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Artemesia Is The Daughter Of A Pirate Queen, And She S Sick Of Practicing Deportment At The Angels Academy For Young Maidens Escaping From The School, She Hunts Up Her Mother S Crew And Breezily Commands Them Out To Sea In A Leaky Boat Unfortunately, Art S Memories Of Her Early Life May Not Be Accurate Her Seasick Crew Are Actors, And Art S Infamous Mother Was The Darling Of The Stage In A Pirate Drama But Fiery, Pistol Proof Art Soon Shapes Her Men Into The Cleverest Pirate Crew Afloat And When They Meet The Dread Ship Enemy And Her Beautiful, Treacherous Captain, Goldie Girl, Art Is Certain That Her Memories Are Real The Seven Seas Aren T Large Enough For Two Pirate Queens Art Will Have The Battle Of Her Life To Win Her Mother S Title And The Race For The Most Fabulous Treasure In Pirate Lore This Gaudy, Outrageous Tale Sparkles With Swordplay, Skullduggery, And Salty Language Not To Mention Over The Top Comedy

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    Storytelling is for fun That s not what they tell you in English Lit 301 There you endure blither about mirroring the human condition , or capturing real life in beige dialogue on dull days, else grandiose calls to craft words into entire worlds All very nice, if that s what you like And yet the stone truth remains, unmoved storytelling is for fun. Piratica is told for fun to make the reader giggle, make the teller laugh A serious young schoolgirl is hit on the head, recalls she is a pirate queen, and sets about to gather her crew Accompanied by a sane fellow who knows perfectly well that real pirates are thieving killers Probably he also knows that English Lit 301 measures a story by how close it recalls Catcher in the Rye.Truthfully, I always wanted to hit Holden Cawfield on the head Not an attitude to please his worshipers in Eng Lit 301 Therefore, to please the Sopho Lit professors of the world, we add the following Piratica mirrors the human existential dilemma that within each breast is a soul crying out for liberation from tea and scripture, corset and curfew In its arrrgh, matey we hear the lonely angst of humanity pretending adventure, romance and liberation from society s chains For the world of piracy is fraught with fraud, with chance, with the dread risks of tide and time A pirate is a noble, doomed Ulysses, and his world is larger than ours, louder and brief I think that about does it I might add, that readers of this book may be tempted to take a blow to the head to find if they are also pirates, or space captains or elven lords This book makes it look worth it Beat that, Catcher in the Rye.

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    I picked up this book for two reasons 1 I ve been meaning to read something by Tannith Lee 2 I m addicted to the Bloody Jack series and fear it s drawing to a close.At first I was dismayed. she s nothing like Jacky No fun, no silliness, all seriousness But it was probably a good thing, really, as the comaparisons in my mind stopped pretty early on I m not much of a plot discusser so I ll say this The begining was a bit slow but maybe lots of books are and I should just quit being critical of that I was also afraid that it was really predictable I WAS WRONG Plus, plus, plus points galore While you can see the plot unfolding and you are definitely thinking you re on board and so much smarter it still unfolds in ways that, while ultimately piratical and so therefore slightly predictable hello, it s a pirate story , are totally enjoyable and not at all boring or common I was so happy with the writing style, the characters some of the crew were never fleshed out very well but not in a bothersome way , and the story gripped my attention and didn t let go 1 4 of the way through While it s not hugely action packed, it was a great storyline While I love campy, silly, and unrealistic and loathe over angsty and too serious, this book fell right in the middle I felt like people who analyze things would feel they were being fed something worth eating and people who like fun and hate overthinking would be thoroughly entertained Which, in my book, is a really great place to be FIVE STARS P.S I just realized there are three other books in this series I m not sure any sequel could be as interestingly unfoldede but I m a sucker for hanging around with characters I love P.S I AM SO IRRITATED I was reading other reviews and the second one down has a huge end of the book spoiler in the first lines of the review How do you report these people

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    , Tanith Lee , , , , , Tanith Lee 2

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    Just not for me I thought it was YA and checked it from the library, but it s geared towards ten year olds The pirates are silly and hang out in a coffee house and drink coffee rather than rum Kinda strange But if I was ten, I would probably love it I m not ten though and not in the mood for coffee drinking pirates I didn t finish.

