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Only Georges Bataille Could Write, Of An Eyeball Removed From A Corpse, That The Caress Of The Eye Over The Skin Is So Utterly, So Extraordinarily Gentle, And The Sensation Is So Bizarre That It Has Something Of A Rooster S Horrible Crowing Bataille Has Been Called A Metaphysician Of Evil, Specializing In Blasphemy, Profanation, And Horror Story Of The Eye, Written In , Is His Best Known Work It Is Unashamedly Surrealistic, Both Disgusting And Fascinating, And Packed With Seemingly Endless Violations It S Something Of An Underground Classic, Rediscovered By Each New Generation Most Recently, The Icelandic Pop Singer Bj Rk Gu Dmundsd Ttir Cites Story Of The Eye As A Major Inspiration She Made A Music Video That Alludes To Bataille S Erotic Uses Of Eggs, And She Plans To Read An Excerpt For An AlbumWarning Story Of The Eye Is Graphically Sexual, And Is Only Suited For Adults Who Are Not Easily Offended

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    ADULTS ONLY KIDS YOU STAY AWAY take the sex act and strip away the burden of reality and what do you have take two characters and make them fuck you are the author and they are your puppets they will do anything you want does fucking equal life can fucking be a form of transgression so be it, make it so add another character a menage subtract that character, the poor thing have your characters fuck right next to her cold hanging corpse they are fucking death add another character, a sophisticated gent of the old school the school of Salo, of course now add a bullfighter and a bullfight some bull testes a dead bullfighter a dangling eye ok, now add a sexy young catholic priest fuck blow him then kill him play with his eyeball now run away a happy ending these are not spoilers dear reader, you are dealing with abstractions abstractions cannot be spoiled you can look at them and your eye will see what it wants to see when is a novel not a novel when is a narrative an anti narrative when is an egg not an egg an eye not an eye when is urine a golden shower of life affirming transgression your surface is like glass, Story of the Eye eye see right through it the glass is fractured the images are compartmentalized the images become symbols and metaphors symbols of and metaphors for what eye see a metaphor i make it my own i take it in my hands and turn it into whatever i please i turn it into an egg the egg is life and i fuck it i fuck life with my great staring eye the eye is a looking glass and i turn it towards myself your surface becomes a mirror, Story of the Eye it asks me what is pornography a series of living symbols and metaphors, profane and sacred acts, bodies devoid of purpose beyond the violence of movement, the slap and tickle of separating and colliding, sex as a sublime sort of personalized violence violence is sex with no happy ending eye see a symbol it is a testicle, a lonely testicle cast out from its body what does it mean does it mean transgression it is a sphere, like an eye, like an egg, a delicious egg i eat the testicle Synesthesia, from the ancient Greek syn , together, and aisth sis , sensation, is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway I realized there was a perfect coincidence of images tied to analogous upheavals I was astonished at having unknowingly substituted a perfectly obscene image for a vision apparently devoid of any sexual implication ha apparently. do you think you are talking to a child i went to a sex party on halloween it was interesting watching people having sex in different costumes who is who and what is what is that even a real dick in their minds were people imagining themselves as a vampire ballerina, and so trying to think like one a hunky zombie a werewolf biker chick how do such things think, how do they fuck were their costumes a projection of their inner selves and so now they were able to fuck like they fucked in their dreams my costume Nite Owl.after that sex party, we went to another one hey, it was halloween and that is certainly a time for no regrets this party was different less classy and far extreme a hair raisingly brutal sm scene took place degradation a go go the debased miss was degraded beyond belief and i saw things that eye will never be able to un see belts and fists and spit and constant slapping and constant demeaning and sex violence and it doesn t end there the crowd was mesmerized i wondered, what is happening in that girl s mind is this sex performing some kind of function beyond my understanding was her degradation something that somehow lifted her to her own private, transgressive heaven was this public transgression somehow empowering i looked at my male companion and he looked back at me our eyes met and we both understood in that moment that we were seeing something that neither of us were equipped to understand we were both deeply uncomfortable or so i thought but is that what he was really thinking did he look at me and see weakness, perhaps even fear the fear of the unknown, the fear of true transgression his costume Doctor Manhattan i looked at my female companion she was rapt she did not see me she did not return my gaze was she seeing herself down on that floor was the debased miss a living symbol of all that she had put away when she entered her rigid bourgeois existence when she finally looked back at the two of us, did she see living shells of hollow men or the means for further transgression her costume The Silk Spectre a series of gruesome tableau an accumulation of transgressions le petit mort vivre la vie oh the banality of trangression oh the profundity of banality there is no there there i see a church and eye burn it i see my mother, my father, and they are symbols of all that i long to destroy and other cliches i take refuge in madness these eyes have seen it all they have seen nothing she places the egg inside of her it is a good feeling the feeling of life she places an eyeball inside of her it is a good feeling what does that eye see does it see life, or living death her opening is an opening it is literal and figurative she takes the transgression inside of her and becomes it.they thrust their sabers into the bull they make an opening, than one the bull is enraged, engorged colored pieces of cloth turn a blood sport into a swirling dance of death and other cliches the bullfighter s stiff steel finishes the dance he makes a bloody cleft into living tissue the crowd roars what are they seeing is this debasement, transgression, an atrocity, a holy thing eye do not know but i don t like it.you read the book but it is not a book, not really it is a thesis what is its purpose to lay bare the world, i suppose each act, each object, each symbol and metaphor open to your own interpretation come one, come all cum cum cum yawn i know the world already eye am a camera overall the book was interesting lots to contemplate it took a while but eye was finally able to jerk off to it.

