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The editor of this book should be keelhauled This is one of the most disjointed history books I have ever read There is lack of narrative flow, one topic changed into another suddenly I felt like reading somebody s Wikipedia s search on pirate life copypasted into a book Sure, there are lots of fascinating information, but the fascination dies quickly often as well I also don t like the author giving a big chunk of the book about FICTIONAL pirates Who cares I thought the book seen from the title is about the reality of life of pirates Brief mentions for the sake of comparisons are fine but I really don t need the whole story of Errol Flynn and his movies, or some plays about Peter Pan in lengthy details I recommend The Republic of Pirates Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down for a much better read about the real life pirates. Lettura molto interessante e particolarmente scorrevole per chi, come me, quasi completamente a digiuno di pirateria va be a parte Black Sails Cordingly offre una panoramica generale della storia della pirateria e delle sue pratiche pi comuni procendendo per macrotemi L unico problema secondo me che il tema davvero troppo ampio per essere affrontato esaurientemente in un saggio cos breve, penso che l autore avrebbe dovuto restringere il campo della sua trattazione almeno cronologicamente e o geograficamente, infatti spesso vengono inseriti episodi riguardanti la pirateria dell estremo oriente o scandinava che per non sono particolarmente contestualizzati in quanto il libro si concentra prevalentemente su quella esistente nelle Americhe intorno al XVIII secolo Inoltre questo procedere per ordine tematico fa s che le vicende di molti dei pirati citati vengano spezzate e riprese in capitoli differenti senza che per , per un lettore inesperto, sia molto agevole ricordarsi nomi, date e fatti infatti a fine lettura posso dire di ricordarmi solo delle figure apparse in Black Sails Vane, Barbanera, Calico Jack, etc e dei nomi gi noti come il capitano Kidd o Morgan Sicuramente approfondir l argomento perch mi sto appassionando. For This Rousing, Revisionist History, The Former Head Of Exhibitions At England S National Maritime Museum Has Combed Original Documents Records To Produce A Most Authoritative Definitive Account Of Piracy S Golden Age As He Explodes Many Accepted Myths Ie Walking The Plank Is Pure Fiction , Cordingly Replaces Them With A Truth That Is Complex Often BloodierPages Of Photos Maps For centuries, people have been drawn to stories of adventure on the high seas and peg legged pirates in search of buried treasure In his comprehensive pirate book focused mainly on 18th century piracy in the Americas and the Caribbean , Cordingly covers everything from women pirates to pirate ships and weapons Not for the faint of heart, this text exposes some of the hard truths behind piracy consequences for captives, punishmens for arrested pirates, the hardships of life at sea.This book s revelations may surprise you Cordingly frequently analyzes the books, movies, and plays that helped shape our romantic ideas of piracy These portions are probably the most interesting sections of the book because at some point in every chapter the reader is nearly drown in a tsunami of facts and dates, making it periodically readlike a text book While some may be rivited by endless discussion of ship types and repetitive trial transcripts, I appreciated the research, but found it to become rather repetitive Still, I learned a lot while reading this book and would recommend it to the avid pirate fan However, if you are looking for an exciting tale of piracy and are not overly hung up on getting every detail historically accurate, you may be better off picking up a copy of Treasure Island or Robinson Crusoe instead you will find that sometimes the romance is evenentertaining than the reality. Engagingly written, thoroughly researched and with plenty of endnotes, this turned out to be exactly what I was looking for in an overview of piracy in the 17th and 18th centuries It s organized both chronologically and topically and has a lot of interesting stories Cordingly s bibliography led me to such works as Captain Charles Johnson s extremely influential and contemporary account A General History of the Pyrates, the works of Peter Earle, and Nicholas Rodger s writings about the Royal Navy, so I m indebted to him for that Cordingly compares the pirates of fiction with the pirates of reality, and this is the weakest part of the book, particularly where he attempts rather awkwardly to explain why we re all so fascinated with the romance of piracy Since he mostly confines this to the introduction and afterword, it was easy to ignore It s a fast read, and fun as well as informative. A must read for any initiate to maritime or pirate history Cordingly is an eminent authority in pirates and buccaneers, but his pedagogue does not prevent him from creating a precise, fun, and understandable book to the beginner Even those who ve already enjoyed numerous works would still find some new information, or new sources, in this work If you ve