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Grade Level 7 9 Age Level 12 14 Listening Level Grades 7 9As the youngest and only female member of the Knights Templar Bilis SanGreal grew up knowing she wasn’t normal Instead of hanging out at the mall or going on dates she spends her time training as a warrior in her order’s ancient battle against the UnholyBilli’s cloistered life is blasted apart when her childhood friend Kay returns from Jerusalem gorgeous and with a dangerous chip on his shoulder He’s ready to slide back into Billi’s life but she’s met someone new amber eyed Mike who seems to understand her like no one else and effortlessly stakes a claim on her heartBut the Templars are called to battle before Billi can enjoy the thrilling new twist to her life One of the order’s ancient enemies has resurfaced searching for a treasure that the Templars have guarded for almost a thousand years King Solomon’s cursed mirror a source of unimaginable power To save the lives of millions Billi will have to put her heart aside and make sacrifices greater than she could have imagined

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    This was a powerful gritty very dark story In fact I am quite surprised that this was released as a young adult book other than the age of the protagonist Billi Billi SanGreal lives a grim existence as the daughter of the leader of the very small remains of the once powerful Knights Templar They exist to fight the darkness and the demons that would destroy humanity Only Billi isn't so sure she wants to be a Templar The cost has been too high Her father barely treats her as his daughter showing her no affection only pushing her constantly to be the best warrior and to be utterly ruthless in her destruction of evil beings She has already lost her mother to a horrendous attack by ghuls demonic creatures who were once humans but gave up their souls for power or possessions Billi just wants a normal life As if being a teen wasn't bad enough she's considered weird because of her constant bruises and cuts and the fact that her father was on trial for her mother's murderHer friend Kay finally comes back from Jerusalem where he was training to be an Oracle or a seer for the Knights Templar She's angry at him that he left her when she needed his friendship and support She's also confused at the feelings she has for the handsome young man he's becomeAnd then she meets gorgeous mysterious Mike who might be her first chance to have a boyfriend But Mike isn't quite what he seemsThis was a very intense story There were times I had to put this book down and take a breather Billi's life truly is one battle after enough Part of that is due to the struggle with her father for control of her life and her yearning for him to show her the affection and approval she needs as his daughter And then there is the struggle with her feelings She truly wants to be free from this life as a Templar that was forced her on by her father Mr Chadda really knows how to pack a punch with his writing Between the intra and interpersonal angst and the battles between good and evil the tension in this story never lets up His worldbuilding is strong and compelling and unrelentingly grim This story has a seriousness that I appreciated yet it challenged me to keep reading At times I was frustrated at Billi for her determination to rebel against her father But it made sense She wanted his love and he didn't give her that very thing she needed so badly and her rebellion was a way of letting up the pressure that she constantly lived under I thought the idea of a modern day Knights Templar was fantastic Although her father was pretty ruthless and not very good at showing affection to Billi I really liked and respected Arthur He was a strong man with an unrelenting sense of duty He was the kind of man who would fight evil to the end regardless of the cost He would hone his daughter into a powerful warrior who would do what was necessary in the battle against evil if he had to make her hate him to do it I admired him for that although I wished that the relationship between Billi and her father was lovingThe plot twists and turns until I really had no idea how things would end The ending really brought things full circle but I won't pretend it didn't break my heart Billi doesn't come out of this story without loss She is like a weapon that has been tested and honed by the fires of combat and trial And that includes painful lossBrutal and violent and unrelentingly dark Devil's Kiss really involved me I couldn't let go of this book even though I had to put it down to regroup I am very impressed with this author His writing is vivid and stunning painting a world that seems lost to the darkness But it's not for the Knight's Templars will continue to fight evil until Kingdom Come If you are looking for supernatural action with a strong heroine who has a compelling relationship with her father you will love this book I certainly cannot wait to read the next book

