read online Textbooks How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day.Author Michael J. Gelb –

Some interesting history about da Vinci, which I enjoyed.Mixed with the author s suggested exercises for accessing those parts of our intelligence, which I didn t enjoy nearly as much They were fine ideas, but I wanted to hearda Vinci specifics.Perhaps I d have enjoyedif I d known better what to expect.Audio book reader did an excellent job. Genius Is Made, Not Born And Human Beings Are Gifted With An Almost Unlimited Potential For Learning And Creativity Now You Can Uncover Your Own Hidden Abilities, Sharpen Your Senses, And Liberate Your Unique Intelligence By Following The Example Of The Greatest Genius Of All Time, Leonardo Da VinciAcclaimed Author Michael J Gelb, Who Has Helped Thousands Of People Expand Their Minds To Accomplish Than They Ever Thought Possible, Shows You How Drawing On Da Vinci S Notebooks, Inventions, And Legendary Works Of Art, Gelb Introduces Seven Da Vincian Principles The Essential Elements Of Genius From Curiosit , The Insatiably Curious Approach To Life To Connessione, The Appreciation For The Interconnectedness Of All Things With Da Vinci As Your Inspiration, You Will Discover An Exhilarating New Way Of Thinking And Step By Step, Through Exercises And Provocative Lessons, You Will Harness The Power And Awesome Wonder Of Your Own Genius, Mastering Such Life Changing Abilities As Problem Solving Creative Thinking Self Expression Enjoying The World Around You Goal Setting And Life Balance Harmonizing Body And MindDrawing On Da Vinci S Notebooks, Inventions, And Legendary Works Of Art, Acclaimed Author Michael J Gelb, Introduces Seven Da Vincian Principles, The Essential Elements Of Genius, From Curiosita, The Insatiably Curious Approach To Life, To Connessione, The Appreciation For The Interconnectedness Of All Things With Da Vinci As Their Inspiration, Readers Will Discover An Exhilarating New Way Of Thinking Step By Step, Through Exercises And Provocative Lessons, Anyone Can Harness The Power And Awesome Wonder Of Their Own Genius, Mastering Such Life Changing Skills As Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Self Expression, Goal Setting And Life Balance, And Harmonizing Body And Mind This wasn t really a satisfying read for me When it came to Leonardo s life and genius and the Renaissance, it didn t give me as much detail as I would have liked, which frustrated me, as bald statements were made without sufficient evidence to back them up and the evidence and argument would have been fascinating to read about Then when it got to the 7 principles Gelb proposes to make us think like Leonardo, they seemed to have the opposite problem a ridiculous amount of detail and prescription seemed to be expected of us preceded by a self assessment of our strengths in each area which seemed doomed to failure because it was too vague to actually show why we may not be strong enough in each area The ideas and exercises proposed to strengthen us seemed to me to be onerous in the extreme, and impractical and time consuming not to mention deadly boring in the minutiae involved Obviously a well received book on the market, and reasonably popular in Goodreads too, so I hesitate to condemn it, but it wasn t for me. This book was an utter disappointment The author seemed blinded by his love of Leonardo da Vinci and it impaired him from actually writing a decent book Gelb took principles that could be associated with Leonardo da Vinci, briefly listed common self help tips under the appropriate categories and dropped da Vinci s name often, as if that made the ideas original It felt like he was using a celebrity to sell a product.At the end of the book, there s a bonus A Beginner s Da Vinci Drawing Course It was cute Aside from the constant reminder and pictures that ensured da Vinci himself did indeed draw, half of the exercises seemed put in place simply to induce the illusion of productivity. A lot of interesting ideas and exercises to build creativity, lateral thinking, and a balanced lifestyle, but really most of the time abusing the DaVinci metaphor to hawk the standard late 90 s New Age yuppie fare and make it seem authentic, ancient and proven by giving it a fancy parchment wrapping In that sense, not unlike noepaganism, but with a Renaissance theme Gelb s parroting of many common falsehoods about the Middle Ages turned me off early in the introduction. I can t believe a school would require a grad student to read this book I skipped part 1 and went to part 2 to get to the meat of the book.After reading 5 chapters I found there wasn t any This might be a good book for 5th graders,or people who are mentally challenged,but please, adults should be at a higher level than this Just page after page of simplistic advice to learn from your mistakes and make word lists blahhh .. . A really good idea lost in poor, self indulgent writing I m not sure who Gelb is in love with , himself or daVinci Let s see, the book is written in English, but let s name the principals in bastardized Italian to make it special Better yet His physics studies anticipated the modern disciplines of hydrostatics, optics, and mechanics Wow he studied physics 200 years before the science of physics and calculus were invented As Dr Cavanagh once wrote on one of my research papers anachronistic bullsh t Leonardo daVinci was a genius, and we can learn from his methods of insatiable curiosity, testing knowledge through experience, refining the senses, embracing ambiguity, balancing science and art, cultivating grace and fitness, and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things But you ll learn thisthrough a well written biography than this book.