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Victoria Is Virtually A Prisoner In Kensington Palace Her Mother And Her Mother S Chamberlain, Sir John Conroy, Are Her Guardians They Will Not Allow Her To Associate With Anyone Who Has Not Been Thoroughly And Critically Checked To Make Sure Victoria Is Not Harmed By Their Very Presence Even Her Governesses Are Under Scrutiny She Is Not Even Allowed To Be Alone Someone Must Always Be With Her Her Only Hope Is In Contemplating Her Coming Of Age, Whereupon She May Be Free And Able To Take Her Uncle King S Crown Without Her Dreaded Captors Taking Regency Her Best Friends Are Her Dear Sister Feodora, Married And Living In Germany Her Uncle Leopold, Her Cousin In Law And Uncle As Well As King Of The Belgians Lehzen, Her Faithful Governess The King And Queen, Whom She Is Rarely Allowed To See And Her Cousins Whom She Is Also Rarely Allowed To See She Has Scheming Uncles Trying To Usurp Her Right To The Throne, And Family Fighting Over Her Every Day She Comes Closer To Her Dream Of Adulthood, And Her Guardians Despair At Their Loss Of Power

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    I have to admit I ve never been very interested in Queen Victoria and the era in which she lived, much preferring the Medieval or Renaissance era when it came to English history You have to admit that after the Tudors and Stuarts, the Georgian era is rather pale in comparison, not to mention those lusty Plantagenets After watching the PBS miniseries Victoria I was curious to know about her though So of course I immediately ordered this book by Jean Plaidy since she s the cream of the crop when it comes to historical fiction Plaidy, one of my favorite authors, has written books that cover the Norman era to the Georgian and I can t say enough about her talents.This is the lst book in a 4 book series and I have really enjoyed reading about Queen Victoria s early life as the heir apparent to the throne This was a page turner for me and I couldn t wait to find out what happened next in Victoria s life.Victoria was the only child of the 3rd son of King George III When King George the IV lost his only child Charlotte, Victoria became heir apparent at a very young age.Victoria was a lonely child and spent a lot of time with her doll collection Her father, Prince Edward, married the widowed German Duchess of Leiningin This was the 2nd marriage for the Duchess who had 2 children by her first husband, Prince Charles Prince Edward of Kent died when Victoria was young so her mother would be the main influence in her life The Duchess was a difficult woman by all accounts and she guarded Victoria like a hawk Victoria was never to be left alone and shared a bedroom with her mother until she became Queen of England at the age of 18 This distressed Victoria to no end as she craved alone time with nobody guarding her.The Duchess did have a lot to fear though since the next son of George III, in line for the throne, had plotted to have Victoria killed so he would be King So the Duchess s fears and paranoia for Victoria s safety were justified Even though the Duchess was not a pleasant person at all, she had a strong maternal instinct and devoted her life to seeing Victoria crowned queen.The Comptroller for the Duchess s household, Sir John Conroy, was rud to be the Duchess s lover He was an extremely ambitious man as well and planned to continue control over Victoria once she became queen The Duchess and Sir John were hoping the elderly King William IV would croak so that they would be able to rule England as the regents for the young queen The problem was, King William detested the Duchess and vowed he wouldn t die until Victoria became of age at 18 to rule without her mother as Regent So as the years passed and Victoria entered her teens she began to resent Sir John s power over the household He brought his wife and children to live with them at Kensington Palace which made the lonely Victoria feel like a stepchild at times So life was a waiting game for all of them with Victoria yearning to turn 18 so that she would be free of Sir John and her mother while they impatiently waited for King William to die so they would be able to rule England as regents of a young queen.King William kept his vow and lived to see Victoria turn 18 She was a natural born queen with a regal air and fully confident of her abilities Victoria wastes no time telling Sir John there would be no place for him in her household while separating her household from her mother s.The young queen was lucky to have Lord Melbourne as her prime minister he patiently taught her all the ins and outs of ruling England and was a father figure for her Of course the Duchess didn t like him at all Since Victoria was unmarried, it was necessary for the Duchess to live in the same palace as Victoria s chaperone though Victoria longed to be free of her bossy and overbearing mama.The next book in the series The Queen and Lord M continues the story of young Victoria.If you are a fan of the Victoria miniseries, you should find this series entertaining and factual, as it fleshes out the story and goes deeper into the events in the life of a young Queen Victoria.

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    3.75 starsThis is the first in a series by the author focusing on Queen Victoria This one opens when Victoria is still a child, living with her mother the Duchess of Kent , older sister, and her mother s suspected lover Sir John in Kensington Palace Her mother and Sir John are very ambitious, and knowing that Victoria is next in line to the throne once the childless King no legitimate children , the Duchess is all for using her daughter to her advantage and hoping that her brother, King William, will die before Victoria turns of age 18 years , which would mean the Duchess would be Regent I ve not read anything about Queen Victoria until now, nor do I really know anything about her or the Monarchy in England before and leading up to her rule, so this was interesting Have to admit, because there were so many names people I didn t know at the start of the book, I was a bit lost initially, but it didn t take long before I was able to figure most of it out The book did get better and better as it went on, as Victoria grew older and was able to sometimes stand up to her mother I definitely want to continue the series, and hope I am able to before too much time passes, so I remember what lead up to everything to this point.

