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Forged In The Crucible Of World War II, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Was A Top Secret Military Installation The Linchpin Of The Manhattan Project Brilliant Careers Were Born And Dark Secrets Buried In The Desperate Race To Build The Bomb Those Secrets Begin To Emerge When The Body Of A Renowned Physicist Is Discovered Facedown In A Frozen Swimming PoolForensic Anthropologist Bill Brockton, Founder Of The Body Farm, Is Shocked When An Autopsy Reveals The Cause Of Dr Leonard Novak S Death A Deadly Radioactive Pellet Inside The Elderly Scientist S Body Who Would Commit Such A Horrific Crime Is It Related To Novak S Role In Creating America S Deadliest Weapon The Answers May Lie With The Victim S Aging Ex Wife, Beatrice, A Captivating Yet Utterly Unreliable Storyteller Careening Between History And Fantasy, Dementia And Lucidity, Beatrice Draws Brockton Into A Maze Of Memories, Leading Him To Darker Truths Than He Could Have Imagined

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    Dr Bill Brockton and Miranda are called to a scene in which a body is found frozen in an old swimming pool He s been identified as Dr Leonard Novak, a retired physicist who was one of the most pivitol scientists in the Manhattan Project.During the exam Dr Eddie Garcia, Miranda, Dr Brockton, and the detective in charge on the case discover that the man s cause of death is a small radioactive pellet.Dr Garcia s Exposure to the pellet was highest as he s the one performing the autopy and now is not only at high risk of losing both hands he s got a 50 50 chance of surviving the radiation poisoning Miranda also receives burns to her fingers Now they have to find out if this a bizzare murder or an even bizarre suicide Bill will stop at nothing to find the person responsible for the murder of the physicist and for putting his friends at risk Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds Robert Oppenheimer Bones of Betrayal is the fourth book in the Body Farm series by Jefferson Bass I really love this series as the forensic anthropology is based on the groundbreaking forensic science that has been learned from the real life University of Tennessee s Anthropology Research Facility nicknamed the body farm The characters and the reality of the forensics in these novels is why this is one of my favorites and why I m reading them for a second time It s been a very long time since the first go around and I can t remember how the books end so they re just as riveting and shocking as before The story about the death of the physicist by radiation poisoning is of course fictional, but the facts surrounding the history of the Manhattan Project and the toxicity effects on the body of this particular source of radiation is based on fact, making it especially terrifying and exceptional concept for a crime mystery I was born and raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico so I can relate a little bit to the history of the mystery I can t wait to read the next one in this series, The Bone Thief

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    In book 4 of the Body Farm series, forensic anthropologist Dr Bill Braxton is asked to help retrieve a body that has been found frozen in ice at an abandoned hotel s swimming pool He and his assistant grad student Miranda take the frozen block of ice, with body intact, to the morgue and set it on a gurney in the autopsy suite to thaw When they return for the autopsy they get than they bargained for The dead man was a long retired scientist with the Manhattan Project, working at Oak Ridge TN Before they can even complete the autopsy the FBI gets involved This is typical Body Farm work fast paced, informative, showing good character development and a little love interest to humanize Dr Braxton I liked how Bass incorporated so much history into this novel taking the story line back to World War II and the work being done to develop the atom bomb While the central characters in the plot are all decidedly fictitious, the back story includes many historical figures and their contributions to the Manhattan Project I did think the plot got a little too complicated and perhaps there was one body too many, but I was still entertained and engaged from beginning to end A solid mystery thriller.

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    The beginning of this book startled me so much I had to put the book down for a week or so An old scientist involved in the Manhattan Project had been murdered by radioactivity and a couple of people at the lab were exposed to it in varying degrees And that thought was scary how you could be exposed to radioactivity and not even know it until it was too late.Bill Brockton, who usually spends most of his time at his Body Farm, spent much of this book in Oak Ridge, a company town if there ever was one Virtually everyone living there is involved in the nuclear business, or left over the building of the bomb We learn a far amount of the history of the place Everyone is suspicious of everyone This is the fourth in the series We have followed Bill Brockton as he got over the death of his late wife, fell in love with Jess, lost Jess and here he appears to be falling for another woman But she apparently looked a lot like Jess So it s questionable whether he was really falling for her or just looking for a replacement Jess His lab assistant, Miranda, tells him, finally, that he has just got to get over Jess and let her go Each moment of your life is the sum total of all the prior moments There s not a single thing that happens to you that doesn t leave its mark doesn t redirect your course somehow doesn t make you fully who you are It took every single step to put you exactly where you are Maybe I wasn t paying attention, but there were a startling developments here And I didn t have it figured.

