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On The Morning Of Th June , An Eighteen Year Old Girl Is Called From Her Bed To Be Told That She Is Queen Of England The Victorian Age Has BegunThe Young Queen S First Few Years Are Beset With Court Scandal And Malicious Gossip There Is The Unsavoury Flora Hastings Affair, A Source Of Extreme Embarrassment To The Queen The Eternal Conflict Between Victoria And Her Mother, And The Young Queen S Hatred Of Sir John Conroy, Her Mother S Close FriendThen There Is The Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne Lord M Worldly Cynic And Constant Companion To The Queen, Himself A Veteran Of Many A Latter Day Scandal He Proves To Be Her Guiding Light Until The Dashing Prince Albert Appears And She Falls Hopelessly In Love This book does a great job at showing how young and unprepared Queen Victoria was when she ascended to the throne at the age of 18 Being sheltered her whole life in addition to her frank emotions and unwavering loyalty allowed her to be inadvertently put into scandal within a year of her coronation There is no true villain here, unless you count That Man , and who couldn t Several times I found myself going, You silly girl The people won t like that I m very excited to read the next part in the series, which deal with her beloved Prince Consort. I found this pretty dull It was OK toward the beginning, but by the end, I was ready to be done with it In fact, I skipped over about 100 pages to get to the last three chapters. This sequel of The Captive of Kensington Palace depicts the life of the newly titled Queen Victoria from her accession until her marriage with Prince Albert Similarly to its predecessor, this book was very very hard to put down Plaidy describes the highs of Victoria s early reign, under the guidance of Prime Minister Lord Melbourne and the lows which resulted from several scandals within the Palace and Parliament, and Victoria s frustration with the new Constitutional Monarchy.I personally love Plaidy s style of writing and factual storytelling and would highly recommend this book There s never a dull moment in Buckingham Palace Loved the 2nd book in Jean Plaidy s Queen Victoria series D Besides Victoria, Lord Melbourne is one of my favorite characters in the Victoria TV show and was excited to read Jean s version of the first 5 episodes of season one and those 3 years Victoria and Lord M were so close They really were in love but knew they couldn t be together So well done and I enjoyed learning about Lord M s backstory and how this book was historically accurate than the TV series Very excited to read the 3rd book about what happens with Victoria s marriage to Prince Albert and how she wrote Lord M s final years. The second in the series following on from The Captive of Kensington It s quite an old book now, but stands up well against Philippa Gregory and other historical fiction It starts where The Captive of Kensington left of with Victoria s ascension to the throne up until her marriage to Albert It s an easy read, obviously simplified as there are not that many characters to get to grips with, but enjoyable and a decent insight into the early years of Queen Victoria s reign and some of the major political events of those years, as well as her close friendship with her first Prime Minister Lord Melbourne Lord M There are two in the series, The Queen s Husband and the widow of Windsor Will probably get around at them at some point The Queen and Lord MJean Plaidy is a wonderful author and I totally enjoyed reading the last two of her books in the series of Queen Victoria s life and reign I couldn t out this book down until I finished it. Love pbs show Wanted to spend time in story Jean plaidy, aka Victoria holt, writes really good historical novels This book is no exception Have the next two novels in series Will space them out Lord M s eyes are always tear filled in this book, it gets to be a bit much Other than that strangeness, this is a pretty good novelization of the first few years of Queen Victoria s reign, and pretty historically accurate as far as I know. Sooooo boring Melbourne was such a crybaby and Victoria had no personality whatsoever.What a disappointment.