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El Greco , Born Domenikos Theotokopoulos, Was One Of The Most Fascinating And Distinctive Artists Of The Sixteenth Century His Works Are Immediately Recognizable For Their Brilliant Colors, Elongated Figures, And Spiritual IntensityInitially Trained In Crete, In Around El Greco Moved To Italy Where He Purportedly Studied With Titian A Decade Later He Is Documented In Toledo South Of Madrid , And He Spent The Rest Of His Long Life In Spain His Paintings And Writings Offer A Thoughtful, Frequently Inspired Response To The Varied Environments In Which He Worked And They Reveal That He Was Deeply Engaged With The Religious And Artistic Thinking Of His TimesThis Lavishly Illustrated Book The First Comprehensive English Language Publication On El Greco In Many Years Addresses The Full Range Of The Artist S Work In Painting And Sculpture, From His Byzantine Icons To His Late Altarpieces It Considers His Personality From Both A Religious And Intellectual Point Of View, And Presents The Artist S Religious, Mythological, Genre, Landscape, And Portrait Works, Providing The Historical Context In Which They Were Made

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    I find this compilation of El Greco s paintings powerful for two reasons the intense, dramatic Post Byzantine paintings were considered nearly sacrilegious for their time which is no doubt a fact that endeared Nikos Kazantzakis to El Greco s work centuries later and I was reared in Crete where El Greco was also born , so I visited the tiny El Greco museum with my school yearly from the time I was 6 years old until I was 11 I remember looking up in awe at huge paintings I didn t understand burgundy cloaked figured and dark skies, something meant to be religious, but frightening to a child I just knew I felt uneasy and was ready for the next phase of the trip where we got to feed the pelican I had nearly forgotten those trips until I saw this book.

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