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So Cal finally kissed Morgan, his intentions and those of his mother are obviously not pure especially that we learn that Morgan is adopted, a Blood Witch and is descended from a very powerful clan.Bree and Raven and many other girls hate Morgan who they view as less than them and wonder how she caught Cal, Morgan wonders about that as well, but her emotions blind her judgment.The spell she worked on Robbie turns out to be amazing and her magick too powerful her family doesn t accept that and don t want any part of it Morgan learns about her birth mother Maeve. 4.5 5I am in love with this series This book was so great and I sped through it The action picked up right where BOS ended and it got crazy and I love where the plot and character development is going. Morgan was an okay character in this, but most of the other characters annoyed me.This was an alright read, but there were points where I felt quite bored The length of the book stopped it from dragging too much though, thankfully. Morgan gets deeper into the world of Wicca and begins to discover about herself With a shocking revelation about her family, Morgan s life is headed for a quick change.PlotThere s a tiny, little, itty bitty making of an actual story in The Coven Basically, Morgan s found out some stuff about her family Around eighty percent of the book is her angsting and generally being a giant brat to her parents Eighteen percent is about regurgitated, and probably false, information about Wicca And the other two percent is about creating some ground for an actual plot to stand on, which I believe will happen in the next book Still, this is book two and nothing has really happened yet that makes this series worthwhile WritingThe writing is the same as in Book of Shadows It s dull, boring, and flat It s easy to get used to but it lacks that oomphthat other books are able to deliver Things are written, I believe, completely unconvincingly People aren t reacting like normal humans would Maybe better writing could have saved this book from such a low rating CharactersIf I felt neutral about Cal and Morgan before, I downright hate them now Morgan is a little, whiny brat who has a near perfect life, yet she still manages to gripe and moan about it She reacts like such a little child and does whatever she wants without thinking about the consequences, or even facing them I don t see how anybody could like her as a protagonist Cal, on the other hand, is annoying than anything The whole soul mates thing is irritating and just makes me hate him all the The rest of the characters are just there Things I LikedSame as the last book, I didn t like anything except how short this one was as well Things I Didn t LikeThe soulmate plotline I already know I hate I don t like the idea of soulmates with regards to how authors write them I have nothing against the trope when it s done correctly It is not done correctly here Morgan does not love Cal, and he does not love her Love requires time and depth, both of which is not seen between these two Infatuation, yes, obsession, in the case of Morgan, also yes But love I don t think so The other thing I didn t like was Morgan and her attitude this entire book She walked around with this sense of entitlement She acted like she was entitled to what she believed to be hers without thought to how it affected others I wish she wasn t the protagonist, but alas DiversityOnce again, there are mentions of diverse characters, but they re mostly in the background That s it OverallI finished this in a few hours and I hated every second of it We got blathering about Wicca and how it s a very old religion which is bull, a Google search will tell you that Tiernan is trying to sell Wicca to me as a reader but it s just not happening There was a bit of plot but it was overshadowed by my hate of Morgan The worst thing is I m stuck with her for thirteen books Here is a link to my notes. This review can also be found at is a blood witch with strong magickal powers and a personal tie to witchcraft After Samhain, she and Cal become a couple and, as a result, she finds herself targeted by her former friend, Bree Aside from all the drama between current and former coven members, Morgan has to deal with a startling revelation, a revelation that may change her life forever she s adopted But who were her biological parents And are the ex coven members planning something against her and Cal I can confidently say that this book was a disappointment I enjoyed the first book so much, but all of the things that I liked from the first book weren t enough to redeem the second Unfortunately, I won t be continuing the series Any previous connection I felt to the characters was gone Instead of seeing Morgan as curious, brave and likeable, I found her rather irritating Her narration seemed almost whiny at times, and I was always counting the pages left until I could finish the book Cal seemed empty, like a shadow as opposed to an actual character I lost any sense of who Cal was as a person Also, all this drama with Bree being angry that Cal went out with Morgan.Couldn t Cal have stood up for Morgan He really didn t do much to help the situation, while as the whole reason for the issue between the two girls in the first place, he probably could ve done a lot My hatred for Morgan s parents grew I didn t like that they kept her past from her, that they continued being stuck up and close minded to Morgan s beliefs and that they almost seemed to play the victim at times The author seems to try to redeem them near the end of the book, where they explain all to Morgan and try to convey why they kept secrets from her, but I couldn t feel any positivity towards them I just hate them, plain and simple As with Morgan, they irritated me, just in a different way.I also feel like this book was super slow compared to the first one I feel like this was less of a novel and of an introduction to a larger book It seemed incomplete Of course, as part of a series, cliffhangers, questions, and other things are to be expected But the way that The Coven was written seemed less like an installment in a series and like a group of chapters plucked out of a larger book I did enjoy a few things about this book Firstly, there is the realistic portrayal of magic Unlike the fantasy