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The Foundation Of Discipleship Is Sound, Scriptural DoctrineThe Value Of Sound Doctrine Is Often Misunderstood By The Modern Church While It Can Be Dry And Dull, When It Flows From The Story Of Scripture, It Can Be Full Of Life And Love This Kind Of Doctrine, Steeped In Scripture, Is Critical For Disciple Making And It S Often Overlooked By Modern PastorsIn Hearers And Doers, Kevin Vanhoozer Makes The Case That Pastors, As Pastor Theologians, Ought To Interpret Scripture Theologically To Articulate Doctrine And Help Cultivate Disciples Scriptural Doctrine Is Vital To The Life Of The Church, And Local Pastor Theologians Should Be The Ones Delivering It To Their CommunitiesWith Arresting Prose And Striking Metaphors, Vanhoozer Addresses The Most Pressing Problems In The Modern Church With One Answer Teach Sound, Scriptural Doctrine To Make Disciples

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    I m giving it 4 stars, but it s a really good 4 stars.You can read my fuller review at Spoiled Milks 7 26 19 Scripture tells Christians they are children of the light Having put their faith in Christ, they have been transferred from the power of darkness to the kingdom of his Son Yet when we read that, but we don t live that way, we forget out true identity The church must hear and do God s word We are to evangelize, make disciples, and teach them who they are in Christ, for Christ, and with Christ.Vanhoozer examines the problems and possibilities for discipleship today and argues that all people are always following someone else s words xxv.The church, the salt of the earth and a place to make disciples, must live by biblical metaphors Its pastors are eye doctors who give their members the imagination to understand the Bible If society s buildings and institutions are life s hardware, society s culture is the software, programming and educating people to think and live a certain way.Using theatrical language, pastors explain the script the Bible to the actors the congregation who act out the doctrinal script to the audience the world around them Everything we do trains us in some way, so we should work to train each other instead of being trained by the surrounding culture.Disciples are to be fitting images of Christ Scripture helps us to discern between what is good and evil by giving us some moral moral principles but also by giving us a storied framework that shows us what is good and evil We act out now what we will be in the age to come Theological education is meant to make disciples to be living commentaries, a letter from Christ 2 Cor 3 3.Buy this While I enjoyed Part Two than Part One, Vanhoozer is very clever at seeing God s word as supreme over culture He does a fantastic job at showing how important theology is and how it propels us to right action by showing us how to live It gives us examples of what to do Daniel s life and what not to do Peter denying Jesus Which script will you live out that of God s word or of the world

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    Books on discipleship abound, but we need like this one As one would expect, Vanhoozer helps pastors discern cultural idols and calls them to make disciples through the word, but he does so in a way that is richly theological, philosophically aware, and historically informed than one might expect from the latest book on discipleship though it is exactly what one might expect from the latest book by Vanhoozer Vanhoozer encourages pastors to read the Scriptures as a unified story biblical theology and interpret them theologically systematic theology in light of little c catholic Christianity historical theology and to teach their church members to do the same This is a robust vision of discipleship which when combined by Vanhoozer with Charles Taylor s insights about social imaginaries think stories that shape us unconsciously for good or ill equips pastors and parishioners to discern the ways we are being shaped by the culture and to counter these with sound doctrine and scriptural stories Vanhoozer offers himself as a guide to this heady but practical path of discipleship since he functions here as both cultural critic pointing out, among other things, the ways we have unconsciously absorbed our culture s definition of wellness and subtly as one profoundly shaped by Scripture for me, the abundance of biblical allusions in his writing is one of the chief joys of reading his work.I can t say enough good things about this book I hope to encourage my ministry reading group to read it and discuss it More than that, I hope it gains a wide reading and cultivates a taste for works of this richness and depth.My gratitude to the publisher for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    Great discussion on how both Scripture and doctrine are vital in creating Christlike disciples using a uniquely Protestant methodology Lots of great content and easy to follow The controlling metaphor of exercise and fitness helps brings the content to a finer point The only thing that I have about the writing is that it feels really redundant if you read than one chapter per sitting A lot of the same content said repeatedly with minor changes in words.

