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Back in 2010, my family and I were camping in my favorite province, Nova Scotia We stopped at this little thrift shop My sister and I went into this back room, and on the shelves, was something we never expected to see, something horrible, something terrifying, devastating, evil over fifty porcelain clown dolls were on the shelves, staring back at us You know those clown dolls that no matter where you are in the room, it always seems like they re looking right at you Yup, there they are We quickly left, and never forgot it It was especially scary because two weeks ago I had watched Stephen King s It for the first time, with the killer clown Stephen King s It, eat your heart out This book doesn t just have one evil clown, it s got three.This book wasn t the greatest I thought it got too weird to the point where it was just annoying and didn t make any sense There were several grammatical errors throughout But this book has its moments it does get eerie and creepy in a way reminiscent of a 70 s B movie so it was kind of fun. I don t know if I ve ever read such an original story chock full of so much weirdness, violence, and humor Yes, humor The Pilo Family Circus was written by a 19 year old law school dropout from Australia who was diagnosed with schizophrenia Will Elliott wrote the rough draft in three months, sometimes in sporadic bursts and sometimes in a single sitting resulting in ten thousand words Pilo was written in times of sleep deprivation, using cabin fever as inspiration, and while he was coming down off anti psychotic medication This book is amazing.One late night an Ordinary Joe named Jamie spies three menacing clowns on the street One throws a bag of something behind a bush, and when Jamie gets it home he discovers some weird beads in the velvet bag His ingestion of some of the beads gets him visited by three ruthless clowns who vandalize his apartment and leave him a message informing him he has 30 hours to pass his audition or he forfeits his life.Jamie passes his audition when me makes the head clown laugh and is whisked away to the Pilo Family Circus He is now part of a family of clowns led by the brutal and short tempered Gonko Once Jamie puts on the clown paint, his alter ego emerges J.J the clown is not an Ordinary Joe, but a psycho who enjoys roughing up carny barkers, menacing the dwarves, and getting a thrill out of murdering the gypsies who travel with the circus Thus begins the battle between Jamie and J.J over control of their body, not to mention keeping secrets from each other about a revolution at hand by a small group of carnival workers who yearn to break free from the Pilo Family Circus.The circus is run by Kurt Pilo and his dwarf brother, George The circus performers include macho but graceful acrobats, evil clowns, and a bitter magician allowed to perform only silly acts like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, which sends him into fits of rage The freak show is run by Fishboy, and includes Tallow, a thing whose skin melts into rivulets at his feet a Yeti that is forced to eat glass at every show and a severed head kept in a glass cage All freaks were once human, but as punishment by the Pilos were turned into grotesque things by the Master Manipulator.The circus has been around for centuries, putting on shows for tricks humans attending a normal circus but who stumbled up to the wrong ticket booth Sometimes the tricks lose their lives due to unforeseen circumstances, but they are the lucky ones The others who stumble back into the real world had their souls sucked out of them as wages for the performers.The most amazing part of this book is finding out how the circus came into existence, and just who is running the show Oh, and the clowns have been recruited throughout history to return to the normal world and steer the course of human events in violent ways e.g influencing a failed Austrian artist with the initials A.H. You Have Two Days To Pass Your Audition You Better Pass It, Feller You Re Joining The Circus Ain T That The Best News You Ever Got Delivered By A Trio Of Psychotic Clowns, This Ultimatum Plunges Jamie Into The Horrific Alternate Universe That Is The Centuries Old Pilo Family Circus, A Borderline World Between Hell And Earth From Which Humankind S Greatest Tragedies Have Been Perpetrated Yet In This Place Peopled By The Gruesome, Grotesque, And Monstrous Where Violence And Savagery Are The Norm, Jamie Finds That His Worst Enemy Is Himself When He Applies The White Face Paint, He Is Transformed Into JJ, The Most Vicious Clown Of All And JJ Wants Jamie Dead Read it That is all. Jamie is minding his own business when he spots some creepy clowns about town actingthan a wee bit strange One drops a small bag containing some suspicious powder When the coast is clear, Jamie picks it up and brings it home.Well, wouldn t you This little incident of finders keepers brings the clown smack down upon Jamie and his roomie after the two accidentally ingest some of the clown powder And there s nothing funny about it These clowns aren t the happy go lucky, nose honking types and they do some unimaginable gross nasty things to Jamie s abode It s pretty scary what they accomplish in a short span of time and from