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The Marabou Mule The Chanel Toe Jackie O S Pump Marilyn S Stiletto And Lotus Shoes And Fetish Shoes, Shoes Made For Coronations And Inaugurations, Cinderella S Slipper, Shoes Of Tulle, Brocade, Rhinestone, Python, Fish Scales, And Feathers, And Much, Much Including The Two Foot High Wooden Chopines Of The Th Century And Their Resurgence As The Platform Shoes Of The S And S Shoes, Now With Over , Copies In Print, Is An Obsessive, Over The Top Extravaganza Chunky, Full Color, And Irresistible, It Contains Page After Page Of Seductive Photographs And Information About Women S ShoesCreated For The Woman Who S A Passionate Shoe Lover And What Woman Isn T Shoes Features Over , Glorious Photographs, Most Of Them Taken For The Book Includes Footnotes Fascinating Facts About Shoes Foot Soldiers Profiles Of Master Shoemakers From David Little To Andrea Pfister And The Shoe That Left An Imprint, Focusing On One Shoe That Changed History Remember Courrage S Futuristic Go Go Boot Shoes Is, As They Say, To Die For

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    Here s a pocket book celebrating shoes It s not bad It s just of a visual extravaganza than an informative take on the subject.From everyday wears to the dancefloors, the bedroom, and, even, as pieces of artwork, practical or frivol, stylish, luscious, sexy, sophisticated, glamorous, daring, simple, romantic and , Shoes is packed with hundreds of pictures of footwears dating back from the Antiquity to modern days all very simply displayed in their skillful craftsmanship, glories, and creative designs Flicking through it all is dazzling and titillating at the same time well, from a man s perspective Thing is, that s pretty much it Yes, there are snippets on influential designers Ferragamo, Vivier, Blahnik, Westwood, Cox and, yes, there also are snippets on some iconic shoes stiletto, marabou mule, Mary Jane Here and there are also some footnotes containing fun facts about shoes But the informations given are very light If you are after an informative book on the topic, I am sure there are other alternatives out there High Heel Heaven The glamour and seduction of fabulous shoes brilliantly does that for heels A feast for the eyes for sure, but that could have been instructive.

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    When you re a shoe lover and would like something light with lots of pictures to browse through, the concept of this fun, colourful little book is perfect.But even though it contains quite a bit of information on some of the most influential designers and historical background to designs, it may feel like it s lacking a bit in that regard That said, providing a detailed historical overview is not the goal of this book.As often with fashion related subjects, some of the descriptions seem a bit empty The foundation for quite a few of the statements is rather shaky But reading a non scholarly book on shoes, that is what you expect and it isn t much of an issue.What bothers me is that there are some factual mistakes in the text As I ve read the Dutch translation I can t be sure if that is the result of a bad translating job or that it is characteristic of the original text But it is the main objection I have and the reason for me not to rate it higher than two stars.In addition, in some places the descriptions and the images do not really match You will read something about specific shoes in detail in a way which carries the promise of being able to view an image of these shoes, yet that promise is not always kept.But all together it is still a really fun book which mostly delivers what you expect of it I would definitely recommend it to my friends If you re really interested in the subject you may want to keep an iPad or your phone at hand just to do some fact checking and get some extra information while browsing through the pages And after reading, you definitely are going to need your wallet Now excuse me, I will be spending the rest of the afternoon trying to find the perfect fin de si cle opera boot inspired design in my size.

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    The tiniest, most intriguing coffee table book for fashionistas If you have any interest whatsoever in style through the years, beautiful and or interesting girl y shoes, or even what the heck fashion, this will be a fun book for you I m going to keep it in my purse for the next few weeks to show my pals or unsuspecting bystanders in the grocery line.

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    The perfect picture book for leafing through if you want to combine drooling over gorgeous shoes with gaping at bizaare and beautifully illustrated historical tidbits like the 16th century Venetian chopines , with platforms up to 30 inches high, which required a servant on each side to steady their wearer

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    I m not really into shoes If they are presentable and sensible then they are fine by me But coming across this fascinating encyclopedia of shoes while browsing at a library, I realized, once again, how the small things we take for granted can collectively say a lot about us as a species This book gives a bird s eye view of how shoes have been quiet keepers of our history It is one long parade of wonderful photos of shoes from different eras from Persia to Egypt, Renaissance to 18th century China, and modern to futuristic Looking at them, I was fascinated by how some designs recur over time regardless of culture and time There are the elevated shoes from the Ottoman empire and the 20th century, clogs from Europe to east Asia, pumps from the harems of the desert and modern day America This book is not only a fashion documentary but a kind of history book as well It proves that shoes, without doubt, show not only our vanity and need, if not greed, for things beautiful and pleasing, but also that shoes have been mankind s constant companions through historic journeys.

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    A Book with footwear in the Tittle

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    This tiny encyclopaedia of 507 pages stays true to its title, and reads indeed very much like a celebration of shoes It contains tons of different types of shoes, all beautifully photographed, and also includes some background on each shoe, including its designer and time period Though very complete in this, the book does seem to focus most on high heeled shoes, which somewhat narrows its scope Shoes A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers More contains nine chapters, all focusing in different types of footwear 1 sandals, 2 heels, 3 slippers, 4 pumps, 5 trainers and other comfortable shoes, 6 boots, 7 platform shoes, 8 fetish shoes, and 9 unique shoes Next to that, there s also a short introduction and some information on how a high heeled shoe is usually made.Easy to leaf through yet also with enough information to remain interesting, this little book is perfect for anyone who likes shoes The author has also included footwear from many different periods of time and many different countries, so the material is definitely varied and diverse, and provides a good sense of the history of shoes The only downside is, as I said, the fact that it seems to focus most on high heeled and feminine shoes, but I suppose flat comfortable masculine shoes aren t as interesting as heels.I would most certainly recommend this for every shoe aficionado, and anyone interested in the history of shoes It s a wonderful little book, with lovely images and solid texts.

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    not an extreme amount of reading but I loved this book because it was a real lesson in the history of shoes I was amazed by how much the styling comes back arou d in later generations with just a little variance It hit nicely on the designers too.I love shoes a LOT and liked this book a LOT too

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    This is such a fun and interesting book for shoe lovers People tend to give me a funny look at first when I mention how fascinated I am with the history of shoes But I tell you, they are secretly interested too I find myself sharing some of these little tidbits about shoes during everyday conversations

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    How can any sane woman not love Shoes It s brimming with beautiful photographs of exquisite and exquisitely torturous shoes, lovely historical facts, and SHOES Read it once, to look at the shoes Read it twice to learn the history of shoes shoe making Read it a third time and pretend it s a catalogue and choose the shoes you would love to own and wear Sigh shoes.