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    At 58, I still love physical fitness I run 4 miles three times a week, lift weights, and keep up with my Tae Kwon Do Though it doesn t come easy, it did come early, and it came with loads of guidance and instruction In my Junior High and High School years I received instruction and coaching on various aspects of running and lifting I also received years of training from three martial arts instructors patiently guiding me through routines, sparring and weapons drills These experiences and my present pleasure in physical conditioning has attuned my ears to the analogies in Scripture that picture discipleship as something of an aerobic fitness program Kevin Vanhoozer, research professor of systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, picks up this work out theme in his new 296 page hardback, Hearers Doers A Pastor s Guide to Making Disciples Through Scripture and Doctrine The author writes mainly for pastors as coaches who enable their parishioners to become fit for purpose because the church itself is a gym with its own fitness culture 43 But there s in these pages than simply an athletic analogy Hearers Doers is intended to help pastors fulfill their Great Commission to make disciples, with emphasis on the importance of teaching disciples to read the Scriptures xi Yet it is not a book describing some yearly Bible Reading plan Rather, Vanhoozer encourages us to help our people to read with an eye to the way the gospel reshapes and redeems our imaginations in a social milieu that is trying to capture and control our imaginations Also, reading Scripture theologically with and for the people of God, instead of academically And reading with a view to being a new people, since the end of orthodoxy, its final purpose, is not an orthodox compendium of doctrine but an orthodox community of disciples who embody the mind of Jesus Christ everywhere, to everyone, at all times 127 8.To bring us to these desired actions, Vanhoozer guides readers to understand their story in a different vein We no longer try to fit the Bible into our story, our place in history, our world, but rather read our world in light of the story of the Bible 112 We no longer buy into the wellness gospel that promises you can make yourself well save yourself by following this or that program 20 , but rather embracing the theological meaning of wellness to live in accordance with true doctrine about Jesus Christ Knowing the story of Jesus Christ, his cross, resurrection, ascension, and heavenly session, is the proper context for determining whether we are doing well as mortal beings 24 All of this means that we must reclaim the Reformation concept of Sola Scriptura, which the author unpacks in a hardy, hale and hygienic manner Throughout the book the author addresses numerous aspects of what it means to be hearers and doers He looks into the significance of sound and solid doctrine He delves into the role and realm of the local church He tackles Protestantism, schism and genuine unity He brings us into the church s worship and liturgy, even claiming Ancient worship trains us for contemporary discipleship 162 He further guides us into the ways humility and biblical interpretation go hand in glove, In matters of biblical interpretation, humility is next to godliness 197 There are some real gems in this volume Hearers Doers is a robust manual written for pastors But if parishioners were to pick up a copy and peruse it thoughtfully, they will not only be spurred further up and further on, but they will know better 1 what kinds of pastors they should seek out, or 2 what to appreciate in their present shepherds This volume definitely needs to be in the hand of every Christian minister I highly recommend the work, and leave you my fellow pastors with this closing thought Helping people understand who they are, why they re here, and where they should be going on the journey that is life is perhaps the most important ministry there is 117.My huge thanks goes to Lexham Press I requested a copy of this book for review and they happily sent the one I used, making no demands nor placing any commands on me This review, therefore, is my own assessment, all mine And I freely give it.

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    Kevin Vanhoozer is one of our sharpest theological minds today He so often breaks into territory that no one else tackles He may wrestle with a multitude of heavy theological works, but he is the guy to bring it to the rest of us Since his latest subject here is that of making disciples, particularly from a pastor s point of view, and since there s a glut in the market on discipleship, he shows the league apart that he works in amongst a world of works that all say the same thing Make room among all the dime a dozen discipleship titles on your shelves for this provocative volume to have a prominent place This book is one for a pastor to lay as a foundation for our work The subtitle accurately lets you know what you are getting yourself into A pastor s guide to making disciples through Scripture and doctrine.After a clear introduction, Part One that is made up of four chapters explains why discipleship matters He champions the importance of theology in making disciples Chapter 2 is so profound that it could be pulled out of this book and presented as commentary on our age, at least involving fitness and body image which has taken on its own religious pretensions I shared that chapter with some in my family as making clear things that I was ashamed I had never thought of The next chapters explain the importance of taking disciples from hearing to doing and in building up the body of Christ.Part Two in four chapters digs into working out discipleship Pastors should be challenged by his analogy of our being the eye doctor and general practitioner of the church Next, he looks at the disciple as a member of the church, which is sadly so de emphasized in our day I found myself not fully agreeing with all he said in the chapter on the communion of saints, but there are some fair correctives there that may keep us from running off into the other ditch The final chapter, wisely, looks at us as children of God who are disciples as fitting image of Jesus Christ.You can often judge how much I find value in a book by how much I underline and notate throughout My volume of this book is marked all over with usually something on every page This book is for those who want to think, so pick it up and read slowly and you will be in for a treat.I received this book free from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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    There are good and helpful concepts in this book for developing a social imaginary consistent with the gospel However, like Janes KA Smith s books on social imaginary, the application sounded like an academic than a practician.Could be helpful for someone seeking to understand in the way of making disciplines, but not an essential book in that library.

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    This was hard to give a rating There is some deeply profound and challenging material, but also a lot of repetition and at times the clarity is muddled with mixed metaphors brought in from his other works At times I wanted to put it down, but then the next paragraph would be incredibly thought provoking.

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    I loved Hearers and Doers so very much The way he uses social imaginary throughout the book to make all his points is spot on I ve never read anything like it Very readable and quite enjoyable Best book on discipleship.

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    Hands down one of the best books I ve read this year As a Pentecostal Christian who has been reading primarily Reformed material lately, one of the things I ve had trouble balancing is the viewpoints, but it s something that Vanhoozer has displayed so perfectly and honestly, is a book that I d say if you re a pastor, or leader, you should absolutely read this book.

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    Excellent Helpful Clarifying Vanhoozer is an excellent writer, a rarity in theology I think I don t have any disagreements with him I did think there was a bit to be said but what he did say was very good.