Free kindle Sincerely Yours: Writing Your Own Letter (Writer's Toolbox)Author Nancy Loewen –

I really enjoyed this book because of all the information in it This book is about how to write a letter, it includes every single step in detail It also includes different kinds of letters like thank you s, a friendly letter, invitations, and many other forms of letters This book explains how to write a signature, how to end start the letter, putting a stamp on it, putting it in an envelope, how to write the address, and everything else included in writing a letter.There is even a portion on how to review your letter and make sure everything it done correctly This would be a good book for first or second grade when they re learning how to write letters or have a pen pal Children could practice writing letters to each other or their parents to get the hang of it. Ready To Build A Letter First, You Ll Need The Right Tools Open This Title In The Writer S Toolbox Series And Discover Plenty Of Tips And Tools To Get You Started Soon You Ll Be Writing Thank You Notes, Get Well Cards, And Business Letters Like A Pro This is an incredibly detailed, fact filled children s book Sincerely Yours Writing Your Own Letter, could be used in so many classrooms all over the country Written by Nancy Loewen, this informational book takes the reader step by step through the process of writing different types of letter The book starts out by acknowledging the fact that today mostly electronic forms of communication have taken over for pencil and paper They continue to encourage the reader to learn how to write different types of letter for different purposes.The reader will learn how to write a friendly letter, write thank you notes, business letters, and how to address an envelope correctly I would recommend this book to grades three through fifth You would definitely need to break this book down by different types of letters The book is so dense that you could not go through it in one sitting nor should you It has an incredible way of breaking down letter writing to make it easy and simple I would highly recommend this book great book to teach how to write a letter. I enjoyed how informative this book was It gives children step by step instruction on how to properly construct a letter all on their own Having the kids sit down and listen to this as a read aloud first, then allowing them to individually look at the book as they go step by step through the process to write their own letters I think this would work really well in a third grade classroom during a writing lesson Having the students write these letters after reading the book to show just how much they learned. LOVED THE BOOK In todays society where people text message and telephone and email each other, this book shows in a very easy way how to compose a letter, yep snailmail Good introduction to a writing lesson. Informational Text This is a great book to use in the classroom when teaching children how to write letters