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The War Of The Lance Is Long Over The Seasons Come And Go The Pendulum Of The World Swings Now It Is Summer A Hot Parched Summer, Such As No One On Krynn Has Ever Known Before The Uneasy Balance Starts To ShiftDistraught By A Grievous Loss, The Young Mage Palin Majere Seeks To Enter The Abyss In Search Of His Lost Uncle, The Infamous Archamge RaistlinThe Dark Queen Has Found New Champions Devoted Followers, Loyal To The Death, The Knights Of Takhisis Follow The Vision To Victory A Dark Paladin, Steel Brightblade, Rides To Attack The High Clerist S Tower, The Fortress His Father Died Defending On A Small Island, The Myeterious Irda Capture An Ancient Artifact And Use It To Ensure Their Own Safety Usha, Child Of The Irda, Arrives In Palathaas Claiming That She Is Raistlin S Daughter The Summer Will Be Deadly Perhaps It Will Be The Last Summer Ansalon Will Ever Know

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    I was so upset by what happened to my beloved Dragonlance characters that I shaved my head and attacked someone s car with an umbrella.

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    A disappointing and unmemorable add on to the original trilogy, moving on to the next generation.

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    This is a good ending to the main characters stories We have the conclusion to the events that truly began in Dragons of Autumn Twilight and to the activities of the characters from the original trilogy In this novel, we have Caramon, Tanis, Raistlin, Tas, and even Flint and Sturm There are new characters too, but they are characters brought in through stories in other collections and still connected to the main company There are Steel, Sturm and Kitiara s son Palin, Caramon and Tika s son, Steel s cousin and Usha, Raistlin s daughter Tas, as usual, plays a major role even though nobody ever expects him to.The one part of this book that really bothered me is view spoiler Tanis s death I feel like the authors really short changed him He s the main Hero of the Lance, and they let him die ignominiously, hit from behind during a battle, protecting Steel, yes, but still Hit from behind by a random character Tanis I feel like Weis and Hickman could have done so much better by him hide spoiler

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    Ever hear the phrase quit while you re ahead Hickman and Weis were well ahead They should have quit Leaving the Companions to wander off into the sunset was the ending those characters deserved Finishing up with the whole The Gods didn t leave us, we left them idea was just fine.They had written six really well done, beautifully characterized, interestingly plotted books, which dealt with religious and moral issues in a manner subtle than most books aimed at younger adults tend to And then they wrote Dragons of Summer Flame I saw another reviewer suggest that this book was written to nuke the world they had created If that s true, they succeeded beyond what could have been their wildest hopes and dreams They spent 300 pages abusing their characters, even ones who really should have been well past abuse, and ripping what made their world unique to pieces.If you loved the Chronicles or Legends, just don t read this If your favorite character was a certain hour glassed eyed mage, then please, by the love of all that is good and holy, put the book back on the shelf and pick up your old copy of Time of the Twins and re read that You ll be much, much happier.

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    I was not a big fan of this series I think it was just Wizards of the Coast looking for money, but that s just me Heck, maybe I even got the dates wrong and Wizards wasn t in charge yet, but gosh darn, you ll do better reading some of the 80s Dragonlance booksyou know this.

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    I ve read this book so many times that I ve lost count This is one of those books that I ve enjoyed so much, that I feel the need to return to it every few years are so While I was never a huge fan of Usha, all the other characters are extremely well done Some of the Companions show up throughout the book, some minor characters have major roles which is nice to see, and Palin and Steel are just awesome I have seen several negative reviews, and I heavily disagree with them I also noticed a recurring theme in those reviews Characters from the chronicles growing old, or not shown the respect that should be granted to them A few even said that Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman should have left them alone after the Chronicles and let the characters enjoy the ending that they deserved Not everyone enjoys realism in there books, but I do Seeing the Companions growing older and the developments that each character has taken is just phenomenal The choices they made may have angered me or killed me inside, but they made sense and matched the characters beliefs Tanis Half elven for an example, in the chronicles I connected with his character so much as I was growing up I understood where he was coming from, and I could relate to many of his plights But now as I m older, I enjoy other characters in the Chronicles a bit But in Summer Flame, as a father, I again find myself again relating to Tanis and his struggles with fatherhood I understand his growth as a character and it s just wonderful People tend to nitpick shared worlds, whether it be books or movies doesn t seem to matter Just look at the reviews on the last few Starwars movies and you ll see what I mean Some of those reviews even match the ones on this book I, however, am glad that I got to see these characters as their journey continued.

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    When I was a kid, I read the original trilogy multiple times and loved them In fact, those three original Dragons of books were some of my all time favorite fantasy reads To this day, they are still in my favorites, even over modern fantasy I loved them Then I found out there was a third installment I believe it was publishes in 95 I was so surprised that I immediately listened to the audio book because I couldn t believe I missed it when I was younger I was excited by this discovery Well I listed to the book and did not like it This can be attributed to many aspects a plot I didn t care for, getting rid of beloved characters, jumping so far into the future 20 something years , the gods playground, etc All of these issues combined just did not do it for me, and I was ultimately let down I fully plan on purchasing the paperbacks of the original 3, but I don t think I will purchase this one.On a slightly positive note, there were things that I did like about the story These are the author s writing is still very good, the word choice works and the flow is lovely some of the characters kept their original personalities, the good moral choices of the son of the knight was a good outcome, and the white mage was a nice twist to being a relative to the black mage Not many positives go beyond that thought.There s my five minute review 2 5 stars.

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    In short simple phraseology, this book was awful Our beloved characters were stripped of their dignity and, in many cases, their lives in the most demoting ways imaginable I agree with Wyrmia Bradley when she says I was so upset by what happened to my beloved Dragonlance characters that I shaved my head and attacked someone s car with an umbrella The authors really messed up on this one A writer should never explain the end before the middle, which they did this time by killing our beloved characters and now going backward to tell stories of the in between times of their lives even before Kitiara gets deservedly knocked off Overall I felt disgusted with this story in comparison to the earlier excellent books.

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    This was kind of a weird one I thoroughly enjoyed the Chronicles trilogy as a kid, but remember being surprised to see that TSR had published a fourth installment to the series this was a decade after book 3 first came out Taking place many years after the Chronicles books, Dragons of Summer Flame brings back the beloved characters from the trilogy andwell, no spoilers, but it gets a little grim at times Weis Hickman are still able to tell a fun tale, but this wasn t quite up to the caliber of the first three books 3 stars.

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    Ah memories My first fantasy series other than Tolkien , and man did it suck me in to the fantasy genre An easy read I would almost call it mansmut Classic, reccomended.