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found this book while waiting for the black town car to arrive in Madrid yes, glamorous business travel in years gone by and loved it so much opened up the mobile browser and ordered a copy from mr and it arrived by the time we had returned we went onto Milan after Madrid deeply glamorous business travel days, darlings.david downtown is sublime in line and form and pencil and dark black ink with a feather or two. I barely know where to start with this book It s a great resource for anyone interested in fashion, art history illustration, and how culture and fashion influence each other It s divided into four sections by year Each section has 2 4 pages of text overview for that time period, followed by pages upon pages of illustrations Each illustration has a short caption as well, noting the illustrator, the designer, and usually some other information At the end of the book is a short list of recommended further reading, as well as a list of all illustrators mentioned.I originally loved the book just for the fashion that was being illustrated, but the variety of artistic styles represented quickly became an inspiration to me as a graphic artist I ll definitely be bringing the book with me to my studios next year as inspiration A Visual Feast Of Dazzling Images, This Is A Comprehensive Survey Of The Genre Over The Last Century The Book Also Offers An Overview Of The Development Of Fashion, As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Greatest Illustrators Of The Day Early In The Century Fashion Illustration Reflected New, Liberating Currents In Art And Culture, Such As The Exoticism Of The Ballets Russes, While The Postwar Period Saw Inspiration From The Great Parisian Couturiers After The Dominance Of The Celebrity Fashion Photographer In The S, A New Generation Of Illustrators Emerged, Embracing The Medium Of The Computer, While Many Returned To Traditional Techniques Seeing the evolution of fashion and clothing and ideas over the course of 100 years can definitely give a designer, even an everyday reader like myself, a huge boost of inspiration.Stunning visuals of everyday beauty and brilliant diversity of different techniques in artistic design. Outstanding collection of fashion illustrations Even though I really appreciated some of the illustrations and thought the drawings in it self was wonderful, I still got a little bored towards the end It was a lot to take in, and personally I wouldn t buy it as an table book myself However, it was very exciting to see the fashion evolving throughout the years, and the different drawing styles from the early 1900 to recent times You also got a short introduction that explained when it all started and told you about the first fashion magazines. An absolutely gorgeous pictorial history of fashion illustration Fabulous I adore these vintage fashion illustrations This book is a source of inspiration for so many places in my life. I love fashion and this is a fashion lovers book for sure The illustrations in this book are iconic of the fashion and style of the times over the last 100 years that made huge differences and changes not only with fashion but with the world movement as a whole as well The introduction gives a brief overview of fashion since the beginning which actually began in the sixteenth century, the goes into the 1900 s and beyond I still find it interesting sometimes how fashion has changed From the conservative simple pieces to bold and loud other the top pieces of today But yet both still are in either times I love fashion and how much it has changed over time and how much it is still evoking The drawings in the book are beautiful and very characteristic of the times in which they were drawn and meant for the women as well of the time Beautiful book. A real gem covering not only the development of fashion, but also highlighting the important fashion designers, the development of design ideals and also introducing important illustrators and artists and saying something about their careers which I knew far less about than the other subjects And all lavishly illustrated.