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Emily Abbott has always been considered the Girl Most Likely to Be Nice but lately being nice hasn't done her any good Her parents have decided to move the family from Chicago back to their hometown of Boston in the middle of Emily's senior year Only Emily's first real boyfriend Sean is in Chicago and so is her shot at class valedictorian and early admission to the Ivy League What's a nice girl to do? Then Sean dumps Emily on moving day and her father announces he's staying behind in Chicago to tie up loose ends and Emily decides that what a nice girl needs to do is to stop being nice She reconnects with her best friends in Boston Josie and Lucy only to discover that they too have been on the receiving end of some glaring Guy Don'ts So when the girls have to come up with something to put in the senior class time capsule they know exactly what to do They'll create a not so nice reference guide for future generations of guys an instruction book that teaches them the right way to treat girls But when her friends draft Emily to test out their tips on Luke Preston the hottest most popular guy in school who just broke up with Josie by email Emily soon finds that Luke is the trickiest of test subjects and that even a nice girl like Emily has a few things to learn about love

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    I had a really hard time relating to the main character I can't really believe that someone who is supposedly so nice could do what she did to Luke It makes it look like her being nice for most of her life was just her being fake she was only nice because that's the correct way to act I also don't see how continuously lying could ever seem like a good idea of course it's only going to cause problems in the end She had so many chances to tell the truth I have no clue why she would break up with Luke when she could have just explained herself beforehand to save herself some drama especially when she wanted him back anyway The ending was rushed too I can't imagine anyone forgiving Emily that quickly although her friends weren't blameless either I found some of the tips funny but most of them were just really petty Who cares if a guy doesn't carry around an umbrella with him? It's just rain Or play the air guitar? or shouts at the tv? People aren't perfect and you can't expect them to change just to be who you want them to be I guess that was one of the morals of the story but at the end I'm still not convinced Emily learned her lesson It seemed like everyone else knew and they were speaking such wise words to her but her reactions didn't really seem like she really got it

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    To be honest I loved this book When I picked it up I thought it was going to be the cliched good girl loves bad boy But oh wait that's what this story was But I don't know I still liked it I liked the aspect of this girl who had her feelings bottled up for so her had her real self bottled up for so long and finally let it all out by being a bitch view spoilerI'm not saying that what Emily did was right but that doesn't mean it was specifically wrong either Well what I'm trying to say is that if I put myself in Emily's shoes I would probably have done the same thing She wanted to prove to her friends that she wasn't a goody goody and to do so she just had to break a heart along the way although I do wish that it wasn't Luke heart I just wish that she realized her mistake in doing what she did before it was too late To me it seemed as if this book kept me on my toes I guess I was just waiting and waiting and waiting for Emily to give up and finally realize that SHE NEEDS TO TELL LUKE THE FREAKING TRUTH SHE LOVES HIM AND SHE KNOWS IT SHE JUST THINKS THAT SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN WELL GUESS WHAT IF YOU DON'T FREAKING TELL HIM SOONER OR LATER HE'LL JUST HATE YOU MORE Phew I got that off my chest Good talk Anyway I liked the way at the end that the author had them make up over a milkshake It was so cute and adorable and it just makes me want it so bad I think I should stop reading these kinds of books I'll want what the freaking characters have I guess I can say the only reason this book got four stars from me I think I should make it 45 stars was because it was the cliched good girl falls for bad boy and because the mother Oh dear lord help me Emily mother drove me up the freaking wall Who does that to their child? I know she told Emily that it was for her own good and all that crap but it was BS She just wanted to own Emily the way she couldn't own her father I know I flippin' hated the father for leaving Emily in the beginning but after a while I realized I would have done the same damn thing The mom was crazy Who makes their child be a goody goody for their own good? I'm probably being totally unreasonable about this butI just had to voice my opinion hide spoiler

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    I spent 2 weeks trying to read this TWO WEEKS Whoever said that 'the best is yet to come' obviously didn't spend 14 days trying to make sense of or even tolerate reading this book1 Emily is so bloody whiny and judgmental If anything bad happens to her like say if her father decides to stay back in Chicago for just a few months she immediately assumes that he has a secret girlfriend Emily logic Don't ask 2 Luke is one of those annoying seniors you had back in High School The ones who would expect the all the students to fall at their feet and worship the ground they walk on I have no clue how we're supposed to even like this guy He's such an asshatAnd breaking up with your girlfriend by email just because you don't have the balls to do it in person doesn't make your argument valid It makes you a pansy

