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    A decent book by Weis and Hickman The story is not so attractive, but it is enjoyable to read I will start reading next And the third book this night, hope to finish it before.

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    Not my cup of tea Like I said when I reviewed Book 1 of this series, it s probably best to just go back and read some of the 80s Dragonlance books Read some of the ones you haven t read, like the Twins stories or even some other authors These books are kind of like The Godfather Part III best not made.

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    I m so glad this book picked up I was thinking it would be three stars for a while, but then, the story became so much stronger, and the plot rushed forward in great ways I m still not a Mina fan, but the ending gave her depth than I initially saw in her, which I really like This book gave a lot of answers to earlier plot points in this series but also in Jean Rabe s series I still feel like Weis and Hickman kind of disrespected Rabe by dismissing most of her plot points, like the dragons from beyond Krynn, the wild magic, and heart healing, which really bothers me, but I appreciate what they built of their own in their return to Krynn.The beginning of this book dragged for me, especially with Mina and Silvanoshei s scenes, but I was glad to see much less of them in the latter half of the book I especially enjoyed Marshal Medan and Laurana s plot line, but I also liked Tas s, as always I m a big kender fan , and I really liked Gilthas s story and how his character developed over the course of the series so far Some of the deaths in this novel saddened me as well Mostly, though, I enjoyed seeing things come together I m really curious about book three now, especially after some of the deaths and the big revelation at the end of the story which wasn t a big revelation to me since I looked up Mina s story and found out who the One God is, but only because I was so bored with Mina s plot in the first book and just wanted to know what the big deal was Still, I think the revelation is important and makes a lot of connections view spoiler though I really dislike that Weis and Hickman took Rabe s wild magic and heart healing and made them gifts from Takhisis to the people of Krynn why did they do her like that, for real hide spoiler

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    Mina continues to do her best to take over various parts of Krynn She follows the One God a god who, like in most fantasy, is a very skewed version of the God that monotheistic religions follow Because, yes, any god would enjoy having souls stay on the world to worship it instead of departing in a final peace Yup.Goldmoon plays a role here, being in her youth s body but with her present mind She follows the ghosts, ignores the tax on her mind and soul, and begins to tilt towards the One True God The question on everyone s mind incluinng hers is of course what happened Tas and Palin meet up with Dalamar I love Tas, and I m a little sad that he and Palin aren t the big main characters And yet it s okay, because Tas time especially is from the past Yet there is enough of Tasslehoff that we can continue to see the impact that having human friendships has had on him He talks of logic, feels fear, and has grown a lot as a kender and a oompanion.The focus though is on the elven nations and Mina s takeover without a battle with the elves And some even follow her lead, especially when Silvanoshei truly falls in love with her.It does make me sad that everyone thinks that kender lie You d think they d realize kender don t NEED to lie to the extreme others think they do They may embellish a bit or lie about not having something to save their hides, but to them, any adventure they have is story enough.The army of souls was quite terrifying For while souls can t physically harm, the weapons of fear and despair are much worse.OHHHH durh, the One God.I should have realized that No surprise.I didn t enjoy the deaths, but as I said this is about the next generation s The deaths, while sad, make sense.

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    My reading speed is getting slower when it comes to high fantasy long novels.

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    As stated in my review of the first volume in this series, this is the second time I m reading this trilogy and I didn t remember much about it, just that I felt rather impressed by the scope of the story.This volume focuses on the elves of Krynn Mina is continuing her conquest of Krynn and in pursuit of this, she enters Silvanost and helps young king Gilthas to lower the shield At the same time, the dragon overlord Beryl decides to attack Qualinest and both elven races are facing hardship than ever before.Meanwhile, Palin and Dalamar is trying to figure out Tas role and Goldmoon follows the dead, trying to figure out what happened and why the dead are sucking magic from the living.And the War of the Souls beginsExcellent book it don t have the same feel as especially the original chronicles, but I still enjoyed it immensely and the scope and importance of this story in relation to the development of Krynn.

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    .This is definitely a worthwhile, fantasy, adventure that I enjoyed very much.Would recommend

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    Much better than Volume 1I liked the pace of the narrative,and that the key events were very well written Great follow up to the first book

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    Finally read the second book Solidly the same type of story you expect from the fantasy duo.

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    How satisfying to read a sequel that lives up to the standards of the previous book in the series This story is just as compelling and gripping as the first book in War of Souls, and it drives the plot forward without a hitch I can say little here beyond what I said for Fallen Sun the pace moves fluidly while not failing to capture the nuances of setting and character Best of all, the end of Lost Star gives a thrilling, game changing revelation a proper ending to book 2 that sends us headlong into book 3.Weis and Hickman weave an intricate story with many strands The tapestry is complex and brilliant, especially for a cheap paperback fantasy, for which admittedly the bar is often set low I am continually surprised and impressed by this story I have already moved well into the third book, and I already anticipate a disappointment at the series being over There s an addiction to it.I ll end with a warning Don t read these books out of sequence The reward for going start to finish is too great to miss For its genre, the series is exceptional to say the least.