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Big Woods Is A Collection Of Faulkner S Best Hunting Stories An Avid Hunter As Well As One Of America S Greatest Writers, Faulkner Spent Many Days Hunting In The Big Woods Near Oxford, MississippiIncluded Here Is His Most Famous Hunting Story, The Bear , As Well As The Old People , A Bear Hunt , And Race At Morning Together, These Four Stories Are Considered To Be The Finest Hunting Stories Ever Written Each Is Introduced With A Prelude That Weaves These Tales Together Into A Modern American ClassicThis Book, A Classic Collection Of Sporting Literature, Belongs In The Library Of Every Sportsman Big Woods Was Published In It Has Long Been Out Of Print In Hard Cover, And A Copy Of The Book Commands Up To If You Can Find One We Are Honored To Offer You A Special Edition Of Big WoodsThis Edition Of , Copies Is Bound In Rich Cloth On Pound Acid Free Paper, With A Silk Ribbon And A Handsome Slipcase Big Woods was my introduction to William Faulkner, and I waited far too long it seems owing to my immature aversion to Faulkner due to his criticism of my beloved Ernest Hemingway These four tales and their prologues were so rich and vivid with their sylvan tradition, ritual, barbarism, naturalism and romanticism Through the progression of the tales, up until the last lines, I grew sorrowed and lamented the gradual ravaging of Big Bottom, the Big Woods A very poignant work I look forward to enjoying some of William Faulkner s works I will let Faulkner s and Hemingway s verbal jabs at one another die with those writers, and I will enjoy both of their works. Becoming a Faulknerian The Bear So that s why Sam Fathers is named that, and now I know who he is A beautiful book. Classic Faulkner style and themes Both a coming of age story and a melancholy perspective on how much we re losing as the big woods get smaller One chapter was previously published as a short story The Bear. Faulkner allowed me to think deeply about my own hunting experiences and relationship to the land I hunt I would highly recommend this work to others who hunt.