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I always feel bad writing or talking about Henry Rollins books As a long time devotee of Black Flag, Rollins Band and Henry s spoken word efforts it kills me that I can only give Eye Scream 3 stars Don t even wish to list the ones I would rate less.But I don t dismiss his writing, and continue to read his new stuff, because the real magic of a Rollins book is t the story it s the inspirational power At least for me You see, I try to be a guy who writes from his gut not from polished read self censored idealism and Henry Rollins is as good at that as anyone So three stars overall stars or not his stuff is always a treat of raw emotion naturalism and whether you side with his perspective or not he has a way of setting your own views on fire.Grab Eye Scream or Black Coffee Blues or Get in the Van or Solipsist and have some fucking fun reading.Jackass on a Camel Fossils, Freaks Mayhem in the Cradle of Mankind disturbing yes, and then some Eye opening Unfortunately, yes Did my eyes scream Yes and they still hurt Rollins is AMAZING. In this edition, Hank is extremely crazed and angry from the get go This book is like a truck ride down a pothole filled road, where you want it to stop because you feel like you re going to be sick, but yet want it to keep going because you re having so much fun Some of the poetry and images are disturbing in this one I found myself reading through a part, then immediately going back and reading it again just to make sure it was really what it said It does make you take a step back and look at yourself and your perspective on life Interesting read. Liked this one Pretty intense That s Henry for ya. Full on ranting Close to a primal scream, but for the fact that the speaker is still able to form coherent sentences. 1st Read October 9, 1997 October 21, 1997 Rating This is my first Henry Rollins book of which I connected to quite unexpectedly I was well aware of who Henry Rollins is as the vocalist for Black Flag and the Rollins Band, as well as the actor, and the Spoken Word Poet I ate this shit up completely After I d finished this book, somehow I couldn t disagree that I agreed with much of what his viewpoints are in this world In some regard, we are cut from the same block of stone, having been affected by things that make us feel the way we feel, and do the things we do Eventhough, why we are the kind of people who love and hate the solitude we exist and live in At the same time, we are not that hateful that we deny the existence of goodness and beauty in the world I see it and feel it everyday living near the mountainous regions of Canada It can t always be bad and negative Those negative things and people are out there as much as the positive things and people which are out there This is a definite keeper in my collection I hope to acquireof his books and also catch him live on a spoken word tour soon He s not for everyone and to those people I say,Go and see your Jim Carrey types then2nd Read October 11, 2017 October 31, 2017 Rating I didn t care for this book half as much as I did the first time, twenty years ago My head was in a different place at that point in time and today, I no longer have the sentiment of that first review Time does indeed change people. Probably the most disturbing book I ve ever read, this visceral, profane, occasionally profound work will stick in your mind for ages Exploring themes from pop culture to sexism, abuse to love, Rollins truly comes into his own as a poet Powerful literature, but be warned this is depressing and violent stuff that s best read when you re not in a depressed mood. Work On Eye Scream Started InI Was Crossing America Constantly Andexperiencing The Morality Shifts, Attitudes, And Rituals In Different Partsof The Country The Difference In The Way People Were In The Bible Belt Asopposed To New York City, The Way Blacks And Whites Interfaced, Theintolerance Of Homosexuality, The Morality Plays I Started To Become Awareof How Brutal The Country Is And How Much Ferocity, Cruelty, And Oppressionare Inherent In The Culture And How Much Of It Was In Me I Wanted Todocument It And Create A Book That Brought The Whole Thing To A Boil And See Where It Left Me Off In The Summer Of , I Finished The Book And Startedto Edit Re Reading The Manuscript Over And Over, I Realized All The Things Ihad Picked Up Over A Decade Of Playing Devil S Advocate And It Was Inspiringbecause It Clearly Defined Who My Enemies Are As An American, I Feel Itimpossible Not To Be Infuriated By The Way Things Are And Have Been I Refuseto Be Happy About The Day To Day And Go Along With It There S Too Muchspitting In My Face And Too Much Spitting In The Faces Of People Who Don Tknow Any Other Way Of Life This Book Is Brutal, And At Times, Funny I Knowthat I Will Probably Get A Ton Of Shit For Eye Scream Enjoy, Or Betteryet Don T Henry Rollins Fived because I was very surprised at how good his writing truly is His music sucks so I was thinking jesus this is gonna blow but someone recommended it to me very emphatically I was enthralled His show is funny too.