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I loved every second of it And despite having read the book a few years ago, I did not remember who the killer was Only when a certain situation occurred, it came back to me I have to say its probably the same page when I figured out the killer the first time too Which is far into the last third That s pretty late for me Therefore it gets five stars because I couldn t figure it our too early DI love Beckett s scientific explanations They are sometimes gross but that s the job I m fascinated with this work and I even considered becoming an anthropologist when I was younger Well, that has changed but I can still be some kind of one if I accompany David Hunter to his work I cannot wait to read the other books Okay Simon Beckett, you win I just adored this book The setting, the characters all brought it to a grand conclusion Will readfrom this author. Three Years Ago, David Hunter Moved To Rural Norfolk To Escape His Life In London, His Gritty Work In Forensics, And A Tragedy That Nearly Destroyed Him Working As A Simple Country Doctor, Seeing His Lost Wife And Daughter Only In His Dreams, David Struggles To Remain Uninvolved When The Corpse Of A Woman Is Found In The Woods, A Macabre Sign From Her Killer Decorating Her Body In One Horrifying Instant, The Quiet Summer Countryside That Had Been David S Refuge Has Turned Malevolent And Suddenly There Is No Place To HideThe Village Of Manham Is Tight Knit, Far From The Beaten Path As A Newcomer, Dr Hunter Is Immediately A Suspect Once An Expert In Analyzing Human Remains, He Reluctantly Joins The Police Investigation And When Another Woman Disappears, It Soon Becomes Personal Because This Time She Is Someone David Knows, Someone Who Has Managed To Penetrate The Icy Barrier Around His Heart With A Killer S Bizarre And Twisted Methods Screaming Out To Him, With A Brooding Countryside Beset With Suspicion, David Can Feel The Darkness Gathering Around Him For As The Clock Ticks Down On A Young Woman S Life, David Must Follow A Macabre Trail Of Clues All The Way To Its Final, Horrifying Conclusion Given the unadulterated dreck that s so often foisted on fans of thriller detective murder mysteries especially in the case of POD and self published novels whose authors often have barely enough talent to write a check The Chemistry of Death has one very important thing going for it Beckett actually understands how to craft a decent English sentence Unfortunately, two faults bog it down and keep it from being a star in the genre First, no one has ever taught Beckett to murder his darlings, and no editor, whose job it would have been to have done so, evidently stepped in to fill the gap That means that overwritten and purple passages crop up when you least expect them and are evenjarring because the rest of the writing is so clean He s already got his hero copying Scarpetta s least proud moments with comments about how his job is to make the dead tell their stories Been there, slept through it There s also the heavy handed heavy like a teaspoonful of Pluto s soil weighs a squllion tons on earth heavy device of the protagonist s dreams, which are trite and soap operaish and could have been cut without the slightest damage to the novel Basically, dreams are a cheap, amateurish trick for revealing motivation or character they can only mean one thing exactly what the author tells you they mean and, as such, they re a cheat If you want me to know something about the character, show it to me don t make me sit through scenes in which the protagonist wakes up in a cold sweat trying to remember what s real and what s a dream and barf In addition, The Chemistry of Death contains way way too many moments that remind one of another century s penny dreadfuls the following are my inventions If I had only known what lay waiting for me in the garden, I would never have agreed to water Postman Abercrombie s prize winning squash while he was away on holiday As I watched the embers dying in the hearth, I could not have predicted that the next twenty four hours would change the course of my life forever That sort of thing Ick There s foreshadowing and then there s beating the reader over the head with the inkstand Second, the reveal of this serial killer mystery is such a hack job that it rather spoils what had been a great story up until then It s literally one of those denouements in which, just as the hero finally confronts the killer in a life or death moment, the two of them stop and chat for 15 pages while the bad guy tediously explains why he did what he did and what everything meant and how he kept his crimes hidden and blah blah blah, revealing in this case a psychological motivation so superficial that you can feel Beckett grasping at straws to find an explanation that s halfway credible And not quite getting there That s a major problem Beckett s the writer, he gets to choose which character to turn into a killer, and it s his job to make the reader believe it Obviously, in every similar novel there s necessarily a moment in which the writer tells the reader whodunit, but Beckett wrote this ending with a rake It s a shame, too, because the pacing of the book, which is rather leisurely at times, is betrayed by this paint by numbers ending All in all, a good effort and an enjoyable read with several irritating flaws. Rating 4.5 starsThis book grabbed me from the first page and never released its hold Full of suspense, forensics and macabre rituals, it kept me guessing right till the end I actually gasped at the reveal It s gory in places, shocking too, but it s also warm if that s not too bizarre , intelligent and user friendly a thriller that makes you think and feel, rather than a straight forward chilling frenzy.This is the first in a series, and I hope the next book Written in Bone is as compelling as this one. Genauso spannend wie beim ersten Lesen David Hunter ist ein wirklich sympathischer, etwas kanitiger und angeschlagener Rechtsmediziener, der in diesem Beruf eigentlich nicht mehr arbeiten wollte Jedoch treibt in dem Kleinst dtchen Devonshire ein Serienkiller sein Unwissen und er wird unweigerlich in die Ermittlungen hinein gezogen Wahnsinnig spannend geschrieben, mit vielen mehrschichtigen Charakteren und einem wirklich ungeheuerlichen Ende den zweiten Band kenne ich noch nicht und ich bin schon mega gespannt auf Davids neue Ermittlungen Three years ago Dr David Hunter left London leaving behind the city, his job as a forensic pathologist, and the tragedy of losing his wife and daughter in a fatal car accident Now he works alongside his partner Dr Henry Maitland as a local GP in