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Jumanji is a Caldecott Award winning book by Chris Van Allsburg and is the most popular children s book out of all of his books In this story, two children, Peter and Judy, discover a strange looking board game and they soon realize that this board game isdangerous then they thought Jumanji is clearly one of the most inventive and intense children s book that will surely make children read it for a long time Chris Van Allsburg is excellent at illustrating and writing this classic children s story Chris Van Allsburg makes the story intense and exciting at the same time when he makes the animals come to life and terrorize the children I like the idea that Chris Van Allsburg uses a child s fear about games coming to life as a story arc for this story because I enjoy anything that is often surreal and Jumanji is certainly a surreal book to read since it involves a game making everything come to life Chris Van Allsburg s illustrations are beautiful and intense, especially of the images of the animals wrecking havoc on the children s house The image that probably stood out the most was the image of the lion on the piano as you can only see the lion s mouth full of sharp teeth as its eyes are shadowed, which brings out the mysteriousness of that scene as the lion looks like it just magically appeared on the piano which is exactly what happened Parents should know that there are some scary scenes in this book mainly involving the animals terrorizing the children The scene that will probably scare most children would be the scene where the lion is sitting on the piano and starts chasing Peter around the house Young children would be scared about the lion chasing Peter and they might worry about whether or not Peter can escape from the lion s clutches Also, the overall atmosphere of this book will scare young children as it involves a game making everything come to life and children might be frightened about the idea that their board games might make everything come to life, such as those Clue games Parents might want to assure their children that everything that happens in this book is all made up and that such things would never happen to them Parents might also want to discuss the difference between reality and fantasy with their children before they read them this book Jumanji is probably one of Chris Van Allsburg s best children s books since it has everything that a child would want in a book drama, fantasy, thriller, and mystery I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure and excitement in a children s book This book would be suitable for children ages six and up since younger children might not understand the fantasy elements in this book and therefore, will become frighten by the scenes where the animals terrorize the children Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog Two children find a board game and take it home, it looks a bit boring but when they start playing they find it sthan they bargained for I really liked the idea but it was so short and could have had muchdetail put into to the storyline and the characters I haven t seen the film but I expect it put a lotin and was successful for that The black and white illustrations were nice enough.Read on open library Left On Their Own For An Afternoon, Two Bored And Restless Children Find Excitement Than They Bargained For In A Mysterious And Mystical Jungle Adventure Board Game Mr Van Allsburg S Illustrations Have A Beautiful Simplicity Of De Sign, Balance, Texture, And A Subtle Intelligence Beyond The Call Of Illustration New York Times Book Review This story is filled with imagination, I mean what a great concept I will say I saw the movie first I enjoy this story and I wonder why he made the art in black and white I think making it in hyper color would have really kicked it off and been like Pop, or the original Wizard of Oz where the color makes everythingThe black and white just didn t fit for me I question that choice.This book is exciting The kids were engaged and on edge asking what was going to happen It was intense They loved it This book holds up well I find it very entertaining. 2 Cuando el libro NO es mejor que la pel cula STARSPop Sugar Reading Challenge 2016 A book from the library Hace un par de d as estaba sentada en el piso de la biblioteca, en el rea infantil buscando libros para mi hija, justo cuando un libro salvaje llamo mi atenci n Como alguien que creci en los 90 s la pel cula Jumanji me marco y se convirti en una de mis favoritas As que cuando vi el libro del que no tenia idea venia la pel cula inmediatamente lo puse en mi mont n de libros para llevar Mucha, demasiada fue mi decepci n, al encontrarme un libro con peque as partes de la historia de la pel cula El libro solo se basa en los 2 hermanos jugando el juego Imaginen la pel cula sin ninguna de sus escenas favoritas como la del cazador, o los murci lagos, el drama con el padre y sin sus personajes favoritos No Robin Williams, No polic a , eso es este libro Y tampoco lo puedo excusar diciendo que es una versi n para ni os peque os, porque la verdad tampoco funciona como libro infantil Las ilustraciones son demasiados sombr as, es una especie de libro de terror fantas a, que aunque es corto te aburre.Lo nico positivo que me dejo este libro, es que ahora cuando uno de esos odioso lectores que casi no existen por supuesto me diga EL LIBRO SIEMPRE ES MEJOR QUE