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Loved the book A great book for preteens Joan moved to a new town and thought she would hate it but she met a kindred spirit Joan and Sarah Newt and Fox spent their time outside and writing stories Great inspiration for anyone wanting to write their own journal, story or book. This book was amazing The whole time I wanted to be these characters, I wanted to live their lives This book was just amazing. It Is The Early S Twelve Year Old Joan Is Sure That She Is Going To Be Miserable When Her Family Moves From Connecticut To California Then She Meets A Most Unusual Girl Sarah Prefers To Be Called Fox And Lives With Her Author Dad In A Rundown House In The Middle Of The Woods The Two Girls Start Writing Their Own Stories Together, And When One Wins First Place In A Student Contest, They Find Themselves Recruited For A Summer Writing Class Taught By The Equally Unusual Verla Volante The Wild Girls Is About Friendship, The Power Of Story, And How Coming Of Age Means Finding Your Own Answers, Rather Than Simply Taking Adults On Faith This was an absolutely lovely novel that I would recommend to writers and aspiring writers ages 12 to 100 Also would recommend to anyone interested in the San Francisco East Bay Danville and Berkeley in 1972. Book talk Before Joan moved to California she only read stories After she moved to California, Joan began to live them It all started when she was exploring in the woods near her house and she found what looked like a troll s living room It turned out that it belonged to a girl named Sarah who called herself the Queen of Foxes Joan soon became newt in turn and newt and fox explored secret grottoes, defended their fort from invaders, and hid in the woods Their real life mixed with a fantasy life and they turned their story in to a writing competition But eventually they had to return to reality, and the cold hard truths they could not avoid.Rocks my socks I would have loved to have been friends with these girls when I was their age As it was my friends and I came up with some pretty elaborate fantasies playing in the park on my street Reading this novel took me back on a pleasant trip to those days and many readers their age will be able to easily relate The novel is set in the early 70s and they go to Berkeley at one point, which was amusing to read about as well The novel could have just stayed at this level and been enjoyable but it goes beyond that Fox s mother left her when she was a child and Joan s parents are separated by the end of the novel It deals with both of these family situations with compassion and thoughtfulness and doesn t try to provide any easy answers, which I liked I also appreciated how the characters got to know their parents better and understand them and their motives and that they had lives before they were born Plus, they bond over throwing rocks at boys and write stories where they save themselves without any princes needing to intervene, what s not to love Rocks in my socks She s a librarian, Fox said, as if being a librarian were a crime Clearly this line was meant as a personal affront to me and I took it as such At least it gave me something to put in this section because otherwise it would be blank Every book its reader This would be a great book to read at the beginning of a unit on writing Fox s dad is a science fiction author and both girls end up taking a class on writing with a great teacher and so a lot about the craft is mentioned in the novel Anyone with a lot of imagination and especially those who try to hold on to it when their peers are trying to lookgrown up will enjoy this book Fifth grade and up Readof my reviews at It was a sad book at times but what they realized at the end was much better than to continue with what was going on I really enjoyed this book. 5 5 I wondered if it would always be like that first the fear, and then the glory Picked from the J shelves of my local library because the cover promised all things girl powery and maybe a little bit of good writing And I was not disappointed The Wild Girls delivers absolute beauty in a junior lit book that adults can and should enjoy as well The writing is not childish There are some very moving passages and all does not have the happiest of endings There is no black and white, right v wrong debate here It s so much gray area and, yes, that s how life is, but it s a bold move for a kids author where this is so little seen Both Joan and Sarah are strong female role models for any young girl, and it makes both intelligence and creativity seem absolutely awesome instead of nerdy and it IS absolutely awesome First comes the fear, then the glory Describes growing up in a nutshell. The Wild Girls is an amazing novel Joan, later to be called Newt, has just moved from Conneticut to Danneville, California She soon meets a strange, independent girl Sarah, called Fox by friends and family The two girls become very close Fox lives with her dad because her mom ran away when she was 7, but now Fox s mom wants to get a divorce and make ammends with Fox Newt s parents still live together, but they are nearing the end of the line Her dad is always angry and constantly fights about money, or what he says is about money Fox and Newt find an outlet proven to work, writting They take a special summer class, but know their family issues are creeping up, soon to explode at any second Will this affect their relationship 10 2013 I started with the audiobook, but it was one disc short, so I got the book and started over I remain a big fan It s solidly plotted, and covers a lot of early adolescence without being an issue book at all Highly recommended.11 2009 I loved the girls in this book Fox and Newt are so perfectly poised between childhood and adolescence, between that subterranean self that exists early on and the later, public iceberg self Their groping towards the light is beautifully mirrored in their writing Also, the parents, siblings and friends are complex and interesting characters Well written and evocative. 4.5 5 5I loved this book and couldn t put it down until the last page It s an insightful and absorbing middle grade novel, very enticingly and well written.Although the author wrote the story from a young girl s point of view, both the writing and the plot aren t childish at all.It was heartwarming to read about these amazing girls, Joan and Sarah, and the issues they went through, their loyal friendship, how they grew up a lot in a not so long span of time Few pages were kind of moving too Highly recommended.