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This book is so cool I love it I still need to read the last book, but I can t find it This book managed to be everything I didn t want it to be The overall plot is simple and I liked that. but the rest of this was just so tedious to read The author completely butchered the characterization of Jack Sparrow One minute he s talking like a child, the next like a 30 year old man The dialogue was choppy and the wording was awkward Additionally, Jack wasn t even clever or funny in this book He was just kind of there And the supporting characters were just as bland This is meant to be a prequel or back story for Jack Sparrow, but after reading this I still don t know much about his background This author also writes very poor fight scenes When you read a pirate book, you want suspense and violence and adventure This book had none of that And that was why I disliked it so much. This Swaggering, Stand Alone Addition To The Pirates Of The Caribbean Series Recounts The Story Of Jack Sparrow, A Teenage Stowaway On An Adult Mission Jack Has Assembled A Motley Crew Of Adventurers To Locate And Seize The Legendary Sword Of Cort S This Scenario Sounds Feasible Until The Treasure Hunters Run Into Heavy Storms And Bloodthirsty Pirates Full of adventure but the verbiage would be difficult for early readers. This book is basically about when Captain Jack Sparrow was a young reckless teenager It starts off with him going into the craziest bar for pirates ever Tortuga He was looking for his stolen satchel, and he thinks he finds it with one of the most dangerous pirates ever, Captain Torrents Unfortunatley, Jack didn t know about the notorius pirate, and Torrents caught him stealing Jack makes a narrow escape as he loses Torrents in a giant brawl Arabella, the barmaid, pulls him out of the fight he finds out that the satchel is nt his, but it does contain the famous Sword of Cortez s sheath Legend had it that whoever had both sword and sheath could rule the seas If thety lost one, they would perish instanteniously They are planning to head to the island where the sword is on an abandoned ship, but right before they are to leave, a young rich teen named Fitzwilliam P Dalton III wants to join on the adventure The trio sial for days until finally landing on the island There they meet 2 boys named Jean and Tumen who have a sister that was turned itno a cat The boys lead the crew to the abandoned city where the sword is said to be they finally find the skeleton of the king that once had the sword, but someone had recently stolen the sword On their way back to the boat, they run into Captain Torrents The crew battles for a little, then Jack defeats Torrents, and the crew escaped Cool book This is the first book in a new series for young readers about the teenage years of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, when he first became a pirate and went off in search of treasure Teenage Arabella lives a dreary life in Tortuga Her mother was kidnapped by pirates, her father is always drinking, and she spends her days working in her father s tavern The only bright spot in serving drinks to the pirates is that she can listen to their stories of adventure and treasure hunting One day, a young man her age stumbles into the tavern and gets into a lot of trouble when he steals from an infamous pirate Arabella rescues the young man, who introduces himself to her as Jack Sparrow Jack is a young stowaway who dreams of having his own ship and searching for treasure To get away from her miserable life Arabella agrees to help him They take an abandoned ship, the Barnacle, and with the help of Fitzwilliam, a spoiled young Englishman in search of adventure, leave Tortuga to sail the Caribbean in search of the Sword of Cortes, which promises wealth and power to whoever finds it I was a little skeptical when I started reading this book of how well a children s book writer would do at writing a young Jack Sparrow I am pleased to say I thought the writer did a pretty good job at writing his character and dialogue The other members of the crew were likeable characters as well The book is rather short, even for the reading level it s written for, but it was still pretty enjoyable Young readers who enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean films are sure to enjoy this book, but I think older fans looking for a fun adventure could enjoy this book as well I look forward to reading future books in this series and seeing what adventures young Jack and his crew run into next. , ,,Goners , Jedi Apprentice ,,, , , , . Yyyaayyy I finished my first book for school I m surprisingly proud of myself for reading this in Spanish and actually understanding it I like Jack and Fitzwilliam together and how Fitzwilliam s nickname is Fitzy. The Coming Storm is a quick read, and fun As a self appointed Captain Jack Sparrow expert and enthusiast, I m rather picky about folks getting him right Rob Kidd does an admirable job here, capturing Captain Jack s voice and mannerisms so well that I actually pictured a 21 Jump Street era Johnny Depp acting them out The book is very clearly part of a series, and while it could stand alone, there s no reason you d want it to It has its own arc and ties in with a larger storyline as well The book sets up familiar characters from the movies, including both Tia Dalma and Davy Jones Jack s desire early on seems to be to rid the world of pirates, or so he tells his crew, and I m interested to see if the other books explain his apparent distaste for his future profession. I am SO MAD that I was too old to enjoy this book when I read it Or maybe I wouldn t have liked the female protagonist anyway Who knows I know adults who enjoyed these though I ll probably end up reading this again later when I m feeling nostalgic.