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    What the hell did I just read _ I have enough trouble digesting genre erotica as it is, but this came out of the blue and hit me like a burning meteor shattering everything of the self knowledge of my sense of desire Don t get me wrong, prude I am not I love my erotic writing, sexual investigations, the Freudian truths, and sexual fantasies too, speaking of which, this is a twisted sexual fantasy overwhelmed by its own craziness and charged with an assemblage of layered symbolism, wherein a range of fetishes explode into a shocking act of sex fueled brutality, culminating in our lead protagonist s, one sixteen year old Simone, wanting to scoop out the eyes of living people to sate her desire I ventured to explain such extraordinary relations by assuming a profound region of my mind, where certain images coincide, the elementary ones, the completely obscene ones, i.e., the most scandalous, precisely those on which the conscious floats indefinitely, unable to endure them without an explosion or aberration. Forgo convoluted pontifications about the concordat between sex, violence and death, around which the Story of the Eye is supposed to revolve, and for which it was praised by big names such as Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag, and read it if you can stomach crass, hallucinatory, vintage sex scenes of people urinating on one another, engaged in blood spattered sexual orgies, and obsessing with a central metaphor of the eye consistent with other soft, jelly like, warm and meat hued objects, to possess and sexualise them Also read if you want to learn how to break eggs between your buttocks while standing on your head I can t think of a single piece of writing which uses cunt as profusely as this one The author explains early on why Cunt this name, which I always used with Simone, is, I think, by far the loveliest of the names for the vagina. This is an extremely un sexy story to read and it fascinated and disturbed me in equal measure swallows August 16