magic of other books, this one contains of a contemporary witchcraft, as the characters are Wiccan witches as opposed to creatures living alongside vampires and werewolves and any other number of paranormal beings found in young adult witch stories However, this installment of the Sweep series did take on a bit of a fantasy element than the first book.I did like the discussion of religious intolerance, that is, people who judge religious minorities or don t allow others around them to practice their religious beliefs freely As somebody who has personal experience with this issue, I greatly appreciated that this subject was approached While I liked the idea of the book overall, I really do think that it could have been better I don t feel the need to continue the series, so, as mentioned, I probably won t be Those who like non fantasy portrayals of witchcraft in fiction may enjoy this novel Readers looking for books which explore issues such as religious intolerance, friendship and romance, and adoption might want to give this one a try. I don t feel like reviewing this one I ll probably do a review from books 1 3 in ZOMG WHAT A FREAKING AWESOME ENDING I can t believe it ended like that It makes me want to squee, sceam, and gasp Can I get at tre awesome in the house COVEN picks up where Book of Shadows left off.Morgan passed out, Cal picks her up, smoochy boochy, you re a blood witch.But how is Morgan a blood witch And what is a blood witch A blood witch is a person who is born with witch parents.But Morgan s parents are like Dagwood and Blondie Totally not very witchy There is totally no Samantha or Endora going on in that bloodline.And that s when she learns the truth Morgan brings it up to Mom and Daddy and they are like ummm what you talkin bout And Morgan jokes, What Am I adopted or something And the cat is let out of the bag I mean the black cat is let out of the cauldren Morgan is totally adopted Mom and Dad adopted her when she was just an infant In the book Coven we learn about Morgan s real mom, glimpse into her Book of Shadows, and discover just how strong a witch Morgan is going to be.We also have a bit sexual tension between her and Cal, a fight between Morgan and her parents which I kind of thought was off the wall but I guess it makes for a good storyline , a couple of boob touches so parents beware , and Bree and Raven are getting closer together.OH And then we get introduced to a new person Who is she It is yet to be revealed but I can already tell she s going to be bad news.At just 184 pages this book totally kept my attention Even though Morgan sometimes seems like a bit of a whiner I am still fascinated by what is going on and am able to look past her little fits.These are definitely my cup of bat tea This book was a clear improvement over the first one In this, Morgan confronts her parents about her status as a blood witch, or a genetic witch, and quickly finds out that she was adopted Her search for information on her birth mother becomes an obsession just as her relationship with Cal is heating up She is also feeling very conflicted about what happened with Bree but when she finds out that Bree and Raven are asking another witch for a withering of love spell, hse is shocked to find that the other witch is part of Cal s mother s coven Cal s coven, Cirrus, becomes smaller as Beth, Raven, and Bree leave it, but it grows closer together Somehow Morgan has also cured Robbie s bad eyesight along with his bad acne and she is able to cure Jessica s asthma as well with just a touch There was a lot of foreshadowing in this book so I am getting an idea of where the story is going to go Also, each chapter started off with an entry from Morgan s birthmother s Book of Shadows which was used primarily as a journal so you get an idea of how Morgan ended up with the Rowland family. SPOILER WARNING Although there are no spoilers for this book There are spoilers in this review for those who haven t read the previous book So if you haven t already read the first of the series then you may not want to read my review I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way If you feel anything in my review is a spoiler and is not already hidden in spoiler brackets please let me know Thank you.Morgan and Cal are now an item and that means that Bree and Morgan are on the outs As it becomes apparent that Morgan is a very powerful witch, she turns to the past to get answers about herself The coven loses a few members and the mention of another blood witch comes up Cal seems worried and warns Morgan that not all witches are benign.Loved it It was just as engaging and interesting as the first in its series, but now it has some real danger lurking on the horizon I love the relationship that are developing with and depth between the characters Bree is seriously ticking me off I mean she has got to be the most spoiled, bratty, crappy friend ever I just had to get that out I love how caring and devoted Cal is to Morgan though The book was short and easy to read I guess that could be seen as either a good or bad thing It was nice that it went by so easily, but its one of those books that you hate to have end I ll soon be on to the next in this series. How I choose my rating 1 Did not finish, or hated it but forced myself to finish.2 Didn t really like it Didn t hate it but not sure why I finished it other then for some closure.3 I liked it I had some issues with it, but as a whole it was good I probably won t reread again ever, but there is a chance I might finish the series If part of one But if not it s not a huge loss.4 I really liked this book Maybe not a work of genius, but highly entertaining I might reread this again, and I will finish the series If part of one I would recommend to those I know hold interest in this books content.5 I loved this book I found little to no issues with it at all I will definitely be rereading this and probably than once I will finish the series and reread it multiple times If part of one I will recommend this book to EVERYONE I Know Now That I Am Not A Regular Teenager I Am A Witch A Real Blood Witch My Parents Are Not My Parents My Sister And I Share No Blood Even In The Coven I Am Too Powerful Now, Too Different To Belong I Am Alone Except For CalSixteen Year Old Morgan Is Not Who She Thought She Was But In That Case, Who Is She