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    the stark difference between the so called civilized world and the barbarian uncivilized world makes the reader question the true meaning of happiness

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    Disappointing The description of the New World, which is supposed to intrigue us and blow our minds is very superficial, in the way that it just points out obvious differences to the world we know Oh look, a woman is supposed to sleep with loads of men to be socially accepted That isn t the way we know it, huh Aside from the storyline which I found alright but not particularly captivating there are some details subjects that could have been treated with depth Religion for one, since it is paradoxal to say the New World abandoned Christianity because everyone is happy now reference to Karl Marx I suppose Religion is the opium of the people implying religion wouldn t be needed if people were happy to create a new religion with a god called Ford, who is prayed to and adored just the same Then the characters names, that often refer to important historical figures The ones I first noticed were the ones that had to do with communism Marx, Engels and this girl called Lenina But why The New World is far from being a communist society since there are very distinct and segregated classes with different levels of intelligence and wealth Maybe Huxley wanted to criticize communism, and many people argue he just wanted to portray an utopic society But in this case I think he could have been a bit explicit about what makes the ideals of communism and the New World so utopic, because his hints don t really lead us anywhere and don t teach us anything After researching the other character s names I found out they pretty much all referred to an important someone, but I couldn t really figure out what their name had to do with the role they played in the story I feel this way about many topics in the book that were treated superficially and I think it s a pity it leaves so much unexplained and personally left me unsatisfied.Now it was still well written and interesting to read but the renown of this work gives you certain expectations, that in my case were left unfulfilled.

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    As I picked this book from the library s shelf I dreaded the idea of reading an abriged version of a book, especially when it s a graded reader, but the description was too catchy to wait Plus I wanted to see if I would have problems reading it When I read dystopian books, I will surely come back to this and read the unabriged version All things considered it is an incredible read It hits on a lot of problems, that although not goverment enforced, are extremely widespread and most importantly it left one question hanging is this future really a dystopia or an utopia Which to be fair sounds absurd on the surface, but the moment all the facts were laid out I couldn t help but build a case for this new world All things considered I can not believe this is a book written 80 years ago as it hits on SO MUCH relevant issues And it all came in a relatively entertaing and sometimes humorous package.

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    It s a shame I read the adaptation It talks about being different, the crash of this new world with the old one The world created by the author is perfect in every single way, but it seems as if humanity has been erased No feelings than happiness and satisfaction Here we can see the worlds colliding with the characters Lenina is the average person in the society Bernard is part of the society but knows that something exist and was erased feelings and John is the old world, our world.The complex feelings we can get to feel are taken as absurd in this world The most sacred thing for us, our mother, is seen as something disgusting, while the father is seen as a joke Yes, people are happy, but it is only a painting, a mask on their faces Part of being human is experiencing all In order to know what happiness is, we need to know what suffering is To know what warmth is, we need to know first what is cold And John understands that But he is so disappointed by the painting his mother make, that he feels he is unworthy for the person he loved Lenina At the same time, he is angry with her because she doesn t understand what love really is She wants sex, because it is all she s been taught But John, that has read Shakespeare s deep love story, Romeo and Juliet, knows exactly what love is, even though he doesn t really understand it And the book ends with a cruel rule, like in the theory of evolution if you don t adapt, you die.

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    Good book, though this is a Abridged Version I don t know yet what it misses, but it s good anyway.The book is about a prozac society in the future where people are bred by a version of cloning and are conditioned from birth by sleep learning to be the perfect cog in society that they need to be.The lowest workers are Epsilons, and they love to be Epsilons and all that it includes, the leaders and thinkers are Alphas, and they thing they are the best, the Betas, one step below love being Betas, etc You get the drift.I like this book as I think it would be a good society as long as there aren t any outside threat, as everything works and everyone is as happy as they think they can be.Of course, in this kind of society you wont have free will as is so popular today, but, what would you need it for

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    Very shocking ending I cannot decided which world is happier, the civilized one or the uncivilized one The civilized one is a world in which people are young and beautiful with nice dress, enjoying having sex and drug without being alone, but they are controlled by the government The uncivilized one a world in which people have skills to live and have great nature but they could be very violent I think it could be very dangerous to have devotion too much information Aldous Huxley 1894 1963Brave New World 1932English writerThere are quotes from Shakespeare s plays, Tempest, Othello, Macbeth Henry Ford is their god.I should compare this story with 1984 written in 1948 by George Orwell.What I don t understand the salty water which John drank.

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    I bought this on a flea market recently and decided to read it today I sat down on a cafe and opened it, only to read that I d gotten hold of a bridged edition, with a shortened story and simplified language As I didn t have anything else with me to read, I read it anyway and was disappointed by the story and characters I now have to read the original version guess I ll visit the library tomorrow and hope it will be significantly better than this was

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    Aldous Huxley s Brave New World is one of the great works of science fiction It is the year After Ford 632 in the New World People are born and live by scientific methods There is worldwide happiness and order Then John comes from the Savage Reservation to the New World and with him he brings strong emotions love, hate, anger, fear Suddenly, danger threatens the New World.

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    This book brings me a couple of thoughts adapt or die, or when in Rome do as Romans do It s really hard to go againts the flow when you re alone It s a fact that if you have radical ideas and become a rebel, there will only be bad consequences for you.

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    The end dissapointed me but it s an excellent book