ever wondered whether pirates really had a parrot keening for doubloons on their shoulder, or what the difference between corsairs, privateers, pirates, and buccaneers is, then this is the book for you It will answer all your questions andIt s very rarely dry and always informative This book is appropriate for ages 13 and up I will say that the romance of pirates will fade away, and the true brutality of the outlaws may be a bit much forsensitive younger readers Still I would recommend this for middle schoolers that show interest in the subject, as well as all adults. I m reading alot of reviews that claim this isscholarly than entertaining Rubbish Only if you have the attention span of a goldfish will you not enjoy this captivating account of the golden age of piracy Not only does the author stay true to history, but he covers the origins of romanticized pirate life and how much of it is actually reflected by reality This is a most amazing work by a most amazing expert on pirates. A book examining the pirates of the Spanish Main, and how they did not much resemble their fictional counterparts.The book traces how the image of piracy entered popular culture Like so much stuff, it was Lord Byron Then we get Robert Louis Stevenson, and up to the Disney movies The author makes a point of saying that pirates weren t as good looking as Errol Flynn I have news for him The vast majority of movie stars aren t as good looking as Errol Flynn.The section on real pirates was pretty good, including biographies of some famous real life pirates Most of them came to a bad end.A good popular history. I am a Pirates of the Caribbean fan An obsessive fan, even And so, because every obsession of mine eventually reaches a point where I feel compelled to do research, my Pirates fascination led me to this book This is a fine resource for anyone interested in the history of piracy I enjoyed the book immensely It has information on the Golden Age of piracy, famous pirates, and a comparison of fictional pirates with real ones The author also explores the origins of various pirate movie standbys and other little details that made the period come alive. Not that Under The Black Flag is really a bad book, I still hated it I know that many readers will love it, but there were certain elements here that really annoyed me, and distracted from the fact that it s detailed and well researched.For the most part I just plain found it very boring This is for a few reasons, but the largest one is that it fails to really immerse you It s honest, well rounded and as I said detailed, however there s a lack of heart in there that withholds the opportunity to make you feel strongly about the pirates or really anyone else By the end of it I didn t find myself really liking pirates, being outraged by them, or anything I didn t find them particularly interesting in any way They just were Even the brutalities of their actions and demises read so matter of factly that I couldn t get very absorbed Not that I ever really welcome a bias, I do highly appreciate it when books really incorporate the author s personality, and I m left wondering if the author himself even really cares It was like an otherwise skillfully prepared meal lacking in flavor For such an exciting subject, this is especially disappointing.I think the author really was trying to keep things as exciting as they should be, but given the lack of enthusiasm it falls flat It s not that I m lazy, it s that I just don t care, comes to mind One other particular annoyance contributing to this for me was his assumption that the reader will have a somewhat intimate knowledge of 18th century boats There is a chapter covering this, but it really didn t have enough detail to sustain me through the rest of the book with a firm enough understanding to appreciate many of its passages, and as it was he didn t make me at all interested To include evendetail would have been incredibly tedious This ends up creating a lose lose situation.Another thing I noticed was that the book tends to be disjointed and repetitive in places, even to the point where it feels like you must have read this section already It s really confusing the first time you encounter it, and you have to check the page again to make sure you haven t accidentally gone back The author tends to break off in the middle of a story only to finish it in another chapter, and this adds to the sense of tedium that I felt I hate to admit that I ended up skimming pretty quickly over these parts Battles sometimes return to the foreground a time or two, and you really don t need to learn all over again what happened And you don t much feel like finishing something you already left 50 pages ago, especially since it was so lacking in energy the first time around It creates a real sense of disorganization, and I just can t see a method to the madness.The detail works against the book here, and instead of being remotely insightful it ends up being just too confused and drawn out The knowledge gained here thus feels completely pointless, not very new or sensational, and though no time learning is wasted, this came about as close as you can get.