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    On Pornography The question is not whether pornography, but the quality of the pornography Paul GoodmanPornography is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal I wonder why it is such a big no no with some people What are they thinking What do they want us to think Pornography is evil immoral naughty, because sexual arousal is evil immoral naughty Alternatively, sexual arousal is OK, but the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter is evil immoral naughty In contrast, violence is evil immoral naughty, but the explicit portrayal of violence is OK Alternatively, the explicit portrayal of violence is evil immoral naughty, because violence is evil immoral naughty My head is starting to hurt, but not for the purposes of sexual arousal.On Sexual ArousalWhat if I read this book for the purpose of sexual arousal, but I didn t get sexually aroused Enough Could I get my 10 back I don t like my chances.I mean, there are no pictures in this book Are words supposed to be enough to arouse me sexually I mean, is it supposed to turn me on, if I read that a fictitious character has had sex Or someone else, someone real you, for example I suppose, if I could be bothered to think about it, I could infer that every parent has had sex, at least once Is there anything wrong with thinking about it Or reading about it Or writing about it I don t know I don t think so.On Depravity and CorruptionThe old definition of obscene was that sexually explicit material had a tendency to deprave and corrupt the reader.What the government feared was that people would enjoy reading porn so much that they would stop going to work Society would collapse, if nobody went to work Note that they weren t worried that people would stop going to work, because they were staying at home, having sex all day The concern was reading about it Of course, nowadays, it s much complicated, because people have worked out a way to go to work and read porn at the same time It s called a cell phone.Anyway, I m still confused I don t see what the big deal is If it s legal to do it, why is it illegal to read about it On Doing BlueLet s get a few things out of the way The main part of this book is 80 pages long There are 13 four to six page chapters I picked it up briefly, wanting to check something that I had read about, and in no time at all found that I had read it from beginning to end It was such a light read, I didn t even need to use two hands.In every chapter, at least once, the characters quiss, sucque or fucque each other Female qunts are frequently penetrated by male cocqs, which are also frequently sucqued by female lips, which also frequently quiss male lips, which also frequently sucque female qunts view spoiler As for the suggestion that the novel is repetitious, isn t this the nature of sexual activity Each occasion is or less the same, only slightly different, otherwise we would only do it once hide spoiler

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    The last orgy I attended was in Dundee I turned up two minutes late, improperly dressed my gimp mask hadn t been drycleaned in time , and offended the host by complimenting him on his lovely breasts, and even cracking vagina I was told to gently lube the testicles of a history teacher for the first romp clearly the host was furious with me, as the history teacher was my own father then invited over for a little frottage against the pelvis of a divorced Cher impersonator She sang Gypsies, Tramps Thieves to the slow rocking of her climax What an embarrassing night This novella is nothing like that embarrassing night, except the sex is almost as degenerate No physical descriptions of the sexers are included in the text, so the reader is free to imagine two nubile French handsomes instead of acne ridden shut ins a whole new level of perverse doing their evil deeds The writer s postscript explains the use of eggs and eyes in erotic situations, as some psychoneurotic method of dealing with seeing his blind father struggling to wet himself as a child If I saw that in my youth, no doubt this is exactly the book I would write This edition contains an extremely boring essay by Susan Sontag as long as the novella itself and a typically inscrutable one from Roland Barthes Skip those and make up your own theories of perversity with a partner

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    Read this for my dissertation As a narrative, it s somewhat messy As erotica, it s somewhat depraved.As a synthesization of Bataille s theories and worldview, it s a treasure trove.

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    This book was unabashedly, humiliatingly retarded It s the kind of book that s so famous and then you read it and wonder if someone is pulling a practical joke on you.I ve read better fanfic porn.

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    Recently I have been thinking, why would people always think about leather, whip, DS and women being tied up when they think about sexual deviancy That is so not the whole picture, and the stereotype from above is just soboring.When you open Story of the Eye, you are in for a rare, exciting and disturbing treat The story is one hell of an over the top adventure of sexual deviancy and anarchy In this story, sexual pleasure and desire comes into play in some of the most unusual ways but through reading the two young main characters one boy and one girl adventure, you might also sense freedom a fearsome, wicked, unimaginable kind of freedom The events which take place in the book are frightening as well as brilliant and humorous I love this imaginative, bold little book I truly love it.

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    Your typical teenage romance, replete with spontaneous orgasms, golden showers, bull testicles, eggs inserted into orifices that eggs are not meant to be inserted, suicide, rape, sacrilege, eroticizing eyeballs, bullfighting and murder Your body is a temple of filth and sex is slimy, you perverted reader, you.

