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In , Nine Year Old Victoria Begins A Journal Chronicling Her Life As An English Princess, In A Title Which Includes Information On The Reign, Marriage, And Family Life Of Queen Victoria And English Civilization During That Period MAYI Had To Kiss His Majesty S Hand Really, One Kisses The Air Over His Hand, And That S A Good Thing, For He S So Glistening With Lotions And Powders To Cover The Liver Spots On His Skin, Which He HatesAunt Soap Says He Was A Beautiful Lad When He Was Young Prinny Was The Handsomest Prince Ever His Curls Were The Colour Of Honey On Toast, Like That Red Gold Russian Sable The Princess De Lieven Wears Now, Unfortunately, His Beauty Has Quite Fled Perhaps He Does Wear A Corset, As I Once Heard Lady C Remark Though I Can T See That It Does Much Good I M Sure She Would Be Shocked To Know I Overheard But I Do Wonder Why So Many People Seem To Think A Young Person S Ears Do Not Work Unless They Are Instructed To By Some Adult

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    I was pleasantly surprised to revisit this entry in my Royal Diaries read through project This is one of the ones that I owned as a child, though it was often neglected in favor of the flashier entries Marie Antoinette Cleopatra Anastasia Romanov Even to this day, Queen Victoria isn t a historical personage that interests me a great deal as a reading subject, so when I picked this up next I was kind of like Ehhhh okay But although Queen Victoria and the events in this diary may not be as exciting as the ones listed above, I came really close to enjoying it even because of its author Anna Kirwan does an excellent job of writing as a young girl might it doesn t feel forced or like she s trying to cram historical people and places in left and right Victoria s tone is cheeky and humorous and fun, so than I ve found in another entry in this series so far I m glad that I got the chance to read it again and find this out for myself.

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    I am very fond of the Royal Diaries, and this one is very good It traces Victoria s development from a small child into a girl who could be queen someday, and in a mostly historically accurate way I do feel that pieces of the book could ve had tension, and I think it ended somewhat abruptly, but on the whole it s a good book to give to a child interested in history.

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    bland Very,very bland Boring If you really want to fall asleep, read this book.

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    THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE Its about Queen Victoria before she became Queen She was SOOOOOO cheeky and adorable I love the way this was written.

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    This time around in my reading of The Royal Diaries series one of my absolute favourite childhood series, though I never managed to read ALL of them when I was a kid , the focus is on Queen Victoria from England I am really interested in Queen Victoria, but it s hard to find historical fiction on her I only know of two novels that are about Queen Victoria, including this one There are lots of books that take place in the Victorian Era, but very few where Queen Victoria is the main character sad This book is about Victoria when she was 9 to 10 years old The book centers around her childhood and her relationships to the various people in her lives In particular, she is fond of the king of her time, George IV, who she calls Uncle King She doesn t have the strongest relationship with her mother, but does love her unfortunately she is under the influence of John Conroy, her mother s comptroller, who also is hoping to rule over Victoria through her mother For unbeknownst to Victoria, Uncle King s heir his brother is most likely unable to have children with his wife, making Victoria, their niece, very likely to become Queen of England one day.One thing that stood out to me in this Royal Diaries installment is that the writing actually feels authentic to its time period than others I mean, I understand some of the Royal Diaries are going to have a difficult time making the writing seem authentic to the time period when the princess writing it isn t even supposed to know English But some of the other Royal Diaries do take place in European countries and none of them had writing that felt as real as this one.Like most of the other Royal Diaries books, this book is also mainly concerned with the day to day life of little Victoria in 1800 s England Maybe that would be interesting to a child reading this book which I realize is its intended age group I thought it was just okay I wouldn t say I m really knowledgeable in what life was like in 1800 s England, but I probably know than a child reading this book, so probably the educational portion of this novel would be much fascinating to a kid This book has not much action, I m afraid Towards the end, it gets a little exciting though I use that word in the relative sense when Victoria begins to piece together how the inheritance of the throne of England is going and her shock when she realizes it could be her, though she tries to brush it off at first.All in all, it was a solid read with both pros and cons I m just glad to read something on Queen Victoria, there should be his fics on her life

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    This book was not given to me, nor did I buy it with my own pocket money The book in question is a pilfered farm stock notebook that the future Queen Victoria of England uses to record her thoughts as a young girl Victoria May Blossom of Britannia is author Anna Kirwan s contribution to Scholastic s The Royal Diaries series and is written in diary or journal form I have a keen interest in England s royal families and this book was an interesting glimpse into Victoria s early life as she chafed under the interfering control of Captain John Conroy As I read, I constructed my own family tree to try to keep track of all the royal relatives, and was happy to see an official one at the end of the book I m not sure that my interest would be shared by this series target audience though, middle grade girls The maneuvering and manipulations that were a common part of aristocratic life, and a main focus of the book, are certainly a part of our American politics, but not on a family level Kirwan opens a little window for us on court life in England in 1829 and, while faithful to the obligation of the series, might have left behind many young readers.

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    Ten year old Victoria is a princess, but her life is anything but easy Her father died when she was less than a year old, and she has no memories of him Being a princess means having no privacy, which is why she decides to write her personal thoughts and feelings down in a secret diary She describes her life at Kensington Palace, attending parties, going on summer holidays by the sea, her tiresome lessons, her dislike and distrust of her mother s financial advisor, her worries over the deteriorating health of her uncle, who is the King, and In this book, the young Victoria, between ages ten and twelve, comes alive as a very real girl with feelings, hopes, and dreams Although this isn t the best Royal Diaries book, readers of the series will likely enjoy it.

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    Story of 9 year old Victoria told through her diary entries It s hard to keep all the relatives and people straight, especially since I am hopeless with history It was entertaining how much food was listed in this book Queen Victoria actually kept a journal for many years, so it could be true.Nice family tree chart, descriptions of characters and family members Pictures of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were great

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    I have officially read all of the Royal Diaries Nine year old me would be very impressed Victoria was a pretty incredible leader You know you re doing something right when they name an entire era of history after you Victoria is portrayed as a uniquely practical and mature young lady determined to be a good leader.

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    I love this series I had harder time understanding the language of this book Thought maybe the author was trying to write in the style of the era which made reading cumbersome sometimes Otherwise a wonderful glimpse into the young life of Queen Victoria.