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Nigella Lawson S How To Be A Domestic Goddess Is About Not Only Baking, But The Enjoyment Of Being In The Kitchen, Taking Sensuous Pleasure In The Entire Process, And Relishing The Outcome Nigella S Deliciously Reassuring And Mouthwatering Cookbook Demonstrates That It S Not Terribly Difficult To Bake A Batch Of Muffins Or A Layer Cake, But The Appreciation And Satisfaction They Bring Are Disproportionately High At Last, A Book That Understands Our Anxieties, Feeds Our Fantasies, And Puts Cakes, Pies, Pastries, Breads, And Biscuits Back Into Our Own Kitchens

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    Oh My Gosh This is the definitive book for me Nigella is not a chef she is a home cook, just like me, like most of us out there But she is brilliant funny, mildly goofy though not over the top the way gals like Rachael Ray can be , and extremely intelligent Her writing is breathtakingly beautiful these cookbooks read as deliciously as the recipes they serve up And as for the title I ve had all sorts of reactions, mostly from women, which astound me I find that some kinds of women are even offended by the concept of a domestic goddess although Nigella herself clarifies that this isn t some kind of Stepford wife fantasy world, but a real world concept, of woman as provider and nurturer or at least, the image of a woman as provider and nurturer baking simple things and climbing as gracefully as possible onto that pedestal where we all love to be, that place where we are worshipped as the goddesses we are.

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    I have cooked out of almost all of Nigella s books not Nigella Express though but this is always my favourite and the first one I give as a gift I bought the book years ago in Scotland because I just loved the title I made the banana bread and have never looked back since The recipes are consistently good and sometimes fantastic, her writing is delightful and she makes cooking feel like something you share with her It s the sort of cookbook you cook from, read in bed and refer to constantly I do use the word cookbook loosely though as this book is mostly about baking Her other books are of a mix She has a useful website as well,, and you can e mail,with questions or concerns which is a nice resource They also have a section that details any errors in past editions and how to correct them.

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    Lawson is a real woman She eatsbad things and good things She makes cakes for her children that look like a real cake She invents things, avoids prepackaged foods and best of all she has hips.Her recipes are British which is very obvious, but they are not too weird to try once Her cakes are delicious The Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake is our favoriteits been made for gifts..for cravings and for the hell of it Pair this with some really good raspberry jam and its is divine.I especially enjoy her wit, humor and realism Rachel Ray fans may be disappointed that she doesn t smile the whole time But she makes cooking and eating sexyand a part of real the title is ironic.

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    I gave How To Be A Domestic Goddess three stars because, while Nigella Lawson is a treasure, I only found about ten recipes I would want to try In a book with over 350 pages, I felt that was a little bit of a letdown.Admittedly, I am a very fussy person when it comes to my culinary preferences However, these recipes were just too far out there for my taste.Definitely worth the read as there are some excellent tips and tricks within these pages, but I suspect many people may only find a few recipes they re interested in trying.

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    Five stars for the burnt butter cupcakes Burning butter is a flammable escapade The pyro in me is pleased gorges gleefully

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    I ve actually read this book twice, with a five year gap between Five years ago, I thought, Wow, this stuff looks incredible and there s absolutely no way I ll ever be able to cook like this This time around, I threw together three recipes before the book was due back at the library All three turned out fantastic, and they were pretty easy.As you might surmise, I don t recommend this book for those just starting out in the world of cooking It s not that the recipes are particularly hard It s just that a beginner might be overwhelmed by some of the vocabulary, and that many of Nigella s recipes lack a strict structure She intends them to be frameworks for you to explore, not tech orders that deliver the same result every time That said, this has some amazing stuff in it, and I m looking forward to trying recipes from her chocolate section.

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    Within the first fifteen minutes of reading this cookbook, my stomach was growling like a bear out of hibernation, and I was salivating like I d lost control of my jaw Halfway through the book and I was ready to get arm deep in pastry Nigella has a way with words that truly puts her book in the gastroporn genre She describes food with such eroticism that it evokes an almost carnal hunger within you Add to that the dreamy, bright photos of the food the picture of Lily s Scone is my favourite and you get a really rich, beautiful book that s worth having in your kitchen What I like best about this book is that Nigella writes so engagingly and encouragingly that the once daunting thought of making a pastry crust doesn t leave me whimpering in a corner Now if I could only get off my butt and get to the kitchen.

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    It s not that practical The recipes call for too many hard to find, can t get in west Texas, expensive ingredients I would have liked a photo of every recipe The photos in the book are full page and glossy, which is nice if you plan to leave it on your coffee table, but how about a half page photo and get all of them The food in this book would be nice for a birthday or other special occasion, but do you want to spend 20 for that I was lucky I borrowed it from a friend.

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    I checked this book out from the library, and I may be checking it out again and again The recipes look fabulous I must try of them , but I had a good time just looking at the mouthwatering pictures and reading Nigella s directions I like how this is not a snobbish, fussy baking book It leaves room for error and experimentation.

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    As someone who loathes cooking with a passion, this book makes me feel warm and cozy and with a longing to fill the nostrils of my children with beautiful baking aromas that will forever remind them of home