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    4 estrelas bem redondinhas e brilhantes Este livro fez me perceber como sou ignorante em Hist ria Mas foi uma forma de me ensinar alguns factos dos acontecimentos que rodearam as bombas at micas que destru ram Nagasaki e Hiroshima e me deu a conhecer mais de um ponto de vista Como diz Thornton, o agente do FBI por quem me apaixonei rapidamente somos uma gera o protegida, nos f cil fazer acusa es mas n o fomos n s que vivemos naquela altura em que parecia que o mundo estava a enlouquecerBem, adorei ver o Dr Bill Brockton a descobrir os cad veres presentes nesta hist ria, de pessoas ligadas de alguma maneira cria o das bombas at micas nos anos 1940 Foi uma hist ria convincente e que me proporcionou horas muito agrad veis view spoiler A Isabella era t o estranha que tinha de estar envolvida de alguma maneira mas eu nunca poderia imaginar o que a movia Estranho ser apenas neta de uma das muitas v timas de uma das bombas, nem conheceu a av e, mesmo assim e passados 60 anos, pensa matar Novak, que foi quem acabou por construir a bomba Coitado do Dr Bill, n o tem mesmo sorte no amorTive muita pena do Dr Garcia e que perdesse uma m o e mais alguns dedos da outra m o Espero que sobreviva radia o que apanhou e, de alguma maneira, consiga refazer a sua vida Que injusti a hide spoiler

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    Bones of Betrayal by Jefferson Bass.This story was co authored by Dr Bill Bass the founder of the University of Tennessee s body farm Dr Bass is acknowledged as the father of forensic anthropology Also co authored by Jon Jefferson a renowned journalist This book, in my opinion, is exceptionally well written as autopsies are vividly described This book is not for the squeamish.A scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project is found frozen solid encased near the Tennessee Oak Ridge nuclear facility Dr Leonard Novak is found to have ingested radio active material How this came about and who was behind it is the mystery Dr Bill Brockton is faced with I listened to this story on CD superbly narrated by Tom Stechschulte who kept me, the reader, focused on the clues that led to Dr Brocktons deductions and final solution I intend to continue this series.

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    The history of the Oak Ridge project is interesting but not as fresh as Marianne Wiggins Evidence of Things Unseen The book gets technical about radiation, and the jokes and dialogue are tired and a bit contrived The constant, detailed description of his driving routes gets tedious,too Dr Bill Brockton is a bit stiffer in this book and seems younger than in the prior books of this series he is mid 50 s in this book I wanted to know about Dr Garcia and the progression of his radiation sickness guess this will show up in the next novel This was not my favorite of the Jefferson Bass books.

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    I thought this was the worst book in the series so far I just don t find the WW2 Manhattan Project subject very interesting and the book seemed less well crafted than the others, like they hurriedly tied some things together and rushed the book out The flashback stories were boring, the twist was not all that surprising and for the first time, I saw characters repeating phrases other characters had used in the first two books these were people who had not interacted, so it seemed odd that they would use the exact same phrases Hope the next one is better.

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    on the plus side takes place in Oak Ridge and Knoxville, and got me interested in reading about the Manhattan Project.unfortunately it was awful.

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    3.5 StarsConsistently good series Only drawback is some of the scientific stuff, and the who s so many folks from the past, and how that all plays out in the present It was just too much, and the reasoning behind the killings crimes were out there a little bit Still a good read, though.

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    Each book in this series gets better and better Bones of Betrayal by Jefferson Bass, the 4th book in the Body Farm, forensic series, was no exception This book finds the head of University of Tennessee s Body Farm, Bill Brockton, and his assistant, Miranda Lovelady, heading off to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the site of the nuclear laboratories of WWII fame, to work on a body frozen into an abandoned hotel s swimming pool They are in for a shock as it turns out the body died of radiation poisoning and others will be infected The story involves a search into the history of the Oak Ridge facility as the body belongs to one of the scientists who worked their during WWII I enjoyed the historical aspects of the story and, as always, I liked the main characters, Brockton and Miranda For all its tension, the story has a nice folksy quality to it, that brought about by these characters The mystery itself was interesting and well developed I had an idea of those who would be involved in the murder s but the reasons were still a surprise The books have all been enjoyable and very readable The Bone Thief is next and is sitting on my bookshelf awaiting my attention Excellent series 4 stars