LA PELICULA, bueno pues ahora ya tengo un ejemplo y argumento sustentable para refutarles esa frase tan desesperante. While I have at least to a certain point enjoyed Chris Van Allsburg s Jumanji, to and for me, the presented narrative, the storyline as a whole does seem rather frustratingly incomplete and actuallylike an outline as though some, if not actually most of the necessary story details are missing And while I did and do appreciate the rich and detailed accompanying illustrations, I most definitely and desperately wanted and neededinformation,fleshed out characters and scenarios Now I do realise that some might well and with even some justification point out that the illustrations actually somewhat augment the sparseness of Van Allsburg s featured written text However and that being said, I think some of my own issues with Jumanji are probably precisely because I have always been an exceedingly textual read printed word oriented reader, that while a visual learner, I usually tend to think in words and NOT in pictures I do enjoy illustrations in books, but seem to regard these asof a supplement and an addition, a decorative trim so to speak rather than the main or even a main focus which is probably also why I do not really enjoy wordless picture books and graphic novels all that much either And with Jumanji, there is just not enough text, not enough of a printed narrative, not enough oomph to even remotely satisfy me personally I finished the book and was basically thinking Is that it.And now finally, I also must wonder a bit if having seen the movie before reading Jumanji might have made me expect a longer andinvolved,nuanced plot However, I do believe that even if I had not seen the movie, I still would have found the narrative of Jumanji somewhat majorly incomplete and rather sadly lacking in substance, with simply not enough printed information and certainly not really that sense of danger a jungle adventure like the one described in the story and by the illustrations demonstrates or hints at and while I do appreciate Chris Van Allsburg s illustrations, and enjoy their rich detail, I strongly belive that they would have been much much better andevocative,lively, with a bit of colour, but I tend to think that with most of van Allsburg s work, as I find his illustrative style as a whole much too dark and gloomy for my aesthetic tastes. It was a bit challenging to rate this classic picture book There s the fabulous, sepia overtone, monochromatic artwork And then there s the underwhelming text underwhelming and seemingly incomplete text compared to the action fabulous movie adaption featuring Robin Williams RIP.I greatly enjoyed the original movie, and have watched it numerous times The booknot so much.At first, I was leaning toward a three star Goodreads rating It was really hard for me to not compare book to movie But then, taking all things into consideration publication date, creativity, unusual noir concept, and fabulous artwork I changed my mind And rightly so FOUR Children s Award Winning, Book to Film, Picture Book Classic STARS My granddaughter and I read this today we both loved it Different than the movie, but excellent itself I think this has become a new favorite for her. I love the 1995 film of Jumanji It s a great story with fantastic special effects for the time It s an exciting fantasy, full of surprises, wonder and magic, with two engaging children Peter and Judy, and many magnificent wild animals, threatening and amusing by turn What is there not to like But the 1981 book on which it is based Chris Van Allsburg has written a kind of template for this fabulous adventure It is a disappointingly brief and shallow read None of the characters is fully fleshed out, and none of the situations truly engrossing or fully realised And perhaps the worst part about this picture book is the illustrations They are just so murky and dull.Why on earth he chose to use a dirty monochrome is beyond me Tones of neither sepia, nor grey, but a sort of greenish tinge fill the book Yes, the author can draw, but it is all shadows When I first started the book, I thought A ha I know the convention here As soon as our heroes escape into the magical world, we ll have a burst of brilliant colour But no It just never happened The book remained dreary throughout Why So yes, we have the bare bones of what emerged in a film as an exciting and imaginative story, about a child s escape from the world into a magical Jungle Adventure board game We follow Peter s progress and development into a responsible courageous person except that we don t, really.A bit of a puzzle then Someone obviously saw potential here But I wouldn t recommend this picture book to anyone Chris Van Allsburg has made other adaptations of his story Perhaps they are better They would need to be The two stars awarded are for the story s initial imaginative conception and possibilities I feel it s quite a generous rating, all things considered. This is another case of I saw the movie was there a bookand I m grateful for these little gems.Peter and Judy brother and sister, unlike the movie version are two slightly bored children who find a board game outside their house They bring it in and start playing it, only to have a huge surprise.I highly recommend this for the kids It has a cool game, dangerous animals and a happy ending Also, it s short enough that you ll keep their attention until the very end.