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    Since I just clicked currently reading, I obviously have no review yet But I have a question When people here post their reviews, why do they include a summary I see the reviews after I ve read the book, and I m curious what other people thought, but I don t need to be told the plot.Also, when we select the date when we finished reading a book, why doesn t it default to TODAY

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    If you want a captivating insight into the history of the monarchy, you must read the books by Jean Plaidy I can guarantee that once you start one of her books, you ll not put it down In this novel, the first of three for this monarch, she gives us an insight into the childhood of Queen Victoria The plottings, conniving, match making that went on in the Royal Palaces beggars belief Plaidy being each individual to life in a very effective way, so right from the start I wanted to boo every time the Duke of Cumberland entered the scene, and as for John Conway and the Duchess of Kent they drove me nuts I love the portrait Plaidy gives of Victoria as being such a saintly person right from the episode of the doll in the shop up until the end of the book when she reaches her eighteenth birthday So, to sum up, if you want to brush up on your knowledge of Queen Victoria, you MUST read this book I m off to start the sequel now

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    Not bad, but sometimes reads a bit like a history book than a novel I didn t mind that, and I believe the details were captured pretty accurately It didn t give Victoria much of a personality Still, as a dabbler in British history, I found it interesting enough

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    I have bought the Queen Victoria Series after being very impressed with other books from Jean Plaidy.Like most historical fiction, it takes a few chapters to really understand and get to know the characters especially the not so frequent but once settled into the book I did continue to read and read and read.Jean Plaidy sets the scenes brilliantly and you can see everything in your minds eye, the details within the story really entice you to read .Some characteristics of the characters were dragged out and repeated yes, the king hates the duchess, and yes they defy eachother and yes the duchess does not like the king and yes Queen Adelaide gets uncomfortable with family fueds sigh Even though the centre of the arguments are from different fueds the whining from each character seems to go on and on and it does feel as though it is constantly repeated.the Character of Victoria is quite pleasant, starting from an innocent child, ever trusting to a teenage craving for independance and counting down the days to freedom, defying those who control her to being of ages and being a strong minded woman the author really does allow you to understand the reasons behind Victorias opinions and how she grows Although some childlike qualities of Victorias character wasn t exactly pleasing Anyway i am looking forward to the next book I should be starting it very soon

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    Finally checked out the first novel in Jean Plaidy s Queen Victoria book series and loved it D It covers her childhood from the age of 8 till she was 18 and became Queen I love the current TV series Victoria and wanted to read about her and so glad I got recommended this series It felt like a prequel to the show and included many people in Victoria s life and learned so much Can t wait to start book 2 next D

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    follow the childhood years of victoria who is virtually held a prisoner in kensington palace by the mother, the duchess of kent, who is determined to be regent if victoria becomes queen before the age of 18 she is ably abetted by her friend lord conroy, who also has aspirations of his own add this mix the earl of cumberland who would become king if anything happened to victoria failing that, his son could marry victoriawilliam the present king has succeeded the mad king george and he loves victoria but is at constant loggerheads with her mother who is getting ideas way above her station he is determined to live long enough to see victoria take the throne add to this prince albert a wonderfully written novel the author s use of prose and insight knowledge make u feel u r living the story as the characters come to life in front of your eyes from the pages bev

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    Isolated in Kensington Palace with her overbearing mother and her mother s chamberlain Sir John Conroy controlling her every step and every minute of her day, young Princess Victoria grows up closely watched and not allowed to associate with anyone her guardians don t approve of which is pretty much everyone apart from her governess, her German relatives and Conroy s children Never allowed to be alone, she eagerly anticipates the day when she comes of age and can escape from her mother s scrutiny and Conroy s scheming to keep her under his thumb once she inherits the crown.The first part of a quartet on the long life and reign of Queen Victoria, the book covers Victoria s childhood until the day she becomes Queen As usual with Plaidy s books, she doesn t only focus on her protagonist but provides a wider frame including viewpoints of numerous other characters and the settings are detailed and well researched A good beginning for the series looking forward to the next part.

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    This novel was written in a similar manner to the other Jean Plaidy novel I read There are multiple points of view going on, even in the same chapter Once you get used to it you barely notice.I had read only biographies on Queen Victoria in the past, so this is the first novel about Victoria I ve read I was very impressed at the level of research about Victoria that was included, though much of it I think already widely known The great thing, I think, about writing Victoria is that we have things like her journal to use as a primary source It really gives it an air of authenticity, despite it being fiction.I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to reading the next in the series.