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My boyfriend and I purchased this book from the local Borders that was going out of business I found it very enjoyable to read and well worth my time My favorites were Faery Tales by Wendy Froud, A Delicate Architecture by Catherynne M Valente, and The Cinderella Game by Kelly Link Faery Tales is a poem about what happened to the young women who find their heart s desire at the end of the fairy tale What do they become Perhaps in the end they become those dark characters the stepmothers, the witches, and the enchantresses for the next generation of young questing women, choosing in their wisdom to be cruel or kind, benign or malevolent as they see fit A very original concept.I love A Delicate Architecture because it retells my second favorite fairytale, Hansel and Gretel This story is about the witch, and told by the author of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland, which I had neither read nor heard of at the time The writing is very lyrical and detailed, about how the witch in the classic tale was actually a girl named Constanze created out of candy by her father, a confectioner It is a heart wrenching tale of how she is abandoned by her father in exchange for the love of the empress, whom Constanze was created in the image of Constanze is then hung up in the castle kitchen as a mere object, to provide flavors for the royal s food from her own body parts, which are made of sweets As she grows old, she finally escapes the kitchen to make a cottage in the forest andwe know the rest The Cinderella Game is about a boy named Peter and his little step sister named Darcy They are home alone and Darcy pays Peter her birthday money so that he will play a game with her It s where Peter pretends to be an evil Cinderella as they play hide and seek in the house However, the game goes horribly wrong I loved that the story is open to interpretation and has very realistic child voices in it Overall, this book is a great read for anyone who loves fairy tales and re tellings, and the stories I mentioned in this review are reason enough to check this out. I have a weakness for retold fairy tales and for short stories, so this collection of fairy tales told from the villains point of view was a must read for me Also, Datlow and Windling consistently helm the best anthologies out there, for kids and adults, and I read every one I can get my hands on This collection has 15 stories by well known fantasy authors for children and adults, almost all of which I ve read at least something earlier, whether it be a short story or two or a novel or two, and it makes for quite the collection Like all anthologies, there are a few weak stories, or maybe I should say a few stories I didn t enjoy as much as the others, and a few stories that really stood out.For me, the stand outs are almost always the dark stories, for I am a twisted soul, and they leaveof an impact on me My other stand out story type is superbly done comedies For example, in Deborah Noye s collection Gothic Ten Original Dark Tales, my two favorite stories are MT Anderson s marvelously disturbing Watch and Wake and Neil Gaiman s hilarious parody of gothic conventions, Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desire So, of course, my favorite stories from this collection are Holly Black s The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Kelly Link s The Cinderella Game , both very dark, creepy stories with endings that play with the happily ever after convention In the Boy Who Cried Wolf , the narrator learns about a mysterious flower that turns those who sniff its scent into wolves who then devour whoever is closest, and he has to make some tough choices when he and his family land their boat on an island that appears to be covered with the flowers In The Cinderella Game , Peter babysits his new, somewhat disturbed, step sister he appears somewhat disturbed as well and things get weird when he agrees to play a game of Cinderella, in which the lines between the good Cinderella and the evil step sister are blurred.There are a lot of other great stories, including Peter Beagle s funny Up the Down Beanstalk , which retells Jack in the Beanstalk from the point of view of the giant s wife I love how matter of fact she is about their diet , Midori Snyder s rather haunting retelling of Molly Whuppie , called Molly , and Delia Sherman s Wizard s Apprentice , which follows a much abused boy on his path to becoming the apprentice to an Evil Wizard who turns out not to be so evil after all Overall, this is another excellent anthology for Datlow and Windling. Everyone Thinks They Know The Real Story Behind The Villains In Fairy Tales Evil, No Two Ways About It But The Villains Themselves Beg To Differ In Ellen Datlow And Terri Windling S New Anthology For Younger Readers, You Ll Hear From The Giant S Wife Jack And The Beanstalk , Rumplestiltskin, The Oldest Of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, And Many A Stellar Lineup Of Authors, Including Garth Nix, Holly Black, Neil Gaiman And Nancy Farmer, Makes Sure That These Old Stories Do New Tricks So I picked a thin book I could bang out in a few hours so I could hit my reading challenge.This is a collection of 16 short stories or poems I was really excited to see Neil Gaiman as an author and sadly his piece is a very simple 3 page poem Holly Black also has a short story included and I don t feel it measure up to her other works.There are some fun stories in there Gabriel Nix has a bratty Rapunzel who locks herself in the tower as an unwelcome guest that the witch has to care for There is a story of 12 dancing princes, one of an evil wizard, trolls, etc some are really good, but short and under developed what can you expect from a 12 page story Anyway that completes my 2017 challenge Not really the book I wanted to end on, but one I knew I could get through in my limited remaining time. There are times when I think the marketing and product descriptions of books do them a disservice Troll s Eye View A Book of Villainous Tales, is a perfect example The Booklist review lists the intended audience as grades 5 8 However, editors Datlow and Windling are best known for their yearly anthologies of science fiction and horror for adults I m not saying that the book is inappropriate for younger readers anything but As we know, though, children have a pretty high tolerance for the sinister just see the popularity of Neil Gaiman s Coraline and The Graveyard Book This book will appeal to anyone and everyone I argue that it should be put in both the children s AND adult