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    I thought this book horribly flat The writing wasn't good at all and the characters just too stuck up and annoying The writing was bad mainly because everything was so flat out stated 'Just get out' I ordered and TJ did just that The main character Emily is so stuck up and she doesn't even know it and that's the type of person I hate the most She doesn't admit that she's wrong when she hurts others because she blinds herself by thinking that other people did things wrong too and so what she did is excusable I basically skipped through this book pages at a time I didn't lament the loss of readingThe ending was too fake and didn't seem believable at all The entire novel was jarringly 2D and it didn't get a single emotion out of me The characters too imagine yourself say shopping or something You pass by hundreds of people that you don't even notice or if you do notice someone you easily forget them They don't strike an impression in you The people in this book are just like that and it makes the book terrible I only read this because my friend loved it I don't know what she was thinking but let this just testify the fact that different people have different opinions

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    I really enjoyed this book Reading the other reviews a lot of people are complaining that Emily was a snob but I think that's kind of the point This nice girl who's tired of being nice and tries to just do what she wants and say what she wants but somehow ends up back in that cycle anywayI think the beginning was a little slow I remember it was page 44 and they were just starting to really talk about Luke but not even the initial time capsule plan I don't think And the ending was too short I think the events were okay just the conversations need to be longer The realizations needed to be deeper I think they were getting there and Emily was realizing things but I think I little bit time spent thinking over things or talking things through and it would have been goldenI do like the relationship between Luke and Emily though Maybe in the end Emily admits that she doesn't understand why some relationships work out and others fail but I don't think it's that big of a mystery at least in this case Luke wanted someone who was real a girl who would speak her mind and say what she thinks and to an extent Emily did that with him Putting aside all the lies and everything else Emily was pretty real with himAnyway I enjoyed this book a lot I in no way think Emily is the perfect person and I wanted to just grab her hair and ask her what she was doing at times but I think you can still see her feelings for Luke At least I could still understand her struggle even if I couldn't relate to it even if I didn't think she was doing the right thing I could still see the feelings behind it all and I think that's kind of the point of the entire story People aren't necessarily bad people just because they make mistakes and do stupid things

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    Dear God what a terrible book Now where to startThe Book of Luke is not anywhere close to its intriguing title It is instead filled with a bunch of idiotic senior girls who clearly have nothing better to do in their spare time and therefore resort to testing out their tips for a guy on how to be a better boyfriend on an equally stupid boy Let's breakdown the characters shall we? Emily This girl who although comes off as sooooo nice is really a judgmental nincompoop Her dad doesn't move with the rest of the family right away? He's cheating on the mom And might I add that she makes no attempt to ask her dad WHY he's not moving at the same time? She ignores him refuses to call him and basically thinks of him as a cheating manslt without even giving him the benefit of the doubt Her friends after not having seen them for TWO YEARS start trying out new things that are actually appealing to high school girls such as makeup? They've changed and they definitely won't accept Emily back Luke the über hot and most popular guy at school won't give in to her contemptible flittering tactics? She'll just have to try harder further degrade herself Sigh life is so hard for our protagonist Josie Let me get this straight this chick allows her friend to try out their strategies and hints from the guide on her own ex boyfriend just so that she can get back with him? Basically she's letting Emily train her ex so that she can swoop in and try out the new and improved 20 version of him Gee nothing could possibly go wrong with that idea Lucy She's whatever She managed to not get on my nerves at least not to the point where I can remember what she actually did Luke AKA the guy who's less appealing than a trash can filled to the brim with garbage He treats girls as lackeys because y'know they're sopho girls who have nothing better to do He breaks up with his girlfriend BY EMAIL which is totally okay because he's freaking Luke Preston He completely debases girls a clear sign of a great boyfriend Emily's mom This woman isn't even a major character but I'd really like to slap her Her annoying emphasis on manners are so superfluous to the story and only make Emily seem half witted when she puts her mom's manners to useThe romance is so horribly contrived and awkward and even Emily admits it a few times And yet it makes sense because it pairs two shallow and moronic characters together a true match made in heaven The ending is equally pitiful because it pieces together everything as if nothing had ever happened DO NOT read this book even if you have nothing better to do it seriously sucks

