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An Underground Chamber Is Exposed In A Seedy, Dilapidated House With Sagging Trim And Peeling Paint When A Careless Plumber Accidentally Knocks Through A Wall, He Is Horrified By What He Uncovers Called To The Scene Is Forensic Anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan Fighting Her Claustrophobia, And The Unmistakeable Sweet, Fetid Odour Of Rotting Flesh, Tempe Descends The Precariously Steep, Makeshift Wooden Steps What Awaits Her Below Is A Ritualistic Display Slain Chickens And A Goat And A Skull, Ghostly Pale, Rests On A Pedestal, The Lower Jaw Missing, The Empty Orbits Starring Back At Her The Forehead Is Darkened By An Irregular Stain The Exact Red Brown Of Dried Blood, And Lined With Remnants Of Desiccated Tissue Two Cauldrons Stand Nearby, Beads And Antlers Suspended Overhead Age, Race And Sex Indicators Confirm The Skull As That Of A Young, Black Female But How Did She Die, And When Then, Just As Tempe Is Working To Determine The Post Mortem Interval, Another Body Is Uncovered The Corpse Is Headless, The Torso Is Carved With Satanic Symbols Could There Be A Connection Must Tempe Face The Sickening Possibility That Devil Worshippers Are Sacrificing Human Victims

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    i feel an obligation to read all of her books because i started with the first one when it came out a million years ago i recall the first ones to be pretty good this is the 11th brennan novel, and it annoyed me to no end primarily the foreshadowing she uses at the end of each short chapter, usually reading And things were going to get worse Much worse EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER ugh mostly her writing just got worse i can t even recall the plot, something to do with bones in a cauldron.

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    The books in Kathy Reichs Bones series are either really, really good or merely decent, and this newest installment fell into the latter category I think my level of enjoyment depends on how interested I am in the murder mystery.I was annoyed with the level of catch up Reichs did I can understand wanting a new reader to be able to pick up any Bones book and understand the players, but by the 11th book in the series, I really don t need to spend pages on what Tempe s job is, who her co workers are, a detailed chronology of her dating life, etc I ve spent a lot of time with you, Kathy and Tempe Just hit me with the story.I was also disappointed that a pivotal conversation between Tempe and Andrew Ryan was reduced to Tempe relating it after the fact in a few sentences After spending 10 books being invested in the on again, off again relationship, it was so odd that Reichs didn t flesh it out and let us in on it.The introduction of a new potential date for Tempe also confirmed what I thought all along Reichs can t won t write than one type of love interest I d always thought Pete and Ryan were identical, characterized mainly by their witty, combative personalities Now Charlie, a man Tempe knows from their high school days, tries to date her, and lo and behold, he s exactly the same as the other two I ve resigned myself to the fact that these books are rather formulaic, and that they ll always end with Tempe in mortal danger, which leads to her missing out on how the police put the final pieces together the final chapter is always an after the fact recounting of the final clues, which always makes the ending feel rushed I ve also stopped gritting my teeth at the melodramatic, foreshadowy chapter endings and Tempe s habit of getting preachy when discussing a topic that clearly matters to the author Because really, despite all these flaws, Tempe Brennan is a good protagonist to spend time with, and Reichs always has an entertaining mystery thanks to her day job as a forensic anthropologist I m exasperated I already finished the new book in one sitting, but at least the new season of Bones starts in three days.

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    Kathy Reichs joins the ranks of so many writers who feel compelled to produce a book every year and end up producing crap I used to so enjoy her books but she has gone downhill fast and this might be the last one that I read.Devil Bones only saving grace was that it was quick to read but only because of the of pages, not because of the content There were too many peripheral characters that added nothing to the plot except to make it confusing I also prefer the books that are set in Quebec this one was all in Charlotte not very interesting.

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    There has been some ups and downs with this series for me but overall, I look forward to every book I pick up Not all long standing book series are able to hold my interest but this one certainly does Also, I convinced my mum to try out the series because I believe she would love it.Reichs as an author might not be for everyone but I enjoy her businesslike writing when it comes to the forensic part of the story Always a great contrast to Tempe s personal life The case this time isn t that special but frequents a topic I am interested on The central case is linked early to a religious ceremony and while I share not all views of the author on the topic of religion, Reichs did a good job of introducing them to the uninformed readership view spoiler Part of me wishes that the Ryan situation will be resolved soon as it drags on a little but otherwise I enjoyed the read hide spoiler

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    So, I haven t had much time for reading this summer, and that makes this book that much of a disappointment I picked this book up in the airport after finishing my last book, which was fantastic I wish I hadn t wasted my precious reading minutes on this book Harsh, I know But and I realize this is a book in a series of books there is very, very little character development I would expect a little bit character and storyline development, even in a book that is part of a series of books The story line is than boring if there is such a thing and the resolution is less than satisfying People die, and all I could think is so what The author tries to build suspense around a whole satanic killing theme, but it does little to build the story at all, or make any sense of why the killings occur Little explanation at the end, and all in all, a boring, less than interesting book that I wouldn t recommend to anyone, unless you have time to waste and aren t looking for anything that will captivate your attention or interest.

