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This has to be one of the most satisfying series I ve ever read A stunning multi generational epic full of drama, mystery, familial obligations and secrets Oh, and ghosts And river creatures I am so sad to see it end I m verklempt. The Rain is the final chapter in the Caskey saga There was not a weak point in this entire series The drama was sort of like a Soap Opera Remind me of Dark Shadows a little bit The saga contained family secrets, river creatures, ghosts and much The end was very good in the way it was handled This was a fine example of Southern Gothic horror from the 80 s I really hated to see the series end I would have liked to seen one book, so it could have tied up the loose ends I highly recommend the series. I can t believe the Caskey saga is over This six book series was an incredible example of Southern Gothic literature Blackwater had everything you could want family secrets, ghostly visitations, river creatures, unexplainable phenomenon, and all of the drama you would expect to see in a soap opera The conclusion to this series was quite fitting, in my humble opinion, but a part of me wishes that the book would have NEVER come to an end it was THAT enthralling.Easily one of my favorite reads of 2015 I can certainly see myself reading it again in the future.Highest recommendation for the entire series The past finally catches up with our brackish heroine and her brood as the vengeful ghosts of the men, women and children who died so that the Caskeys could prosper return to collect their pound of flesh from the surviving members of this wonderfully rendered cast of southern romantics, plotters, fools, madmen and madwomen, and literal monsters After 800 pages and fifty decades of narrative, it is painful to see so many once spry and capable characters now aged to decrepitude McDowell treats these characters with a melancholy dignity up until the moment they suffer deaths that are sometimes cruel and undeserved And with a torrent of water and pathos this long story comes to its satisfying conclusion, and the reader can t help but admire Blackwater s dense web of intrigue and incident, its patient and rewarding characterizations, and the air of insouciance it maintains as it sidesteps the heteronormative status quo by presenting positive portrayals of female autonomy and homosexuality A superb reading experience. As The Caskey Family And Their Town Of Perdido Rode The Crest Of Prosperty In The S, Matriarch Elinor Had A Good Reason To Be Proud Of Her Domain But Slowly, Silently, Unimaginable Horrors Were Creeping Into Their MidstAt The Height Of The Revelry, At The Peak Of Chaos, In The Fearful Silence Of Blackest Night, Preternatural Horror Pounced Upon The Caskeys But Still Elinor Reigned, Until Her Solemn Vow Of Death Came True In The Final Horror and thus I have came to the end of this phenomenal saga view spoiler I was a little let down by the ending because Elinor already told us when she goes, she s taking the town with her hide spoiler I m dead This book killed me A better review is coming Blackwater VI Rain 5 starsAhh the perfect ending to a perfect saga In this last book, Rain, the rain flooding that started the Saga off in 1919 are back again and along with it, the Caskey family secrets and sins are coming full circleI think everyone should read the Blackwater Saga at least once It s truly amazing McDowell captures the personalities of the Southern characters and matriarchal family perfectly I m sad that it s over but I m really glad there s still a few books left in McDowell s collection that l haven t read yet so the end doesn t feel quite so final just yet. Finally and sadly The Blackwater saga is over in the sixth installment It all began in the first book, In an Alabama town there was a flood, two guys on a boat came across a lady and saved her, then eventually the floods went away Who was Elinor Caskey And where did she come from Eventually over time you find out and begin to love her and all that goes on with the Caskeys, the author is a skilled story teller and takes you through the rise and fall of Elinor s presence in an Alabama town. Rain is the sixth and final book of Michael McDowell s Southern Gothic Blackwater series Rain was a fitting finale to the saga of the Caskey family.There was not a weak point in the entire series From the opening scene of Elinor s rescue in The Flood to the final dark scene in Rain , McDowell stayed true to his theme.I think it says a lot of a series when, finishing six books, you wish there was That is where I am with the Blackwater series.5 STARS