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    There's a quote in the book that I think best describes Emily it says something like Doing nice things doesn't make you nice if you don't mean it it just makes you a liar coz that one sentence fit her to a T Throughout the book she keeps saying that she is tired of how people label her as a nice person She does things that is the opposite of how she feels but she'd do it because it was the rightnice thing to do So its no surprise that Emily eventually tries to get rid of her goody two shoes image At the same time Emily was dumped by her boyfriend causing her to feel even dissatisfied with her life And just like any other girl would do she commiserated with her BFF's one of which was dumped through an email and as they talked they discovered they have the same boy pet peeves Enter the idea of training a boy on how to become a better boyfriend They did some research and decide that they need to test it on some boy to see if it would work Enter Luke Preston the ex boyfriend of her BFFAnother quote came to mind as she began her make Luke fall for me games and it goes something like Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive Anyone knows that anothing good comes out of lying and bone shouldn't play games with peoples emotions but I digressChanneling her inner bitch she pursued the guy without any thought of how wrong it is It is only later when she falls for the guy that she begins to feel guilty of all the lies she tolddid Yada Yada Yada The truth eventually comes outI have to tell the truth though I find the ending a little unrealistic The problem was resolved quickly and tied into a neat little bow Her BFF's forgave her for deceiving them that she feels nothing for the boy her BFF Josie plans on taking back Luke forgave her after her dastardly deeds was found out in a very public way I think that they even made up Her life is all rainbows again without her suffering much for her actions

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    Emily Abbott has always been known as nice what with her mom being the epitome of all thing etiquette and good manners Emily always does the right thing But after her father decides to move them back to Boston but actually not going with them to tie up some loose ends and her boyfriend Sean breaks up with her on moving day Emily decides that being nice is no longer an option She's tired of always doing the good thing and then get nothing good out of it And after agreeing that all guys are jerks Em together with her now reconciled bffs come up with a handbook of Guy don'ts for the guys of the future Now the only thing left is for Emily to test if the guide works on the coolest and hottest guy on school with a heartbreaker reputation Luke Preston And this is one heck of an unexpected thrilling ride for EmilyReading The Book of Luke is exhilarating It's filled with so much drama humor and swoony romance Emily is relatable with an adorable personality Though sometimes she comes across a bit selfish and self centered I can totally understand that she's going through a lot Luke Preston however What can I say? Luke is a hundred degree hot He's charming and he has a way to him that he can make even the simplest remarks make you weak in the knees I just find it disappointing that we didn't get to see the his past self I actually thought there was some reason behind the geek to hot change But oh well I still love him The Book of Luke is full of realizations and life lessons It was honestly than what I expected I first thought that this is another book I'll read to pass the time with and then just forget about eventually but thankfully that wasn't the case I would definitely urge everyone to give this book a shotCheck this out Click

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    Okay I officially love MTV books The Book of Luke was that good You should seriously go get this book right now that’s how much I loved itEmily was a great character and I loved how she took charge in the story She knew what she wanted to shape a boy into and she didwell sorta Emily and Luke’s relationship was brilliantly written I liked how it actually showed how they progressed into it instead of “oh my god I’m in love with you” right from the beginning type of thingThe story line is awesome too The main idea is Emily and Luke’s relationship but adding the book of Luke into the mix makes it all that entertaining I like how in the beginning of each chapter there’s a “Guy’s Guide Tip” that you can read I thought they were all funny and thoughtfulSomething I didn’t like was that Emily’s old friends from Chicago were forgotten It was like one minute she was talking to them on the phone and then the next they disappeared entirely I also wanted to see of her dad in the bookThe Book of Luke is definitely a fun read for both boys and girls I enjoyed the hilarity and romance in this novel and I hope to see some Jenny O’Connell books in the future

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    I read this book last summer and it was great This is a good summer read for all who love a love story