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    The Vinaya MonologuesVinaya So I'm not sure what to think of The Devil's KissVinaya's Not much to think about love it wasn't some profound oeuvre Vinaya's But it was interesting in partsV's little devil snorts In parts ain't good enough for me V's angel In parts is better than the unmitigated boredom of books like Hush Hush and Fallen Huh those fallen angels aren't very interesting are they? preensV's devil More interesting than those losers who couldn't stop preaching in that Halo book V's angel hurriedly changing the subject Anyway that's not really what we were discussing We were talking about how Chadda's novel had a certain amount of promiseV's devil Yeah it could have rocked if only he hadn't had those lame categories of supernaturals The Beast Within The Hungry Dead The Dark Angels Why could't he just say werewolves and zombies and vampires and fallen angels like normal people? He sounds like a pretentious Brit wannabeV's angel He is Brit V's devil in a fake Brit accent Yeah that's right innit? His mum and dad settled in Britain and his home is London innit? Maybe that's why he subjects us to those long and boring descriptions of the dark and gloomy streets around Temple Bar innit?V's angel dryly You know the Brits don't say 'innit' after every sentence right? V's devil indignantly They do in Bend it Like Beckham And that movie was made by another one of those Indian origin Chadda people so I figured they spoke the same slang innit? Vinaya finally getting a word in edgewise Well I agree that the book didn't start out on a promising note what with the Capitalisations OF Various Things In Order To Make Them Sound Important and the token description of school bullies and meanness that had nothing to do with the story and meandered quite a bit away from the start I admit I was wondering if I would actually finish this book after the first thirty pages or so V's angel encouragingly But then it got better didn't it?V's devil Yeah if you can call an unobstructed fall into darkness and depression 'better' This book was misnamed Instead of calling it The Devil's Kiss they should have called it The Book of Doom and Gloom God that Billi girl can mope V's angel She's only fifteen for god's sake There would be something wrong with her if she wasn't moping Apart from the fact that it is the sacred right of every teenager to think they have the worst life EVER she actually does have a pretty awful life what with the constant training the lack of opportunities for a normal social life her outcast status at school her best friend who abandoned her to go study in Jerusalem for a whole year her cold unloving dad the guy she trusted who turned out to be her worst enemy you can hardly expect her to be sunshine and lightnessV's devil That's exactly what I mean This book is so gloomy and depressing it's like there isn't one positive ray of light anywhere She hates everything about her life and her situation It's not natural Nobody could be that depressed all the time and live And that father dude was so stupid too Please what kind of real father decides on the basis of a half baked prophecy by a half insane Oracle that he must sunder all relations with his daughter who has already lost her mother? Therefore leaving her lost and bewildered and well depressed as well as pretty much orphaned? And then when it is discovered that the prophecy isn't about him after all they just go back to being hunky dory within a few hours and all those years of repressed emotion on both sides just dissipate magically?V's angel despairingly Isn't there anything you liked about the book?V's devil grudgingly Well they mythology was spot on No stupid mistakes with the religious texts etc I kind of got caught up in the narrative once the first thirty pages or so were over and it became quite exciting in parts And I suppose I do like Billi She's not the best heroine I've ever come across but she's nowhere close to the worst either She's had a hard life for a fifteen year old and it shows but even though her voice is pretty mature there's still some instances of rebellion and naivete that lend authenticity to her age Kay was one of the weak points of the story though his character didn't have much character it sort of faded into the background and view spoilerthe romance between the two of them is pretty lukewarm and I'm glad he died so that Billi can find someone better in the next few books hide spoiler

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    Billi SanGreal lives with her father and his few comrades the last Templars She is the first female to train to be a Templar and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of a replacement generation besides her and the psychic orphan Kay Her mother was killed years before and the difficult and painful training leaves her no time for friends or extracurricular activities Ostracism at school and the coldness of her father and the other knights make her lonely and angst riddenThe theological and supernatural elements of the book were pretty incoherent and the character development limited but it was a fast paced read that will probably appeal to teens who like alternating angst and action A few questions that stood out for me Why did all the knights have names from the Round Table legends? Why was no one except Arthur married? Why would a Palestinian woman marry some freaky dude from a defunct religious order? Why has no one at Billi's school called the Child Protective Services?

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    Mr Chadda delivers the quintessential beyond badass heroine that I just love to love and he adds fight scenes that rattled my teeth

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    Ok here's the skinny on Sarwat Chadda's Devil's KissRead this if you like gritty almost but not quite steampunk fantasy swords battles blood and guts action zombies ghouls vampires and creepy children crawling with flies Knights Templar mythos Oracles and Ethereal beingsGirls looking for cute boys we got that Boys looking for zombie invasions and dark mysteriously frozen halls we got that too Billi is a pretty good heroine and most male readers will probably be comfortable with the level of lovey dovey romance on a scale of 1 to 10 with Twilight being a 36 and Devil's Kiss being a 25 so yea for young readers of all gendersParents concerned with sex rejoice There is none Some kissing Really tameParents concerned with violence you lose Those blood hungry soul sucking aberrations can't be vanquished with a feather duster Anyone concerned with morality and religion put your thinking caps on While Chadda isn't preachy about a message he does bring up some interesting questions about love spirituality and faith yes under all that blood and guts lie some thoughts about tolerance and fanaticism I'd be really interested to discuss this with people who have read the bookYou will probably experience a tell tale sag in the secondthird of the book but the final third redeems the whole thing in a big way

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    I'm one of those readers to whom you can say the phrase Knights Templar and I've already opened the book and read to page 20 So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized this book doesn't have a tremendous amount of Templar lore just a bitter protagonist who seems WAY older than her chronological age Fallen angels a love interest a pandemic all of these elements should have made me so happy but I didn't like any of the characters enough to actually care about them The book also had a quality which I call the movie foreshadowing I'm not saying that Chadda did this on purpose although I'm sure some authors do but there was this sense that the book was written to help producers envision what a great actionspecial effects movie it could be rather than have each element carefully chosen to help the plot and character developmentIt was a page turner all right I think I kept hoping it would get better and there was an effective sense of imminent demise through much of the novel but when I turned the last page I had to say So that was it?

