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With Sales Of Well Over One Million Copies In North America Alone, The Commercial Success Of Gould S Books Now Matches Their Critical Acclaim The Panda S Thumb Will Introduce A New Generation Of Readers To This Unique Writer, Who Has Taken The Art Of The Scientific Essay To New HeightsWere Dinosaurs Really Dumber Than Lizards Why, After All, Are Roughly The Same Number Of Men And Women Born Into The World What Led The Famous Dr Down To His Theory Of Mongolism, And Its Racist Residue What Do The Panda S Magical Thumb And The Sea Turtle S Perilous Migration Tell Us About Imperfections That Prove The Evolutionary Rule The Wonders And Mysteries Of Evolutionary Biology Are Elegantly Explored In These And Other Essays By The Celebrated Natural History Writer Stephen Jay Gould

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    Having recently settled in Australia I found the information on Marsupials in South America highly interesting I also enjoyed his somewhat internal debates about dinosaurs I still haven t latched on to his writing as much as I would have liked The content is really good and he has a great sum up near the end about a lot of points other science writers have made that really comes through with some fervor about the way that bats and bees see and what the world is to us The sexual and racial issues surrounding Evolution in scientific history is a subject I detest but he still was able to keep me interested during that portion as well Its not a book I would re read but it was a good once over.

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    This was a hugely enjoyable book by an extremely talented writer The thought most running across my mind when I was reading this book was Where can I get Stephen Jay Gould books Since it is a collection of essays, I don t really want to review any of them personally Sure, some of the science here is 30 years old Gould was always sharp on the uptake though , some of it is out of favour say Gould s ideas on the gene centric view of evolution , but you ll still enjoy reading every bit of it There are ideas about the evolution of dinosaurs, magnetic bacteria, South American marsupials and even Mickey Mouse Themes such as racism and sexism, as ever, continue to play a major role in his examination of the past What was most enjoyable was the fact that Gould is such a sympathetic writer, yet his work is full of wit and consideration The Panda s Thumb made for an excellent book to pick up, regardless of what I was doing or what my mood was and immediately get lost in whatever world Stephen Jay Gould transported you to.

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    Podr a ser, f cilmente, la mejor lectura por casualidad con la que me haya topado en a os Y de lejos.No ven a de recomendaciones previas de amigos, colegas comunicadores o cr ticas del libro Andaba, de hecho, buscando otro de Stephen Jay Gould, de quien he o do mucho pero a quien no hab a le do antes concretamente Wonderful Life The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History , y al no encontrarlo, este se cruz en mi camino en la biblioteca Divulgaci n, biolog a, art culos breves, en espa ol y un autor que me despertaba curiosidad Buen cambio respecto de otras lecturas de divulgaci n recientes y prometedor Y vaya si cumple.La prosa de Gould es amena y did ctica, no toca temas excesivamente complicados de comprender en ning n momento, y sabe hacer muy asequibles todos los detalles incluso para quien sepa cero y menos de la disciplina de la que habla El estilo period stico, no acad mico, hace mucho en su favor, pero el hecho de que sea una colecci n de art culos de columnas que publicaba desde los a os 70 no perjudica a la cohesi n del libro La edici n divide las 350 p ginas de art culos las 30 ltimas son bibliograf a e ndice de conceptos algo que no siempre incluyen los libros de divulgaci n, pero que siempre deber an incluir en ocho secciones tem ticas, la mayor a de cuatro art culos, alguna de tres o cinco, que le dan un nexo de unidad a todo Y, de paso, aunque a m no me haya sucedido, facilitan la lectura a quien se le pueda atragantar alguno de los temas, al durar pocas p ginas y cambiar a otros Adem s, vemos en sus p ginas un reconocimiento cultural amplio de su p blico, tanto el que siente curiosidad por la evoluci n de Mickey Mouse, como el que va a apreciar referencias a Toscanini, lo que hace que sientas mucho m s cercana la voz que habla.Sin embargo, la amenidad de la divulgaci n no me parece el mayor valor de El pulgar del panda , sino la enorme conciencia social que demuestra Gould Constantemente entra a debatir y condenar cuestiones de racismo cient fico o de machismo en el mundo acad mico e investigador, y no tiene reparos, si lo cree conveniente, en hacer ver su rechazo del liberalismo econ mico o en citar un par de veces a Marx a uno le gusta lo que le gusta, qu se le va a hacer Y, al mismo tiempo, urge al lector a no olvidar el contexto del que vienen las cosas y la necesidad de analizar todo objetivamente s , el doctor Down era un racista empedernido que relacionaba la raza mongola con baja inteligencia, pero solo era una voz m s de una poca en que eso se consideraba buena praxis y s , Lysenko cometi much simas barbaridades para imponer su visi n, pero no era esta algo absurdo que iba contra un consenso darwinista, sino una teor a alternativa de enorme aceptaci n y perfecta plausibilidad en la poca en que se plantea.Todo el conjunto de detalles hacen que sea esta una deliciosa obra de divulgaci n La recomendar a a cualquiera, lea o no habitualmente literatura cient fica Es de esas lecturas que ayudan a recordar y demostrar a la gente que la ciencia es bella, divertida y, al cabo, fascinante.