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    Lately it seems half the books I read were written by fourth graders I love L.A.Meyer s Bloody Jack series I was hoping Piratica would be similar But there is absolutely nothing well done about this book, from the writing to the plot to the characters, everything is mediocre.The writing is awful Commas are apparently unnecessary Sometimes I had to read a sentence three or four times because it was gobbledy gook until I filled in my own commas Take this, for example Out of which the bald cliff raised itself Hello that is NOT a sentence, yet there are fragments like that on every page, and I m not even joking Who on earth edited this And the purple prose, like, The stars undid their doors What exactly is that I couldn t have cared less for the characters The heroine is unremarkable She doesn t actually DO anything I don t remember who the crew are they all blend together Oh, there s a black guy and some gay guys That other pirate girl whose name I can t remember is not even threatening No one has any real motivation for anything Felix comes out and tells us his, but it s pretty weak Everything else is just, now we re going to do this thing Now we re going to do THAT thing Why I dunno, it sounds good It s like I ve just been plunked down into the middle of the story, and I have to assume all of these characters have already been developed, but they haven t been.The story is completely implausible not in a fun way, but in an extremely distracting way If these pirates really are just actors, there is NO WAY they could sail that ship, especially through massive storms And there s only 11 of them WTF And they re going to find this mysterious island that no one else can find As far as the parallel world bit, there is no reason for it It s barely different from the real world I think Lee just wanted to make up a few names here and there Because really, that s it England is England, but Madagascar is Mad Agash Scar Oh, and they drink coffee instead of rum.And, for a book that lacks in anything interesting, the drama is overwhelming at times Will we never look at land again someone moans after half a page s worth of sailing There is no meat to this, just telling us this happens, then telling us that happens The author doesn t let you EXPERIENCE it Let me feel their despair don t tell me after three paragraphs how hopeless they are And Art figures things out way too quickly, without even thinking It s ridiculous The way she figures out the puzzle doesn t even make sense If the birds say their part on cue, then it would have made sense if Plunkqwette only said beach by cobhouse when someone said fifteen Grrr Also, if you compiled everything concerning her arch enemy, it might, MIGHT take up ten pages.Honestly, it reminds me of the kinds of stories I wrote in 8th grade, when I thought I was being all deep I m certainly not saying I could do better, but then again, I m not a professional writer Except that even back then, I had a better grasp on basic grammar than Lee It s all too much the sickeningly flowery prose that doesn t really mean anything, jumping from one thing to another with no development, one dimensional characters It is seriously painful to read.Plus, this whole device of using parentheses but she remembered this or did she is ridiculous Even when our questions are answered, it seems completely implausible.I would stop reading right now, but I just need to figure out WTF the real story of Art s past is I don t really care, except that the hints are driving me bonkers.I can t believe people put this in the same league as L.A Meyer His writing is far superior to Lee s in every way They aren t even comparable If you enjoy it, fine I don t understand why, but you re entitled to your opinion But comparing Lee to Meyer is like comparing Stephanie Meyer to J.K Rowling only one of them has a firm understanding of how to move a story along, and how to develop characters I just want this book to be over.Finally finished this was just terrible The love story was so forced, and out of the blue I don t understand how this author has won awards for other books I waffled between one and two stars, and finally decided to give it one because it was just that bad I will never attempt to read anything by this author again.Updated 7 31 13 I had completely forgotten I d read this book I didn t even remember the things that were in my review That s how terrible I thought this book was.

