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The Spanish Ballad Originally Published As Die J Din Von Toledo Is A Novel By German Jewish Writer Lion Feuchtwanger The Story Focuses On The Golden Age Of Learning In Medieval Spain, And Also Describes The Affair Of Alfonso VIII With The Jewish Raquel In ToledoIn Lion Feuchtwanger S Prologue To The Story, He Mentions That The Ballad Was Originally Written By Alfonso X Of Castile In Regards Of His Great Grandfather Alfonso VIII

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    This book was actually painful to read But it was a sweet pain It was painful because Feuchtwanger gives such keen insight into the psyche of his characters so much so that you feel their frustrations as if they were coming from your own inner being You can feel Yehuda s disgust over the king s barbaric ways you can feel the king s disgust over Yehuda s shrewd ways You can feel the weight of each moment as if you were standing there with them One moment you hate a character, the next you are crying for him This book is about torment and snapping points It is about foreign bodies assimilating and rejecting It is a great, sweeping story that is dramatic and enlightening I learned a lot of history from this book and at the same time was thoroughly entertained Feuchtwanger, though obviously much , was an amazing story teller.

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    Highly recommended but hard to find I m a reader not a reviewer so I apologize in advance This book deserves a much better reviewer So the king falls in love with Raquel and forgets his kingdom and his queen among other things The king doesn t really trust Jews but he picks Yehuda to be his financial adviser because he is the best choice Yehuda was raised as a Muslim He is very cultured and wise So are his son and daughter The setting is late 12th century Spain is divided How much of this story actually occurred no one knows but I found it to be beautifully translated.

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    It s Spain s Toledo in Castile at times of ReconquestThe pic of history entails both love and war along with Jewish people drama zestMy fellow Jews, who are advisers to the kings to you I issue my advisePlease read this book and hide your daughters from king s eyes Or otherwise so much to your surprise In vanity pursuit and lack of humbling you will find your own family demise Spanish Ballad 1 Memorable 52 Social Relevance 53 Informative 44 Originality 45 Thought Provoking 56 Expressiveness 57 Entertaining 58 Visualization 49 Sparks Emotion 510 Life Changing Pivotal, crucial, determining, defining, momentous, fateful, consequential, climacteric, transformational 4 5,5,4,4,5,5,5,4,5,4 42 10 4.2http www.goodreads.com poll show 51Super Genius Every Jew should read this book.The most critical for me at least part of the plot is the conflict of the opinions between Don I am not sure if Jews in Spain really had the right to have this title Yehudi the father of Raquel and Don Ephraim the leader of the Toledo Jewish community re what Jew should and should not do in the countries of Diaspora actually applicable to all past and current countries such as Rome, Spain Portugal, Germany, France Russia, USA Ephraim was of course right and Yehudi was wrong and paid the heavy price for it.The price was assimilation into Christianity of his son and the humiliation of the fact that Yehudi s beloved daughter, Raquel, became a mistress of the king of Castile Spain.The even severe and bitter price was paid by the entire Spanish Jewish Diaspora three hundred years later the action of the novel takes place at about year 1187 1195 time frame I refer to the deportation of Jews from Spain in the year of 1492.According to Jews started leaving Spain right after the expulsion command was published on the first day of May of the year 1492 All Jews, who didn t want to convert their religion to Christianity, were forced to leave Spain during the next three months Most of the Jews preferred to be expelled from the country rather than to convert The last day for Jews to stay in Spain was indicated as July 31st 1492 On that day, 200,000 Jews left Spain Out of total of 200,000 Jewish men and women, 120,000 decided to move to the neighboring country Portugal and to their continuing misfortune they got expelled from there too just after 4 years of living in Portugal so they were forced to choose again between conversion or expulsion I could see clear analogy between the historical character Jewish adviser to the King of Of Castile Yehudi and the modern US political figure of Jewish origin State Secretary Henry Kissinger.Both of them we very helpful and made significant positive contribution to the benefit and well being of their respective countries to which they served Spain and USA and both of them were neglecting their Jewish identity and were not making any significant efforts to advance the issues dear to the destiny and well being of the Israel the people and state.

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    The best love story that I have read Period Brilliantly written, touching to the bones and incredibly moving Do not pass this book I have read it many times and will be reading times in the future Also, I suggest to read it in Russian translation.

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    Wow, this was really amazing I think that it is a shame, that so little people know such a great book This is really a picture of a book which I consider valuable, because you get so many things in one story It is a historic book because it describes the situation during Spanish Reconquista and coexistence of three different cultures It is a love story with forbidden and tragic love and it is even a psychological novel, because of great description of characters and personal development of them It is a book full of beautiful thoughts and with quite original story I am not sure, if I can compare this to something, but it is everything I was expecting from Dostoevsky and his Crime and punishment and what I did not get from that book I can recommend it to everybody.

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    An outstanding novel that beautifully blends the themes of religious tolerance, power, obedience, love, war, jealousy, wisdom,revenge, and commitment The events take place in the Spain s convivencia , period of time when Muslims were dominating many important cities in the Iberian Peninsula The major themes are developed within the framework of Muslims, Jews, and Christians coexistence The book gives us powerful images of the cultural interactions filled not only with persecution and conversion, but also with peaceful relationships and cultural exchanges The most attractive part of the novel is the love story between the king of Castile, Alfonso a Christian knight , and his mistress Raquel, the daughter of his Minister of Finance Don Yehuda a beautiful and intelligent Jewish young woman, literate in Arabic and Hebrew not afraid to proclaim openly her faith so much of what affected her was strange to him and he wanted to know everything Every word which one of them said was important, even though it sounded so insignificant and playful, and if they were alone, each recollected the words of the other and thought about them and smiled It was marvelous to understand each other so well even though each was so different from theother In their innermost feelings they were the same each felt precisely what the other wasfeeling a boundless happiness.

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    When I started reading this book, I wasn t sure if I was going to be able to finish it, as I saw it was related to politics and I was never interested in politics But in this book, history, politics, economics and the everyday life of the characters is entwisted so beautifully that I really enjoyed reading it For the Albanian readers, I have to say that this book is worth reading also for the great translation from Robert Shvarc.

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    Lion Feuchtwanger is one of my favourite authors, pity he is not widely known in English reaidng world.This is a very nice historical love story although maybe less good than his other books Despite gruesome circumstances, maybe a bit too romantic But a good read, and you find out about Spain in 15th century and the Jewish dilemma,

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    A bit heavy to read as his prose is rather old fashioned, but a fascinating story and extremely well written, full of insights and a vast knowledge of the three big religions in medieval Spain.

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    Feuchtwanger lays everything thoughts, motivations, backgrounds, etc in front of the reader s eyes and doesn t make me feel anything I like him for this.