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When Evie S Father Returned Home From World War II, The Family Fell Back Into Its Normal Life Pretty Quickly But Joe Spooner Brought Back With Him Than Just Good War Stories When Movie Star Handsome Peter Coleridge, A Young Ex GI Who Served In Joe S Company In Postwar Austria, Shows Up, Evie Is Suddenly Caught In A Complicated Web Of Lies That She Only Slowly Recognizes She Finds Herself Falling For Peter, Ignoring The Secrets That Surround Him Until A Tragedy Occurs That Shatters Her Family And Breaks Her Life In Two

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    There are good novels and then there are good novels This one is the latter.However, it s hard to pin down why it s such an amazing novel Sure, I could comment that the writing was flawless and brilliant The characters were fleshed out, detailed and intricate The setting was technicoloured, nostalgic and almost touchable.But I think what really makes this novel is the gritty, raw, awkwardness of it Evie is on the cusp of womanhood She s so close she can almost taste it and yet, she rankles with childishness She s naive, with a dreamy, delusional view of life and the world She sees the world and the people in it with a child s eyes and understanding that is portrayed so well by Blundell.It doesn t help that her mother is classic Effortlessly beautiful, with a rich understanding of humanity, people and how to work them It can t be easy for any teenage girl to develop a healthy self esteem about herself when she has that impossible image to live up to.On their holiday in Florida, Evie meets Peter He s suave, charismatic, worldly and charming She s instantly caught up by him and clings tenaciously to her dreams and fantasies blinding herself to the mystery, intrigue, and clues that surround her The slight of hand, the winks, the double entendres all fly over her head whilst all are laid bare for the careful reader.Then we watch, agonizingly, already knowing what s going to happen and powerless to stop it What I love about this novel, is being able to read it as an adult Because, I felt like Evie was my child, or even myself at fifteen And I read this novel with great affection for her I felt for her because I knew the world she d eventually end up living in It s the world that adults go to and it s not a nice place Teenage years are meant to bring the child into it bit by bit But it doesn t go that way for Evie She s suddenly catapulted into it leaving me saddened at the childhood that was lost and can never be returned I felt anguished knowing the world she had to step into If you re still a teenager, waiting to grow up I guess this book is perfect for you Listen when her mother says, Don t be in such a hurry to grow up, baby It s not all polka dots and moonbeams, you know But I know you won t listen, I didn t either at your age.

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    I know, very few of my Goodreads friends have read or liked What I Saw And How I Lied, but I am so very grateful that such stories are even written and published these days Historical fiction is not in vogue right now, unless, of course, it involves cattiness and soapy melodrama, it seems.For one, I loved the atmosphere of this novel It gave me the same feeling of strange nostalgia for post WWII America, the way Mad Men does red lips, cigarettes, glamor and privilege, with a generous pinch of unpleasant sexism, homophobia and antisemitism.And then, this is a story about growing up, about that time in your young life when you want to be an adult, to be attractive to men and to be taken seriously But when you get a taste of this adulthood, it s not as sweet as you expected it to be You learn that your parents are flawed, that being enticing to men has its cost You learn to lie and pay dearly for your decisions.