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    And it struck me that death was the sole outcome of my erection, and if Simone and I were killed, then the universe of our unbearable personal vision was certain to be replaced by the pure stars, fully unrelated to any external gaze and realizing in a cold state, without human delays or detours, something that strikes me as the goal of my sexual licentiousness a geometric incandescence among other things, the coinciding point of life and death, being and nothingness , perfectly fulgurating There s something to be said for perusing Monsieur Bataille s notorious erotic fantasy surrounded by half naked bodies gleefully committed to a ballet of water play underneath a scorching sun on the C te d Azur coast while munching on a hard boiled egg Do try it if you can, it is extraordinarily singular as far as experiences go Anyway As can be inferred from the title, and in the knowledge one is dealing with a work of pornography, it is to be expected that a perverse obsession with a peculiarly specific piece of the human anatomy is given voice to Perhaps a random choice at first, but making a lot sense once you know some background, which I ll comment on later Illustration for rare French edition, Hans BellmerFollowing a cast of intrepid teenaged explorers of the realm of the transgressive, the reader of Histoire de l Oeil 1928 is being taken on a delirious journey of childlike abandonment dotted with a healthy amount of bizarre, seemingly haphazard imagery and libertine degeneracy, to watch it all culminate in one act of abject, supreme wickedness from which there is no coming back Specifics on what those acts constitute exactly, you can find in other reviews if so desired I see no need to detail them here, for they in themselves really aren t the point, but mere vehicles for conveying larger concepts.Indeed, staring oneself blind on them would form a quite superficial reading of the text, and does it quite the disservice to my mind I know this, because initially I was guilty of it myself Mea culpa The subtext, the philosophical underpinning someway, somehow escaped my notice, hidden as it was beneath the various, lurid descriptions of the pleasures of the flesh In the spirit of full transparency I here offer the brief thoughts that I, in a state of slight disappointment scribbled down just moments after finishing the novella While mildly amusing at times for its sheer outrageousness, this comes across as a rather pointless exercise, painfully juvenile even Not much there in terms of substance It feels of a prelude to a larger work, ending doesn t satisfy at all Of all literary genres, surely you d not be unreasonable in expecting a piece of pornography to at the very least furnish a big finish Quite embarassing, yes I suspect flying through it at such blinding speed caused me to not get it at first At least, not until after devouring the extensive supplementary material the author s afterword, two excellent essays by Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes , and reserving some time to digest it all while laying alone on my back in a placid pool at 7 am, staring in quiet rumination at a bloody red sun Only then did it dawn on me what Bataille was going for Or did it There lies merit in the attempt, or so they say, so here goes To me his novella its authorship of which only became known 5 years after Bataille s death portrays the quest for the furthering, indeed, the deepening, of human experience Any experience, with as its final goal to arrive at a whole different conception of what is human Radical freedom is what it represents, freedom from and to do anything No constrictions, no boundaries, no heed given to those pesky morals of decent society Yet Bataille is being clever about how to present this implicitly frightening concept By taking teenagers as his main protagonists, who can t fully break out of their constraining mold in an intellectual fashion just yet, but can do carnally on a purely instinctive basis, he illustrates this concept in visually striking ways, instead of bogging the narrative down with tedious philosophizing It just so happened that this genre was the appropriate one for his aim to succeed Intentionally crafting a piece of pornography to merely titillate an audience I don t believe ever was a consideration of his, or at least not the main one More interesting though, is that he doesn t even particularly condone this enterprise of wild, erotic experimentation On the contrary, it s clear he considers it to be fraught with dangers for its participants, and naturally it is also ruinous to others if pushed too far Some who do enter this perilous arena just can t handle it, go mad from it, often ending up as a suicide, a lot that tragically befalls one of the characters in the book Conventions exist for a reason, and only a precious few have the strength of will to remain in control, he seems to say Far from a puritan for obvious reasons , but an advocate of boundless anarchy he isn t at all either More of a jester perhaps, just tempting you, inviting you to join the game, but to then suddenly pull the rug out from under your feet, revealing a gaping abyss below The iconography and use of metaphor is worth commenting on here It s not just eyes that are the focus of sexually perverse obsession here, but really any globular object, such as an egg or a bull s testes, which are to be fondled, inserted in various orifices, digested The latter are of course primarily associated with reproduction, with birth, and thus sex The frequent, compulsive urinating as a way of sexual gratification is to be linked to Bataille s blind syphilitic father the story of which he relates in his afterword , who because of his excruciating condition often had to urinate in public When doing so, his milky eyes would often stare vacantly in the air above The inclusion of these acts of urination clearly was a way of metamorphosing this painful personal memory into an almost playful erotic fantasy, turning it from something embarrassing into something jubilant Birth, sex, death, the intimate relationship between them, these three core themes absolutely infuse the work Perhaps paradoxically, to Bataille eroticism, when given full dominion, can only end in death, while the threat of death simultaneously reinforces, makes ever alluring, that very same erotic impulse Sex in this book isn t sexy, but a dirty, lethal contagion Can it then still be called a work of pornography and judged on those terms As is probably abundantly clear by now, The Story of the Eye remains a puzzling mystery, probably forever unsolved Is its message, if any, one of joyous liberation or one of profound pessimism I m honestly not certain It can very well be both I do know one thing though, which is that me and Bataille are not done yet It ll be a most glorious madness for sure So thank you, Georges Now I ll never look at eggs the same way again Bravo The contagion has been passed along with inordinate succes.

