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Slow at times A little shallow in it s characterization. My rating is 3.5 stars.This novel takes place in the Dragonlance setting and is the first book in a trilogy It is about Guerrand who likes magic and wants to become a mage His brother and guardian, Cormac, wants him to become a knight Cormac, who despises magic, realizes Guerrand is giving him the runaround and Cormac plans to marry off Guerrand for his own gain Guerrand takes off to find his own place in the world.This was an enjoyable coming of age novel The main character is likeable and he surrounds himself with other likeable characters This novel explores magic in this world and gives us a look at the training people do trying to master it I really enjoyed the different types of spells that were on display This book also has other concepts like loyalty, jealousy, and romance that heighten the experience of reading this novel The only problem I had with this novel was the ending as it was a little abrupt.This is an nice introduction to a new trilogy in this setting It concentrates on the magic component than sword fights and dragons If one is looking for a in depth view of magic this novel fits the bill. Magic At Its Peak It Will Soon Be The Night Of The Eye, A Rare Time When All Three Moons Align In High Sanction Over The Lands Of Krynn On The Eve Of Guerrand DiThon S Political Marriage To A Rival Family, The Young Noble Is Visited By A Strange, Powerful Mage Who Knows About Him Than He Does Himself Seduced By Promises Of Wizardly Might, Guerrand Slips Away Beneath The Triple Moons And Journeys For The Tower Of Wayreth No One Thinks He Will Survive The Deadly Trek To The Tower, But He Does It S Only Then That Guerrand Realizes That He Has Made Many Enemies In His Journey One Of These Foes Would Not Only See Guerrand Dead, But The Three Orders Of Sorcery Destroyed With Him Great story Likeable characters Full of suspense and humor I look forward to reading the second book in the trilogy. I was very pleased to see components used while the apprentices cast magic I also enjoyed learning of Justarius way of viewing magic and learning how to craft your own spells Magic has never been explained in such terms in Dragonlance that I am aware of.I quite enjoyed the fact that Rand s familiar was a seagull, I haven t seen that before Their banter back and forth was entertaining and had me smiling a few times.All in all I enjoyed this book It was not my favorite Dragonlance, that must be reserved for the stories that include Raistlin Majere, but I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys the magic of Krynn. Despite my 3 star rating, I really enjoyed this book Comparing it to other titles that I have given 4 stars to, though, it does fall somewhat short.Night of the Eye is an refreshingly interesting book on mages The world of magic is made up of three orders White good, Black evil, and Red neutral and they are tasked with keeping balance between the forces of god and evil But one of the mages threatens to destroy that to gain power.It is a slow starting book I very much caught myself thinking, okay, but who cares and then let s get to using some spells already Then there were times that the conversations felt cliche and unrealistic But overall, once Guerrand, the protagonist, begun to become proficient in casting, the book got pretty interesting The epilogue leaves off really nicely too Recommend for anyone looking for a wizard book besides Harry Potter or maybe for lovers of High Fantasy, but I don t know that I would for someone just looking for good read. Very very easy to become immersed in this storyMs Kirchoff certainly knows how to keep you enticed throughout the entire storyline.The characters are easy to picture in your head because the author allows you see inside and out what the character is really about.I dare say that if Ms Kirchoff wrote a storyline on a scrap paper, it would be outstanding love the use of magic, am enjoying reading this trilogy guerrand is a lovable character and esme is so charming and feisty lyim proved to be a true friend even if his intentions where not always so but in the end he did his bit for guerrand to his detriment Love to meet justarius and the great white robe and black robe mages but not so the scary evil red robe black I admit, whenever I go to read a book labelled Dragonlance or The Forgotten Realms or some other such world, I always hesitate Don t ask me why past experience has taught me that they re great reads However, I still have that moment s pause before I begin reading In this book, like always, I was pleasantly surprised.The story s main character is a man named Guerrand or Rand for short He s a bit cautious and timid at the beginning, but it s great to see him grow and become sure of himself through the story The magic is described beautifully I m not sure what else to say without spoiling anything but if you re looking in a story with adventure, a hint of potential romance, and interesting characters, you should try this one. Very good tale set in the DragonLance series of novels set on Krynn Magic was mostly stripped from the land for awhile but the three branches of magic are gradually building again Guerrand is the younger brother of Lord Cormac and has aspirations of becoming a mage but his brother, who hates magic, insists he learn to be a cavalier instead After ten years in training, he still has not progressed beyond squire because it is not what he wants When his younger brother is killed, Guerrand is approached by a mysterious mage who encourages him to follow his dream to be a mage instead of continuing as a cavalier in training and marrying a woman to get back some lands for his family He runs away and follows his dream, not suspecting the difficult times ahead for him and his family Very likable protagonist and absorbing story Looking forward to reading the next two in the trilogy.