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    stay tuned, there will be mary lou retton if you are patient.so first of all, i love this title i was supposed to read three books from the list for this week s teen class i ended up reading five because i am such a super nerd, but i think it is good for me, because these aren t the types of teen fiction i would ordinarily pick up if i read teen fiction it is pretty much only survival in a dystopian setting kind of stuff, certainly not first love in a complicated, postwar america i am going to review all my teen books by likening them to adult books if wither was handmaid s tale, this one is sophie s choice briefly, it is about a girl whose stepdaddy comes back from the war with a whole lot of baggage what follows is blackmail, first love, some realizations about how the world works for men, and for women, and for jews regardless of genders, and some lessons in high class deception and a decision.this book is punctuated by beautiful moments, but ultimately it isn t likely to stick with me for very long some really nice high octane lines scattered throughout, primarily in her early intimacies with peter the scene where they are dancing barefoot by the pool is HOT well, hot for a different time these aren t characters who are going to demonstrate oral sex on toothpaste tubes like that scandalous alaska.it s hard to believe any sixteen year old girl was ever as naive as evie at the book s beginning, but i suppose you need that just for the contrast to the close of the book teen fiction isn t known for its subtlety in character development, and nothing really surprising happens, but the character s fall from innocence and her picking up the pieces and her ultimate sacrifices are handled beautifully as a story of first love, it is okay, as a crime story, it is serviceable, but as a psychological study of the origin of evil in the adolescent girl, it is near staggering is evil too strong mendacity deception whatever it is, it s great, but most of the work the reader has to do for themselves much of the drama happens between the text the transformation evie undergoes is from frighteningly innocent to an almost resigned submission to adult world betrayals.i don t think i am expressing it right and this is the best thing about the book, so i want to get it right on the one hand, she is embracing her power as a woman,and using it for a complicated blend of good and evil, on the other hand she is exhausted by the situation which i am trying to dance around and around and a little resentful to have to be playing the game in the first place but she plays it very well, for her first time and it is noticed, and her comfort within this new role terrifies her mother in a really nice understated scene truth, justice i always thought they were absolutes, like god and mom and apple pie.but you could make apple pie from ritz crackers you could make cakes without sugar we learned how to fake things, during the war.i think that is superb, in the context of the events.she does a really good job with the historical elements the postwar america raw and still shocked tender redefining morality in the aftermath of witnessed atrocities, and of course translating it into one girl s individual parallel experience there is another exceptional scene that is like fight club, in that i can t talk about it without ruining everything for everyone, but know that it is there.this is almost a four, but i can t just keep giving out star like candy 3 1 2 read it yourself.and now, the obligatory mlr

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    What I Saw and How I lied is not going to end up as one of those books that returns to my thoughts now and again It s perfectly forgettable.This is a coming of age book set at the end of World War 2 Evie is a teen who s step father, Joe, has just come back from the war and he s not exactly the man she remembered Joe decides that the family should have a vacation and then schleps himself, his wife, his mother and Evie to Palm Beach, Florida in the middle of god awful hot August In the days before air conditioning.A handsome GI by the name of Peter shows up, who coincidentally or not served with Joe in the war, and catches young Evies eye Before long she is madly in love.This book is filled with lots of nostalgia, dresses with pumps dyed to match, red lipstick and lots of smoking Future lung cancer victims of Ameerica It was well written, but I don t think I fancied the style.I liked it, it wasn t bad nor was it great Meh.

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    When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she fell slow She had time to notice things on her way down Oh, there s a teacup There s a table So things seemed almost normal to her while she was falling Then she bumped down and rolled into Wonderland, and all hell broke loose I really love it when I turn to the last page of a book, and the ending is so thoroughly perfect, but not too perfect Some questions still remain, retribution is administered, and sometimes there s cake I think, however, that what makes a Bildungsroman so amazing is when the adolescent protagonist matures, and their view of the world is altered in the most beneficial way possible This book followed that recipe to the t and I love the author for it Truth, justice I always thought they were absolutes, like God And Mom And apple pie But you could make apple pie from Ritz crackers You could make cakes without sugar We learned how to fake things, during the war Set in Queens and Palm Beach in 1947, Blundell created a world that was utterly believable and rich, down to the cigarette jingles I felt like an awkwad, gawky fifteen year old that hadn t quite grown into my bra and didn t really stick up for my values That s good character writing But Evie is also an observer, and the reader s only medium to the sinister events that take place that autumn in 47 Seeing things through her eyes, innocent but questioning, was so accurate and foreboding I was fully invested from the first page I also loved Blundell s gregarious Acknowledgments where I learned that David Leviathan was her editor, and listed memoirs and history books about the era that helped her shape the novel I d love to read by her and can t wait to look into the referenced works.

