Prime Procrasdemon - The Artists Guide to Liberation From Procrastination By Neeraj Agnihotri –

He Lives In Your Home He Sleeps In Your Blanket He Takes A Good Stretch On Your Sofa After You Have Taken Your Afternoon Nap In Fact, He S Standing Beside You And Reading This Description Still, He Is NOT YOUR FRIENDIn Fact, He Is The BIGGEST ENEMY YOU HAVEThis Book Is A Non Fiction Reality Of A Bloodcurdling, Time Wasting Demon That Every Procrastinator Carries Being A Worshiper Of Short Term Pleasures And Delaying Tasks, He Is Trying His Best To Make You His Slave This Guide Talks About How A Procrasdemon Thinks And Works His Way Out To Lure You Into Things That Give You Instant Gratification, Thus Getting The Power To Ruin Your Entire Life Well, There Is One Way To Fight It Get Yourself Ready As It Is Going To Be A Hell Long Of A Journey And Yes, Don T Forget This Exorcism Book

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    When I first looked at the cover I got all excited As I have never seen a self help book with a scary cover Even though I thought that the book should have been bigger, it still talks about sever reasons that I have used to procrastinate while working And yes, not to forget, that the idea of Procrasdemon is scary, but it does the job of explaining it well.1 It talks about how even the smallest tasks like researching can become a form of procrastination 2 How you have to keep your Procrasdemon is a leash else it s always ready to choose things that are related to instant gratification.3 I get alerted whenever I am procrastinating, as I always see my Procrasdemon standing beside me.Overall, it was really worth reading It s fun and gives the required message Definitely recommended if you are prone to procrastination.

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    Neeraj does a good job explaining how to identify behaviours that make us procrastinate I am too excited to use this in my real life, as I am the pro in procrastination I would recommend this book to everyone, even those who do not think they suffer from procrastination as this book says, we all are filthy procrastinators.

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    I liked this one.