen Victoria and after watching Victoria the TV show I really want to read about her This was a great introduction and I liked the surprising turn that this story took I really hope that Lucy will write similar books to this one in the future as they are such enjoyable reads.

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    review coming to my blog soon alwaysandforeverreading.wordpress.com

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    AS SEEN ON A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKS I received an ARC from Bloomsbury India in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own Short and Sweet A fun, easy to read take on the young list of Queen Victoria that will have you smiling and desperate for .When I got the opportunity to read Lucy Worsely s debut novel last year from Bloomsbury India, I jumped in joy While I enjoyed the beginning, and learning all about Tudor court and how it functioned, the latter half of the book dragged a little bit, making me not love the book as much.I guess that s probably why it took me a little while to pick up My Name is Victoria, because of the slow nature of the second half of the previous book and I really needed to get myself in the mood for it My Name is Victoria, however, had none of the problems that I faced in Eliza Rose and proved to be an easy to read and immersive middle grade tale about the era Let s go into detail PLOT AND IDEA The author is a curator at the Kensington Palace where the young Queen Victoria spent her days in seclusion under the control of her mother and her comptroller While the idea itself was based on the author s knowledge of the Queen s life, with one major change to the storyline, it was still a good read The story flowed really well, starting from the time Miss V Conroy is taken to be playmate to a young Princess Victoria and ends during Victoria s ascension to the throne WRITING Lucy Worsely managed to capture the era and the mind sets of the world at that time through a girl of ages twelve to eighteen As Miss V Conroy and Princess Victoria grew through the book, the writing grew as well From play time and dogs to boys, marriage and the throne I loved seeing how the future queen and her friend grew CHARACTERS While I m talking about the characters is where the reason that this book isn t a five star read comes out for me.While the book constantly had the same entertaining pace, it was the narrator, Miss V Conroy who I had a slight problem with There was nothing wrong with her but I just found her lacking a strong personality that I associate with teenage girls She felt no hurt at being called a bit boring and the little mouse She felt like she had to do nothing but care for Victoria and didn t care about herself.Her sense of duty and responsibility overpowered everything she could have been and she just felt like too good a character with absolutely zero flaws and it made it slightly annoying and unbelievable CONCLUSION If you re into middle grade historical novels, there will probably be none accurate than My Name Is Victoria An easy flowing, wholly immersive tale 4 stars.