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    I have probably read this book at least a half dozen times and every time I start out by asking myself why I m reading it I hate the writing style But everytime I get past the first few chapters and am so enthralled with the plot and the humour that I forget about it and enjoy the book to no end Tanith Lee is a master at wit and humour despite the writing style that can be grating at times This book is highly enjoyable and I highly recommend it Art, at the age of sixteen, is emprisoned in a girls boarding school But she doesn t realize it, that is until an untimely fall brings memories of her former life flooding back Art remembers the high seas, ships, pirates, and most of all her mother, Molly Faith also known as Piratica Sooner than you could blink she s escaped and rounded up the old gang who have become walking advertisements for Pirate s Coffee She forces them back into what she thinks is the old life It hits her like a sack of bricks when she s forced to realize that the life she thought she remembered what really all a stage play with her mother in the lead role Despite that Art sets off to make her fortune Molly style pirating without killing or unduly hurting anyone Enter Felix Phoenix, a young man with white hair and hauntingly blue eyes Also mistaken time and again for the infamous Cuckoo Jack On the run from the law, he unwillingly joins Art crew He stays on for his own reasons, and unwillingly finds himself falling in love with Art Art unwillingly returns the feelings So begins an adventure on the high seas filled with romance, treasure, some actors turned pirates, and Muck, the cleanest dog in England

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    this book was really cute it started out a bit slow, but sped up fairly quickly i thought the main character was a bit crazy at first, but she seemed to become real as i read the only part i didn t like was the continuing references to a certain play every action in the book was compared to this play, which after a while made me want to shake the next person to make the comparison however, in the end, the references had a reason for being in the book overall, it was a good read and i loved the action scenes.

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    I was really excited when this book came out I fully expected to totally love it Lee is one of my favorite authors, so. Lee and pirates How could it go wrong I m not quite sure, but somehow it does.Set in a slightly parallel world in 1802 which basically means that place names are spelled wrong the river Thamis flows through Lundun, for example , Piratica gives us a young woman named Artemisia, who, while studying deportment at her girls school, falls and hits her head After this blow, Artemisia experiences a rush of memory that convinces her that before her father locked her away in the school, she was a pirate, sailing the seven seas with her captain mother, Piratica Inspired, she runs away from school and finds her mother s old compatriots who turn out to be members of an acting company who had put on a successful play about pirates.Undaunted, Artemisia, taking the name Art Blastside, convinces the actors to steal a ship, and embark on an adventure in search of treasure which, unfortunately, is already being sought by some real pirates.Lee usually excels at creating a dreamlike atmosphere in her work, but in this book, the events are absurdist than dreamlike It s obviously not supposed to be realistic but somehow I wanted the narrative to have internal logic than it did Maybe it was just my mood.I was also just rather annoyed by the issue of Is Artemisia crazy or not It was sort of like I kept wanting the book to just settle down into being the silly adventure romp for teenagers that it s being marketed as but these quirks and kinks kept coming up distractingly Which sound like it might be interesting but I didn t find it so.

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    The writing was not my cup of tea.

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    This review and others posted over at my blog Tanith has created a semi Victorian Regency I don t know time periods, sorry world in the year of Seventeen Twelvety how awesome is that which somewhat resembles the actual year of 1802 This world primarily differs from our own in how the countries are laid out and there s a handy map in the front that I actually referenced for once But because this is Tanith and I am a flappy handed fangirl for everything she s written ugh except Greyglass tosses if off a cliff I felt there was something subtle about her world that differed from an actual historic period I can t explain this further and likely I am crazy.Art is fantastic She s bold and witty and smart and super talented at being a pirate, despite not having been one for the past six years She could potentially suffer from special snowflake syndrome, but she doesn t because she has to work to win over her crew and she doesn t have the shining, sapphire eyes and porcelain doll like features of your usual heroine And oh, the sun doesn t shine out of her ass Anyway She s a great lead, but her crew is small enough that most of them actually I think I m saying this word too much in this review, but I m too lazy to change it feel different and developed, where they could easily have fallen to the wayside portside There s a lot to the plot that I can t talk about or I ll spoil the fun, but from the moment Art rediscovers her crew and takes on her new life as a pirate, I had this underlying sense of something I knew something else was up and it was a nice feeling, knowing that the plot had another element that wasn t being revealed, even though the plot was acting like everything had been revealed.Look, I have a hard time analyzing Tanith s work because I am super biased But I can say, if you re looking for a witty, semi middle grade semi teen pirate adventure with swashbuckling, a fantastically charming ragtag group of pirates, talented parrot and dog companions, a strong female lead and totally hawt boi, but no love triangles and no breaths being held unbeknownst to the holder, then Piratica may be just what you re looking for I can t wait to read the other two books