sections at the bookstore and library There are definitely enough dark themes and balancing humorous incidents to make any child or adult shiver and scream with laughter The credit goes to the editors for rounding up such a stellar list of contributors and to the ber talented authors included in the line up The author list is what drew me to the book initially I d heard no buzz, but any text that unites my favorites Neil Gaiman Garth Nix Delia Sherman Kelly Link Jane Yolen Too many others to name can t be bad And it was the complete opposite of bad It was so awesome I m still buzzing a little bit So go, find it, read it to your child ren , read it for yourself, buy it for friends It has a gorgeous and creepy cover, and there are gorgeous and creepy stories inside to match.My favorite bit Ellen Kushner dedicated her story, The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses tale to all oldest children everywhere, who are responsible whether they want to be or not As an oldest child in a large family, I can definitely appreciate that Complete list of contributors Peter S Beagle, Holly Black, Michael Cadnum, Nancy Farmer, Wendy Froud, Neil Gaiman, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Ellen Kushner, Kelly Link, Garth Nix, Delia Sherman, Midori Snyder, Joseph Stanton, Catherynne M Valente, and Jane Yolen.Datlow and Windling also have a couple of other anthologies for young readers A Wolf at the Door and Swan Sister I read Swan Sister last year and wasn t nearly as enchanted by it, though that s perhaps due to the fact that the Troll s Eye stories are unbeatably and wondrously dark, original and humorous Villains have so much natural potential I ve been slightly p.oed even since Datlow and Windling stopped editiing thier adult collections and focused on YA collections Now, I understand YA is hot though most of it seems slightly silly , but still Anyway, with this collection I think I understand why they did it or perhaps I figured out a plus side to this.This collection has stories told from the villian s point of view Most of the stories are very good in particular Peter S Beagle s story stands out as does the ending of Ellen Kushner s.The stories, here, however, in particular, those stories at the end, are far darker then the stories in the earlier YA collections They are closer to adult They are closer, in many ways, to some of the original tales before Cinderella got singing rodents.I like this I really do Like Pratchett, Datlow and Windling seem to want to get children to think and this collection crosses the bounds between adult and YA quite well Because of the theme, the stories also get readers to question the whys of things, like why does the black guy always die first in Hollywood Why is blonde better Why princes Why so much female nudity Okay, not that last one, but you get the point Enjoyable read. Fairy tales were my first love when I was a child My mother introduced me to the joys of stories with The Golden Book of Fairy Tales long before I learned how to read My early reading included the first three volumes of The Junior Classics and Andrew Lang s colorful fairy tale books When Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling started editing anthologies of new takes on the old tales for adults with Snow White, Blood Red, I was delighted And when Datlow and Windling started editing a series of original fiction for young adults based on fairy tales, I couldn t resist Read More Quick read with some lovely stories inside the opening story Wizards apprentice by Delta Sherman was really good, as well as the fun and twisted Girl in the tower rapunzel by Gareth nix I d read holly Black s great take on The boy who cried wolf but the ones that blowned me away was A delicate architecture by Catheryne m valente I wondered so what story until the last page and I understood The story Rags and Ritches by Nina Kiriki Hoffman was great and such a great story. Familiar tales are viewed through fresh eyes when well known storybook villains step up and relate their versions of classic stories.Sorry to say, most of these are pretty forgettable Even looking back over the titles listed in the table of contents, I m having trouble remembering what they re aboutand I just read them a few days ago I do remember feeling rather cheated as many of the villains I was rooting for did not come out on top.The big standouts for me were Jane Yolen s Troll, a story told by the son of a famous bridge guarding troll, and Peter S Beagle s Up the Down Beanstalk A Wife Remembers This one is particularly hilarious if you imagine it being narrated by a member of Monty Python in drag. Troll s Eye View is a book of short stories and poems edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling who ve worked together previously in collecting other anthologies The collection of creepy and sympathy garnering stories hosts stories for some of fairytales most famous villains, from the Big Bad Wolf to Rumpelstiltskin The book includes works from the following authors Delia Sherman, Garth Nix, Wendy Froud, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Peter S Beagle, Ellen Kushner, Joseph Stanton, Holly Black, Jane Yolen, Nancy Farmer, Michael Cadnum, Catherynne M Valente, Midori Snyder, Neil Gaiman, and Kelly Link Some of these entries took kinder views of the traditional villains, instead pointing a finger at the traditional hero and asking the question What if they weren t perfect Others tell the story from the villains perspective and keep those bad qualities in the story, but also give the villain a voice In Valente s A Delicate Architecture, the witch from Hansel and Gretel is given a history while events still bring her to the beginning of HG s nightmare The question you re left with is how do you feel about the witch now Bluebeard is given a retelling, as is the servant from The Goose Girl, and even the Giant s wife in Jack and the Beanstalk The very first entry in the book really sets up the collection and the difficult thing here for me is to find a way to tell you about it without spoiling you There is certainly an Evil Wizard in the story, but what makes him Evil Who is truly Evil And how do we determine it How does the story differ when told from the villain s bias The whole collection was very fun to read and as someone who likes reading about stories from the villains perspective, it hit that sweet spot of we still do questionable things, but how much do you truly dislike us A couple warnings within the stories there are forms of abuse, gore, violence, body horror, and neglect, as there tend to be within fairy tales.