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    This may be a short read a novella composed of only 103 pages of letters printed using big font Definitely a short read However, it is full packed with explicit and sickening sex scenes so this is not for readers who are squeamish when it comes to sex Also, this is not a book to titillate readers The sex scenes are so disgusting I did not feel anything that made we want to have sex Rather, the internal stirring I had while reading this came due to George Bataille s 1897 1962 deep philosophical musings and the effective use of symbols I grew up in a family where sex was not discussed in the open Ours was a devout Catholic in a way so we did not feel that our parents encouraged us to ask questions about sex We learned sex in school, media or with our peers In school, we were taught that masturbation can make us blind, it was immodest not to wear shorts inside the church, lip kissing in public was inappropriate and sex was only to be done in private and within the sanctity of marriage I remember that I was scared whenever I had to please myself as a teenage boy with raging hormones because of this passage in the Bible Matthew 5 30 saying that And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away I remember that I felt guilty after each time I did it and I always looked at my hands and could not imagine parting with them only to stop what I could not stop doing.This book has lots of disgusting sex scenes and they are desensitizing and in a way, liberating. First, Bataille showed sex as nothing different from our other usual daily activities Then the narrator and his lover Simone do the act in the presence of Simone s mother Then they do it with eggs and get stimulated with body fluids, then they do it with their friends, then they do it in the presence of their friend s corpse, then they do it at a bullfight stadium, then they do it with a Catholic priest, they just do it without care They just pleasure themselves in total abandon and without any inhibitions.For me, this is mind boggling but it sends a clear message contrary to what I grew up with, that sex should be done in private because it is shameful almost like saying that sex is dirty Here, sex is a primal need and this book seems like a broom that sweeps away the strewn around inhibitions that accumulated on the floor of my conservative childhood It does not show that sex is beautiful and a religious act Rather, it shows that sex is pleasurable as it unabashedly denounces hypocrisy That scene with the priest is the zenith of this denouncement It shocked me as I still saw it sacrilegious However, it was like the final straw that had to break the remaining bondage of wrong images that permeated my mind when it comes to the nature of sex Bataille seemed to have it as the ultimatum to strongly send his message across and he, who denounced Catholicism at the age of 20, used the Catholic religion as a sacrificial lamb At the end of the book, George Bataille s 1897 1962 explained the symbolism he used his paralyzed blind father who could not stand to go to the toilet so he had to do it while in an armchair Whenever he urinated, his pupils very frequently pointed up into space, shifting under the lids. This became the inspiration for the use of the eye in the story and the presence of urine, along with other body fluids, in many of the scenes in the story Since his father was invalid, the mother was suspected to having an affair with Bataille s doctor and thus became the inspiration for Marcelle s character Again, this is not book to everyone I thought I would give this a 5 star rating due to Bataille s strong and compelling message and adept handling of the sensitive theme However, I would not want my conservative friends to get an impression that I am peddling a pornographic book This can be pornography to others and I would not blame them if they think so It s just that I saw this before in Marquis de Sade s 100 Years of Sodom when I gave it a 1 star I didn t like it only to realize later that I made a bad judgement of that classic book by totally missing its message.I know better now.