there on out Jamie s life gets seriously messed up Jamie finds this note tucked into the mouth of a dead bat Sleep tight Thirty hours to pass your audition Make us laugh, feller That s the assignment We don t care how We don t care who gets hurt or killed Make with the chuckles, you passGonko, on behalf of the Pilo Family Circus Creepy, no Jamie, likely out of fear, does something so oddly funny that the demented clown leader actually laughs He has passed the audition and is now a reluctant apprentice in The Pilo Family Circus Jamie has no say so in the matter The clowns are intimidating, persuasive and violently unpredictable Jamie plays along, foolishly thinking he will make a quick exit from this nightmare as soon as he can That doesn t happen Once the clown paint is slathered upon his face he becomes a new person and JJ the Clown takes over his body JJ is unpredictable, mean just for kicks and refuses to follow the rules He s also a big cry baby which I have to say began to grate on my last nerve after a while He also wants complete control of the body which was once owned by Jamie.This is a weird ass book about a very twisted circus The backdrop and the acts that inhabit this bizarre circus are painted with some vivid detail bringing the strange and tormented characters to life in my head I could easily picture each one and felt especially bad for the once normal people touched by the matter manipulator who turned them into freaks for the sake of the show and were forced to do terrible, painful things to their bodies to entertain the masses That bit disturbed the most There are the typical petty jealousies you usually find in a book of this kind, with bad tempered carnies and lots of backstabbing but everything is amplified in this story I don t think I liked any of the characters, except for maybe Jamie, but I didn t get to know him well enough to comment either way And as much as I would ve liked to have knownabout the clowns, especially Doopy and his bizarre brother Goshy, this book wasn t about getting all cozy with the characters It was about the circus and the mayhem The Pilo s unleashed upon the world It was an imaginative book with some big ideas that wasn t nearly as horrific in an in yer face sort of way as I d anticipated It took some big twists that surprised me but mostly I enjoyed the skewed writing.Here s a little taste of some of the offbeat descriptive moments and dialogue that litter the story George Pilo marched in with someone at his heels, a fat man with eyes so close together it looked like they were sharing a socket And my personal favorite moment of dialogue Listen up Shut your fuck flaps This isn t a book for everyone but if you re in the mood for a uniquely strange read this will do the trick. Interesting take on the psycho clown genre I would like to have seen somebackground to a few of the characters I was disappointed that the story ended, leaving me with some unanswered questions. If I learned anything from The Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott, it is that you cannot trust the Internet to tell you if a book is good According to my research, this will be the first negative review of a book that won all sorts of weird Australian awards for fiction, and earned a blurb, through no fault of the author I understand likening this novel to the works of David Lynch and Chuck Palahniuk I m here to tell blurbologists that just because a writer smears feces on a wall doesn t make him anything like Chuck Palahniuk In fact, this is exactly the sort of book that shouldn t be reviewed by anyone It s not worth it It is the equivalent of a stack of trade paper copies with the title scrawled in lipstick, featuring a high heeled shoe as the main art on the cover There is nothing satisfying about this story it is disjointed, poorly written, the plot fails and the writer relies on some elementary school style transitions Unbeknownst to him, these were the last eight hours of peace he would have for quite some time Not to mention the inexplicable perspective changes, and lack of distinguishable voice In fact, the only reason I didn t stop reading after 40 pages was because I was eager to find out exactly how bad this book could be Answer Pretty awful Every time I set it down, I forgot what was going on when I picked it up.It s about Jamie, a dude who is basically living in frat boy style squalor, sharing a crumbling home with some nonfriends In the middle of the night, he has an interaction with some clowns, which eventually leads to him a role in this otherworldly circus filled with freaks and carnies and a man with a fish face He is stuck there, after he is shown that the alternative his old life will never amount to anything Meanwhile, his body is splitting time sometimes he is Jamie, sometimes he is JJ, a clown prone to havoc Blah blah chaos I have to admit that I feel a little bad dissing on this book so seriously Obviously these are words made by someone who had the fortitude to get them into print with a pretty awesome cover and a foreward written by Katherine Dunn, a natural pick considering the circus premise For that, Elliott gets a kudos You did it, man Unfortunately, I neither laughed, nor was I frightened throughout the course of the book I couldn t distinguish characters