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    QUESTION How did this win the National Book Award If the first half of the book had been put into 3 or so chapters so that the reader could get to the things that happen in the story, it would have been a lot better I m so glad that I finally finished it so I can stop sighing through an award winning novel wanting so badly to move on to the other books in my to read pile I wasn t captivated by the period of this period piece I wasn t captivated by the setting The characters didn t have much depth Actually, I found them to be very boring I need feedback fellow goodreaders Help me out here Am I alone in thinking that this book is a disappointing read What do you think

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    I really enjoyed this coming of age novel set in the aftermath of WWII I have to admit, I picked this one purely because of the title, which I found intriguing, and I am so glad I did.Evie is awkward and gauche and, at the tender age of 15, wanting to be womanly, just like her mother who is all red lips, nail lacquer and cocktails She is ready to find love She adores her mother and Joe, her step father When they go on holiday to Florida, Evie is excited, particularly when she meets Peter Coleridge, an ex army buddy of Joes, but one he does not seem particularly happy to see Befriended by Mrs Grayson, who takes Evie on a shopping trip to buy her some grown up clothes, she believes her life is suddenly taking the direction she wants it to go Peter is noticing her, and calls her pussy cat He takes her on drives and to exciting places, but always in the company of her mother as chaperone.But slowly Evie realises she is surrounded by shadows and lies, and that nothing is quite as it seems And when tragedy strikes, Evie must make a decision, one that will impact on all their lives.This is a beautifully narrated book We have all the language, the atmosphere, the prejudices of the 1940 s, the anti Semitism, the struggles and opportunities of post war America We have the angst of those teenage years when hormones conspire to take us to new heights of happiness and just as suddenly plunge us into the pits of despair We have Evie with the desire to become a woman, but lacking the confidence to do so A thoroughly enjoyable audio experience, and I will be looking for from this author.

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    I read this book a bit earlier but couldn t post about it until now because it was part of a postal book swap This book is interesting to me because Blundell is not interested in heroics She shows adults, even war heroes as flawed greedy, opportunistic, racist, etc This is so much true about parts of America, but rarely seen in YA literature The setting of post war Florida was pretty interesting Evie as a character seems very real to me that awkward time in life is so well captured wanting to grow up but not fully understanding it, living in a reality that may not be And the way the parents try to keep her young felt true, and unhelpful.

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    What I Heard and How I Lied is a coming of age novel set during the time period of post World War II The novel is full of nostalgic descriptions of full skirts, pumps dyed to match dresses, late afternoon cocktails, pot roast with mashed potatoes, smoking as sexy habit, and Palm Beach as an exotic location What I Heard And How I Lied also addresses in a very subtle manner issues of segregation, anti Semitism, soldiers recovery from war trauma, war time opportunism, gender roles, sexual politics and dark greedy motives This book took me completely by surprise I am not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely not a novel that begins slowly with a young and na ve teenager and progresses into a story of a young adult learning the truth about her parents The subject matter is not unique, but Judy Blundell manages to present the story in a very fresh way.There is something is so appealing about the coming of age story, the abandoning of na vet , and first feelings of love is there a better setting for these themes than post World War II 194os Ms Blundell gives us a back a time in our history when smoking was sexy and lipstick was always apple red The set up is done so well, the reader is able to easily settle back into the idea that America used to be comfortable, predictable and simple But this story is not about a simplistic free time in America Once the reader relaxes back into the past, the thread of darkness and greed slowly winds itself around the book I could not put this book down or actually, I could not turn off the audio book , while the setting and characters seemed familiar nothing about it was typical or rehashed I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy historical novels driven by characters and young adult novels.

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    This is one of those books that I am kicking myself for not reading earlier A kind friend sent the galley and I put it in stack to read but didn t get to it until the NBA announced their shortlist.I enjoyed so much about this outstanding book It was extremely atmospheric The sense of place and time was skillfully rendered I could hear the swish of skirts, smell hints of cigarette smoke and perfume and feel the humidity in the air Set in postwar America, both the protagonist and the nation are awakening to a new role as they shake off childhood and wartime restriction Evie is skillfully portrayed, full of the contradictions of adolescence, beginning to test her sexual power while still unsure of what that means Blundell creates great tension with an intriguing plot and structure, managing to both tantalize and reveal secrets all at the same time Themes of coming of age, loyalty and betrayal, truth, compromise and family relationships are well integrated into a completely engaging story I also loved the cover It is eye catching and reflective of the sense of the book Can t wait to read from this author.