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    This is my first book by this author and my first book in the Temperance Brennan series So why I started with book 11, I don t know The MC is a forensic scientist and I m not sure how I feel about all the little details that go along with the science part of that job It was a little too much for me I will read a few in this series to get a better feel for the MC and her job.The author described her characters in good detail I liked the MC and some of the other characters But they felt caught in a still life The author seemed dedicated to painting a pretty picture with her characters front and center I would like to see some growth and tension.I will say that I loved the narrator She s one of my favorites This narrator narrated the first books in the Stephanie Plum series before a different narrator took over So I kept hearing Stephanie Plum in this Sh

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    Okay, so I m officially moving on from free books picked up at book exchanges and sticking with books in genres I know I like But the thing is, I thought I would like this one I like mysteries, I like medical thrillers This book seemed like it would be an awesome combination of both It s not that it s not enough like the show Bones, it may not be, but I don t watch that show so the disappointment couldn t stem from that.I just didn t like the writing style Entire conversations passed like this.He asked me how it went I told him He said that s too bad I said I know.Not how did it go Meh, not so great, I said bringing it up to speed Too bad He shook his head and gave me a sympathetic look.Nope, entire conversations told in summary that included what the characters said verbatim Why That doesn t shorten anything And it wasn t just when she was catching up people on events This happened to.I picked up the phone and said hello He sounded upset when he said hello I asked what was wrong He told me xyz had happened on the station Oh, I responded That is upsetting We talked for a few minutes before he said goodbye I hung up the phone Arg She has an eleven book contract at least in PRINT and a TV show What Every single chapter ended with a If I d only paid attention to xyz, I could have prevented so much pain Seriously That kind of foreshadowing is just lazy There was tons of intro to xyz info dumps Whether it be aspects of forensics or the tenants of religions Then the protagonist would have a conversation where she reiterated every single fact from the pages of info dumping I would have rather just had the conversations I m glad she researched stuff, but I really didn t feel the need for a wikipedia type entry on every single thing she looked up down to random bands I also felt like it was hitting me over the head with morals You know, I never considered Wiccan s to be satanists before this book, but thanks for repeatedly assuming I m a bigot I would say that she trying to teach another character or make some self discovery, but the protagonist never really seemed to think there was a link between Satan and wicca either and it was exposition not dialogue so who else could the writer be trying to convince To see THAT type of mini moral packed into a story well, I recommend reading Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong Apparently this was book 11 in the series, so I guess one good thing is that I was able to pick up the book and make sense of it without the rest of the series But I won t be reading any by this author.

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    This was my first Kathy Reichs novel and I have just one thing to say I m hooked The plot was engaging it kept me turning pages and made it very hard for me to put the book down Temperance Brennan is a very fascinating character I look forward to reading about her A highly recommended read

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    This is the weakest book of this series so far I was not at all interested in the case itself, and a lot of the personal details of Tempe s life that usually keep me interested when I m not hooked by the mystery were lacking in the first part of the book I also felt that Tempe behaved out of character quite a bit Though she frequently deals with difficult and sad situations, her reactions are usually not as extreme as what she does in this book Things got a bit exciting in the last quarter of the story, but already, looking back on it all, I m not sure I could accurately summarize all the evidence or how it all fit together This series does tend to be fairly inconsistent in terms of capturing my interest or not so I m going to assume this book will be followed by a much better story, and hopefully Tempe will be back to some semblance of her old self Also, I completely agree with the reviewers who mention that there is way too much foreshadowing in this book Reichs always includes a little bit at the end of some chapters to keep the pages turning, but it did happen in practically every chapter this time, and sometimes even than once per chapter Maybe this was supposed to make up for the story not having too many natural hooks to keep readers interested as it went on, but it just made the book feel even stranger, and made the events of the story feel contrived I ll be taking a break from this series for a while to recover from the disappointment of this one, but I plan to pick up the next book, 206 Bones, in a month or two.