from each other and a lot of the time I barely understood what was happening. Now the Pilo Family Circus isn t your usual slapstick circus affair and you don t find it intentionally, whether you re looking or not And trust me when I say you really don t want to visit this place, every act has a purpose and it definitely isn t to entertain the Fuck out of you Jamie, driving home from work late one night, almost runs down a pedestrian No ordinary bystander this guy s dressed in clown getup right down to the white face and fake red nose What he remembers most was the absolute look of total bewilderment on the clowns face From this moment on, Jamie s life changes to the surreal, clowns plague his nightmares, someone s fucking with him and pretty soon he s got an audition, he s been chosen for a role not of or even in this world A life or death audition to be a clown of the Pilo Family Circus Here we meet Gonko, the clown s boss and quite possibly one of my favourite supporting characters ever to grace the pages of a horror novel Prone to the odd violent outburst, irrational humour and completely mesmerizing page time A few of my favourite quotes involving the psychotic clown Gonko prowls around the car park, somehow able to walk with an assassin s stealth despite his ridiculous large red shoes His face seems split into vicious creases and hard as stone it is a face that looks to have been used as sandpaper and soaked in whisky And he owns a pair of clown pants that deliver objects of desire to his pockets, usually a weapon such as a knife, axe or even bigger knife Gonko strolled over with a smile that seemed at odds with his face, as though nature had never intended the muscles to pull that way The saying right next door to hell wouldn t be too far amiss in describing the whereabouts of the Pilo Family Circus and good intentions is the last thing in the minds of the various lures that occupy this place of tricks A thoroughly entertaining, violent tale that shows a wonderfully warped imagination that you can t help being dragged in by and I did just like it Also posted at What a wicked, intoxicating combination of weird, creepy, horrific and funny the last thing I expected when I picked up this book was to laugh my ass off in parts, doing so was such a bonus So I can t say this book is going to be for everyone, but if you re looking for something truly different, that s well written and a bit depraved, then this just might be for you The setup Jamie is a bit of a wanker a well meaning guy, but without much ambition or direction in his life Let s say he s surviving by being spectacularly dull, hoping Fate will leave him the hell alone if he keeps flying under the radar unnoticed, unnoticeable He then makes a stupendous error in judgment when he spies on some nefarious clown activities late one evening and retrieves a small bag one of them discards and brings it home with him.This act will get him noticed by forces so much worse than Fate this act gets him noticed by the Pilo Family Circus and once in its clutches, at the mercy of some pretty deranged and hostile clowns, Jamie will be lucky to escape with his life, let alone his sanity Once trapped on the circus grounds, he is forced to become a clown and he soon discovers much to his dismay that his clown alter ego J.J is a total dickwad and dangerous to boot Suddenly Jamie is at war with himself in a twisted, sometimes hysterical battle of wits a la Dr.Jeckyll and Mr.Hyde I don t want to say muchbecause the delight in this book is not knowing what the hell is going to happen next. I almost hate to recommend this book because what does that say about me The Pilo Family Circus is both completely creepy and absolutely fascinating If you like clowns, you might change your mind after this If you already don t like them, you ll probably think I knew it Jamie almost runs down an odd looking clown and quickly finds his life changing forever He has 48 hours to pass his audition and failing is not an option With some creativity, he finds himself in a circus that s strange even for circus standards and deadly Monsters lurk in dark corners and out in the open too and you don t even want to mess with the proprietor of the whole thing.Then there are the factions, some of whom absolutely despise each other, such as the Clowns and the Acrobats and what happens in the circus, even a death or two, is overlooked for the most part.Couple the imaginative world building with a knack for storytelling and a dark sense of humor you know, where you laugh and cringe at the same time and you ve got a book I couldn t put down.I know I go into sales pitch mode when I talk about a book I really enjoyed, but this one s highly recommended The audio on this was astounding too Mark Stephens does a wonderfully creepy job with his Australian accent Fishboy alone killed me This character has a high voice, such as when someone inhales helium, and Stephens stuck it perfectly.This is an unusual book for me to love, but it s a true love It s different and gruesome and somehow I couldn t put it down I stayed longer in the car on my drives, I brought headphones to bed when I usual save bedtime reading for my eyes This is one of those unique books that really stunned me.4.5 out of 5 Stars very highly recommended