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    This wonderful book is a collection of 31 short articles that appeared in the magazine Natural History in the late 1970 s 77 79 each chapter is an independent read for the most part that, if you are a patient pooper, can be finished in a single seating The topics range from discussions about Darwin s Origin of Species to Agassiz unenlightened racism to the length of a year 500 million years ago to Mickey Mouse s head size Gould is a great writer with full command of natural history and a knack in making a difficult subject both informative and entertaining.The only reason that I dinged the rating is that some of the articlesthose involving paleontology and general geologyare very much dated and out of step with the current thinking of earth s history I know that that is somewhat unfair, but, hey, this review is intended for those potential readers who might assume that the science presented represents the cutting edge some aspects of the earth sciences It does not There have been huge advances in both discoveries e.g feathered dinosaurs and evolutionary philosophythere is no way SJG could have predicted all of that.The book is highly entertainingI recommend it

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    Con una prosa estremamente brillante Gould ci accompagna attraverso i grandi temi dell evoluzione e ci dimostra come la natura, secondo le parole del biologo Francois Jacob, non un divino artefice ma un eccellente bricoleur Dal pollice del panda appunto, ai dinosauri, e passando anche attraverso le evoluzioni fumettistiche di Topolino, Gould ci spiega in modo chiaro e coinvolgente perch sono le pi curiose imperfezioni della natura a fornire la prova del carattere casuale dell evoluzione Una lettura appassionante anche per chi come me non affatto un esperto in biologia o paleontologia.

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    Stephen Gould has a remarkable ability to cover scientific concepts in an accessible manor without dumbing things down The format of his Reflections produces bite sized meditations on evolution and natural history topics My only concern is with the constant movement of science, that insights of the seventies may be stale in the current thinking I wonder at times if I am reading a time capsule of a particular mode of thought, or the dawn of the accepted way of thinking.Things I thought were interesting 1 The terms Idiot, Moron, and Mongoloid once had Scientific Relevance Gould had to write an essay advocating the use of Downs Syndrome over the still accepted Mongoloid Idiot.2 The idea that Birds should be reclassified under a Family of Dinosaurs captures my imagination Since it s been forty years, I wonder where that ended up.3 Finally, the way Gould captures the impact of size as an environment for adaptation breaks up most of the science fiction tropes of big vs little The Fly, The Fantastic Voyage while opening whole new doors in understanding of nature.

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    The greatest modern voice for the neo Darwinian synthesis He and a colleague, whose name I forget, re purposed Kipling s term just so stories to describe evolutionarily plausible but unprovable explanations for things An amazing critical thinker, Gould realized that if you didn t establish some way of critiquing evolutionary explanations, they would become the equivalent of folk explanations, overpredicting to the point that they could never be disproven Once evolutionary explanations became non disprovable, it stops being a science and starts being a belief, like believing in god So he spent a lifetime not just doing his own research but in popularizing disciplined neo Darwinian critical thinking in this series of essays in Natural History magazine or Nature magazine, I forget Most of my understanding of the neo Darwinian synthesis comes from reading Gould.

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    An early collection of Stephen Jay Gould s essays from his column in Natural History magazine, The Panda s Thumb was an enjoyable read, assuming you like natural history It s the third of Gould s collections I ve read, and the earliest I ve read as well, but it held up well over time Composed in the late 70s 78 and 79, I believe the essays in The Panda s Thumb bear the mark of Gould s charming, articulate style Read the rest of my review at

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    This is the book you want to have just read when you are faced with having to argue with an idiot Unfortunately, you can never win an argument with an idiot, but at least there is a chapter describing the differences between idiot, moron, and imbecile When it comes time to explain to your argument partner what all that fuss regarding Darwin was all about, the topics in this book will handily give you something to knowingly speak about.

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    This book, read as prep for AP biology before my senior year in high school, brought me into the world of biology in high school, and inspired me to major in biology in college It also inspired me to read nonfiction, particularly science nonfiction It s been one of my favorite types of writing ever since Steven Gould is amazing at bringing technical concepts into layman s terms.