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The Man Who Never Was provides an exciting and accurate record of the counter intelligence conspiracy Operation Mincemeat which paved the way for the Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943 Ewen Montagu who masterminded the whole scheme gives his personal account of the audacious and innovative plot to outwit the Germans by washing up a dead body on Spanish shores complete with apparently confidential information concealed about his person The preparations were fraught with tensions as unforeseen difficulties were faced in creating a life persona for 'the man who never was' Further as the new introduction by intelligence expert Alan Stripp reveals failure of the operation could have had devastating results

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    Incredible story a remarkable OK jaw dropping slice of military history a uniue author and a uick fun read I can't remember the last time I read a piece of military history and every few pages felt like exclaiming you have GOT to be KIDDING me and couldn't stop turning the pagesYup truth is stranger than fictionI found this 55 year old paperback seriously Bantam Books 40 cents in my to read pile and for the life of me can't remember if I bought it new as a kid or used at a used book sale? if it was given to me how it came into my possession hmmm was this one of the many military themed titles I picked up when my dad passed away? or how it survived so many bookshelf purges over the years But I'm ecstatic that I found it and started it because once I started it I couldn't put it down But what a story I can't disagree with the NY TIMES that Operation Mincemeat was the most brilliant and audacious counter intelligence plot since the Trojan Horse nor would I disagree with TIME magazine that this is one of the most bizarre stories of deception in no longer so recent military history But but but it's so audacious that I can't count the number of times I laughed out loud and apparently it's all true Side note apparently the story is retold at three times the length so presumably in detail in a 2010 book titled Operation Mincemeat How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory but I haven't read that and frankly there's a certain joy in reading Montagu's sparse tight yet almost light and airy autobiographical retelling of the tale with than a fair share of modesty and self congratulation all of which seemed both fully justified and surprisingly endearingI'm glad that for whatever reason I kept the book for all these years and finally read it I recommend it to anyone who enjoys either military history or spyespionage fiction Frankly it's crazier and at a minimum less conventional than most spy fiction I've read over the years Again it's a remarkable story and an informative entertaining period piece Pointless reviewer's addendum the oldest edition of the book with the same cover art as on my edition that I found on Goodreads was this one but upon closer examination this edition was sold for a whopping 75 cents whereas my copy was still a bargain at only 40 cents

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    A true thriller of WW2 about a single misdirection purposely launched by the British that only had a slightly better chance than a snowball in Hell of succeeding A gem of a read

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    I saw this one at the used book store and the first few paragraphs sounded interesting I just found out it's one of the original 1953 publishingsort of cool It's sat on my shelf for over a year but finally I picked it up When a book starts off with But where could we find a body? you know it's going to be greatThis one doesn't disappoint The book follows a little known bit of espionage during the Mediterranean campaign of WWII Essentially the Brits float a body ashore to Spain knowing that the Germans will get it and importantly the letters he's carrying which are rife with misdirection Seems like a simple plan but it proves to be much difficult than originally imaginedIt's a fascinating book told by the very man who thought up the plot and saw it through Although I'd never heard the story it actually played a real part in the events of the war For the few hours it will take to read it's worth every minute and I was sorry when it came to an end

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    In the summer of 1943 the Allies were planning to invade Sicily The job of the British counterintelligence division was to convince Germany that they weren't The idea of Operation Mincemeat was born out of a long shot idea that slowly turned into a plausible and ultimately successful con of the highest levels of the German miliaryOperation Mincemeat? Great name huh? The bare bones of the idea get a dead man and plant some papers on him that hopefully the Germans will end up having access to and be convinced of some secret strategic plans thus moving the German army AWAY from Sicily to somewhere elseBrilliant And a huge long shot This true story written by the man in the thick of the preparations and execution of this effort is a fascinating one It involves so many different people and is such a delicious web of deceit As a non military person it's completely readable very little skimming needed and it's such a thin volume that I read it in a few short sittings I have so much respect now for those behind the scenes creatively saving as many lives as possible and directly influencing the outcome of a hideous war I also appreciated how much respect Monatgu and his fellow agents had for the man who never was I really enjoyed learning about how they created his personaA very interesting read

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    I begin my day by wasting time on Wikipedia looking for obscure historical events or uncelebrated birthdays One fine day last week I saw an entry for Operation Mincemeat in their Did You Know? section I read further and discovered this book which is the history of an unusual spy operation during World War II Published in 1953 it was written by the British intelligence officer who devised a cunning plan to trick the Germans into diverting their forces to Sardinia and Greece while the Allies invaded Sicily instead His plan was to place false intelligence documents on a body ostensibly the victim of an airplane crash at sea and let it wash up on the shore in Spain It was hoped that the Spanish would recover the papers and dutifully pass the information along to the Germans and that is exactly what happened They took the bait and diverted huge forces into the wrong places enabling the Allies to land on Sicily with fewer casualties The most intriguing part of the operation was not so much the military ruse but the creation of a life personality and career for a civilian who had died of pneumonia In addition to bogus war documents he carried with him love letters from a fictitious fiancee a rather disapproving missive from his father and a nasty letter from his bankI usually avoid spy stories because they are difficult for me to follow However this book is mercifully succinct and the narrative is fast moving

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    Espionage thriller based on the true story of an intelligence officer who plans an elaborate hoax to fool the Nazis into thinking the Allies are about to invade Greece not Sicily

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    This is a great story well told by the man who lived it Ewen Montagu's story is a classic in deciept and a must read for anyone interested in intelligence This is a must read for anyone interested in World War II

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    An incredible story which would have been better if written by someone with of a flair for creating thrill and suspense not a criticism of Montagu As this was written only ten years after Operation Mincemeat took place as a reuest from the government after details and rumours of the operation started filtering out into society it does withhold details which were classified at the time such as Major William Martin’s real identity and the steps they took to identify whether the letter he had been carrying had been opened and re sealed by the Spanish authorities andor the German High Command As such I would recommend listening to one of the podcasts out there which provide of an exciting account as well as going into character detail there were numerous eccentric types involved in the operation before reading this book for a first hand account of what occurred

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    True spy stuff from World War II British intellegence got ahold of a corpse dressed it up like an officer and provided a ton of fake background on him girlfriend letters theatre ticket stubs and floated him off the coast of Spain so the Germans would get him The point to this was the corpse was also loaded up with fake invasion plans designed to throw off the German response to the invasion of Sicily It worked perfectly It was disgustingly called Operation Mincemeat Great little read

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    The cover of the edition I read saysAstonishing says TimeFascinating says Saturday ReviewDiverting says Dave Very easy to read light war story of Operation Mincemeat Just the right level of sophistication for the 14 year old in all of us Though thicker in jargon than I expected Do you know what a Mae West is?