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From The Time They Were In Their Cradles, Victoria And Albert Were Destined For Each Other However, The Passive Albert Is Well Aware That Marriage To A Quick Tempered, Demonstrative Young Woman Like Victoria Could Result In Unnecessary Scenes And Stormy Court FeudsAnd He Is Right The Young Queen, As Well Has Having To Endure Her Constant Pregnancies, Is In Perpetual Revolt Against Any Encroachment On Her Position And Albert Is Doing Just ThatDespite Attempts On Her Life And Crises Like The Crimean War And The Indian Mutiny, Her Family Albert And Their Nine Children Is Her Prime Concern The Victorian Age Is Truly Under Way But The Real Power Behind The Throne Was The Queen S Husband

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    The third book in Jean Plaidy s 4 book series about Queen Victoria.This informative and interesting book covered the romance and marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, a German prince Prince Albert had integrity and character and served England in any way his wife would allow which sometimes wasn t very much.The Prince was also intellectually inclined and much intelligent than his wife He wanted to invite the current authors and artists to Court but Victoria wouldn t allow it since she feared she would look dumb in comparison Albert did all he could to keep the queen happy, since she was capable of tantrums at times They were rud to fight often and loudly They were also reputed to have had a very passionate marriage So passionate that Victoria had 9 children Since Queen Victoria was so tiny and petite with Albert being much larger I m surprised she had no difficulty with childbearing The kingdom was in good hands with the Prince when Victoria was on maternity leave though Victoria, by all accounts, was a kind and loving mother unless her children happened to disappoint her which would bring on tantrums , so they were generally well behaved, except for Prince Edward, the future King of England And that s another subject altogether Victoria always put her kingdom first and took her duties seriously Prince Albert died at the age of 39 of typhoid fever, although some said he worked himself to death He wanted the best for England although the English didn t particularly like the German prince Which is a shame since Albert never spared himself in his duties and practically ran the country when Victoria was having babies.The Queen was distraught at his death Her older daughters would bring Victoria s youngest daughter, Beatrice, to hold when she became particularly despondent Her 3 year old daughter was such a great comfort Too bad there weren t anti depressants back then because if anybody needed them it was the Queen after Albert s death She would only wear black until her death several decades later and tended toward being a recluse She ruled from 1837 to 1901 and is the longest ruler in English history.

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    The story through life events of Queen Victoria from her marriage to Prince Albert till his death There is a good insight into the the relationship between the Queen and her husband and especially of their love and devotion towards each other And it is also interesting to note that while Queen Victoria wielded power over an empire who the real power was behind close doors However, informative as it was, there was no story to read but only a biographic account of the life of one of the most prominent royal couples of yesteryear.

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    I ve always been a fan of Jean Plaidy She has a way of bringing history to life without the unnecessary sexually explicit scenes Phillips Geregory seems to use so much.Someone leant this to me because I d just started watching series 1 of Victoria which is fab by the way As a result, the Victorian era is quickly becoming one of my favourite historical eras, along with the Tudors.This book demonstrates the wide range of fascinating personalities who played vital roles in a time when Britain was changing quickly Victoria, Albert, Melbourne, Peel, Duchess of Kent, Baroness Lehzen They aren t just names, they were people like us I wish people realised how interesting parts of history can be Victoria Albert s marriage was quite something Arranged early on yet became a love match with two people devoted to each other I wasn t sure about Plaidy s suggestion that Albert only married out of ambition.The couple certainly faced a lot changing prime ministers, 9 children including the troubled man who would become the next king , assassination attempts, Crimea eat so on.Surely the strength of their marriage played an important part in the growth of the power of Britain.This book shows why Victoria was so devasted when Albert died a shadow which hangs over the book It certainly was a tragedy she would face many years alone afterwards.But that s another storyThis part of her story is a good one in a compelling time of British history.

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    I loved this book so much, it was so interesting to see Albert s life before he married Victoria and how he dealt with her tantrum s and things and how he changed her.

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    I was really glad to have unearthed Jean Plaidy in the historical fiction shelves I had really had enough of the overrated Tudors and Philippa Gregory has not wrote anything about the Victorian Era just yet.The book painted a colorful love and life story of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria People always say that Behind every success and failure of a man lies a woman I never thought that this also goes the other way around The first years of Victoria s reign, though very trying, would not be successful without the wisdom and guidance of Albert.Apart from the couple s love story, the book also spoke of the political and power struggles that the Victorian regime faced Truly a book that both hopeless romantics and political scientists such as myself can enjoy.I may note a few historical inaccuracies is William VII the Bertie that stammered Wasn t it George VI but I am not really a scholar in the matter so I will keep most of these complains to myself.4.5 stars

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    Besides being historical fiction, which is a genre that aI like to read, I picked up the book because of author, who was one that my grandmother used to read It is an interesting read, though not gripping, and is easy to pick up after leaving it for a while While it is fiction, the narrative is so biographical of the lives and reign of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert that it borders on being narrative non fiction It is also a good introduction to the history of the period for readers who are not very familiar with world history Queen Victoria s love for Albert is all consuming to the point that the repetitions about her love and devotion in the narrative become somewhat tedious, though it does show why the Queen wore black after Prince Albert s death.I can see why other readers believe that Albert only married Victoria for her money and position, as Plaidy does seem to imply this, but an equally possible interpretation is that he came over time to love the Queen though certainly not as much as he did the eldest daughter, Vicky.

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    Loved the third book in Jean Plaidy s Queen Victoria series The Queen s Husband D Being a fan of the tv show Victoria it s great to read these as I m finding out even about her and the people in her life, while this also being historically accurate This one focused on her marriage to Prince Albert and included of his backstory Changed my thinking a bit on him as well as their song Bertie King Edward VII Loved all the scenes we still got too with Victoria and Lord Melbourne as it was than the show even had Also had things that ll probably happen if the show gets a 3rd season So sad with all the deaths though but also loved they included so many of the people from the show and that haven t been in the show Looking forward to reading the final book in the series soon about the rest of her life as a widow.

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    This was the first book on Albert and Victoria I read and in hard cover no less For nostalgia reasons alone as I don t remember the writing or plot exactly but it generally follows common beats of Victoria s marriage which are now on film as well I rate this a 4 stars I still love this book for reminding me of my tween years Plus the cover I had that book.

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    I have just downloaded the next bookI began with the Princess of Celle as I had never read about the Georgians I enjoyed them so much i have continued to read through to Victoria Brilliant way to learn history Plaidy was a wonderful writer you feel you are there.

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    The Queens HusbandThanks again to Jean Plaidy you done it again fantastic book, can t wait to read the last in the series