the rural village of Manham, Norfolk, his life is simple and quiet Then on a scorchingly hot summer in July 11 year old Niel and his younger brother Sam, age 8, were headed to the local pond to for some relief from the searing sun and heat when they came across a dead body in the woods David is called out to visit the Yates home shortly after as the boys, Sam in particular is badly shaken by the discovery Local chief inspector Mackenzie asks David for help in determing time of death David puts him off, wanting nothing to do with the case but Mackenzie wasn t done trying to persuade David into helpingYou won t change your mind I ve told you as much as I can You could tell usif you wanted to Feeling angry by the way he was trying to manipulate me I told him I d done what he had asked Detective Mackenzie seemed to be weighing something up as he squinted into the sun The Situation s changed He said reaching a decision Somebody else has gone missing You might know her With that he turned and walked away his shadow chasing him across the grass like a black dog at his heels With that, David finds he has no choice to help, finding himself caught up in the investigation alongside Mackenzie hoping his past forensic knowledge can prevent the loss of another innocent life But getting involved in the case also catches him between the police and the villagers as even after three years, Dr David Hunter is still considered an outsider which makes him a suspect in the murder in the eyes of the village locals The case takes on a nightmarish quality when they discover that the killer is leaving gruesome and macabre clues surrounding the murder and the missing woman and Chief Mackenzie and Dr David Hunter are in a race against time to put the pieces together before the killer completes his next shocking murder The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett is a chilling and edgy thriller with true crime forensic pathology at it s best I loved all the detailed characters and the descriptive writing leaves nothing to the imagination There s no time for a breather as the pages fly by at a frienzed pace If time had permitted I would have read this in one sitting This is the first of the David Hunter series and it came out of the gate at a full gallop I can t wait to read the next book in this exciting series, Written in Bone If you like the Body Farm series by Jefferson Bass you ll definitely love this series Highly recommended This is another of my vacation reads that I am finally getting around to reviewing Saved by a big Finish 2 Stars It has taken me a while to get around to reviewing this one The main reason is that I have been trying to think of something interesting to say about my experience Problem is, there is not much interesting content to discuss The Plot In this story we have David Hunter, a forensic anthropologist who tries to escape a painful past by taking the position of a small town family doctor He is assisting with the practice of the town s long time resident doctor, who is struggling with his practice after becoming wheelchair bound after an accident David s retreat in the countryside is successful for a few year until a dead and bloated body is found in the woods David s is forced to fight the demons of his past as he is reluctantly thrust back into a trade he has all but abandoned The Bad Can we Start this AgainFlat This is the word that best describes the characters The MC was depressed and hiding and it felt like he was dragging himself around and the story down with him The secondary characters were underdeveloped.Contrived The word that best describes the plot The manner in which the MC was dragged back into forensic anthropology was poorly executed Here we have one of the best and few forensic anthropologist in the UK who happens to keep this as a secret while moving to a small town where bodies start to pile up Additionally, the ending, although quite exciting caused me to role my eyes The author didn t build the story to the eventual ending and dropped a bunch of Betcha you didn t see that coming surprises on the reader Even though I felt a bit cheated at the end The Good At Least We Will Always Have the Ending Yes, the ending did piss me off a bit Once I got over my frustration, it turned out the ending was the best written and most interesting part of the book Sure, there was forensics but it felt as if it was written by someone who read about it not someone who has used it in practice The ending has some excellent confrontations, chases and poor decisions It made a disappointing read a bearable read.I do not intend to read any of the series The was very little in the book that I found to be redeeming and I simply do not care about the characters and do not care what will happen to them Enjoyed the ending but almost quit a few times before I got there Review after vaca. Today I found my limit Please don t laugh DNF because of maggotsI really wanted to add a maggot gif, but then I thought googling that shit Fuck no Cats are safer See, I have a problem with maggots and every fucking thing hovering around a dead body I won t jump crying if I see one, but plural I can t deal with this shit Flies, larvae, chrysalis Welcome to my nightmare No matter how good and compelling the writing is.No matter how daunting and oppressive the atmosphere is None of these exceptional qualities matter Because maggots and flies I Can t Deal With These Descriptions The larvae here are mainly blowfly Bluebottles and greenbottles With the open wounds on the body we can expect insects to have been attracted straight away They ll have started laying eggs within an hour if it was daylight I poked about in the soil and picked up an unmoving maggot I held it out on my palm This is about to pupate The older they are the darker they get By the look of this I d say it was seven or eight days old I can t see any husk fragments lying about, which mean no pupae have hatched yet Apparently I m okay in love, I d say with serial killers and other dark shit but there s where I draw the line Now, if you don t mind that kind of descriptions, I m sure you ll find an incredible book here Just not for me Undoubtedly Forof my reviews, please visit This book kept me guessing until the very end, it was simply amazing I instantly fell in love with the main character, he was charismatic and realistic the whole way through.All the side characters were lovable in their own ways, too Every one of them had a purpose and added to the story.The writing style was extremely easy and relaxing to read.It was very suspenseful without being over the top.One of my new favorites and a definite recommendation