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    There were bits that were not so good mostly in the beginning when the character went to school but the good parts were so good and the climax so killer that in the end I had to give this book a high rating It's a dark merciless coming of age story full of love and hate and immaturity and at the very end agonizing sacrifice Go and be devoured by it just as I was

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    This is without a doubt the best book I have read this yearSomething about it makes me classify this as adult fiction than teen fiction even though the main character herself is very youngThis book contains such a powerful message from the questioning of religion to the degrees of loyalty to the power and weakness of love And the main theme it revolves around is human nature What is human nature? What propells us forward to the cause? And most of all what is right exactly and what is wrong? William Penn once said What is wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it Right is still right even if no one else is doing it This book challenges the human psyche to distinguish the right from the right Is the right always right? Is wrong always wrong? Perhaps nothing is truly black or white and the colour is decided by OUR judgement? 'The Devil's Kiss' is an incredibly emotional book I dare you readers to take the bookk with you find a sunny cafe with sad lullabies playing in the background and you will cry and laugh just like how I didThe book is also one of the most original books I have ever read You don't find books these days targetted at young adults There's so much hidden ideology in here it's unbelievable how fast anyone can take to finish itI recommend this book to people out there than want a grand picture of things People sick of the typical chick flick novels where the worst thing that can happen is the boy dumping the girlthe girl moving awaythe guy moving awaythe guy breaking a bone I recommend it to people who want something learn something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives I don't think I'll ever forget the impact this book has brought to my life

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    I was looking forward to reading this book I'd recieved the sequel Dark Goddess for review and although I'd been assured it wasn't necessary to read Devil's Kiss I decided to anyway as everyone seemed to think very highly of it Unfortunatly I was disappointed and found Devils Kiss a bit of a struggleThe book starts very well Billi is confronting a demon who has possessed a six year old child Torn between wanting to protect the little boy and knowing she would have to destroy him I found myself very quickly being drawn into the story and the promise of an exciting sinister and dangerous storyHowever not long after this I became confused Devils Kiss is quite a complex story involving Templar knights battling against a whole host of monsters Werewolves Vampires Fallen Angels and Satan himself The problem I had was that I never felt I really knew enough about what was going on The premise is excellent and ambitious however I kind of felt like an outsider while reading not fully understanding what the Templars were about nor the motives behind the evil forces An idea was often presented but not really fully explored and even by the end I still felt as though I'd only managed to skim the surface of this book like I had only managed to grasp half the storyI also found the characters somewhat lacking Billi has a very difficult relationship with her father and resents him for her involvement with the Templars This could have made her a very sympathetic character however I felt she came across selfish and petulant She's supposed to be just fifteen so these traits could be attributed to her age but then at other times she seemed far too mature so her selfishness didn't sit quite right Her father is cold and focused and I didn't really feel I got to see the passion which drove him which would allow me to understand him The rest of the Templar Knight characters are vague and not really used for anything other than battle scenes and so I couldn't really understand what had brought them together or what they felt their duty was The same goes for the villain of the story Michael I found him disappointing and not particularly scary or sinister despite the atrocity he was apparently unleashingThere's no doubt that Sarwat Chadda writes well particularly action scenes which I felt were very well executed the final 60 pages being the best of the book and redeeming it somewhat for me He has intelligent and original idea's and Devils kiss is quite different to other paranormal stories out there at the minute I liked how he uses different religious themes throughout the book and found these really interesting I think the problem for me was that there just wasn't enough human or emotional involvement with the characters I also feel like I needed information and detail and felt frustrated that some questions weren't answered by the end Perhaps that says about me than the book maybe I need things spelled out for meDespite my criticisms I would recommend Devils Kiss to those who like an action packed adventure and something different It's extremely exciting in parts and presents some original and fascinating ideas I'll be reading The Dark goddess next and am still hopeful of finding that connection with Billi and the Templars I just didn't get from this book

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThis book is not at all what I expected The cover is the first thing that threw me It’s beautiful but I assumed that DEVIL’S KISS was a historical YA It’s not Why they have Billi dressed like that I have no idea This is a Paranormal YA set in modern day England After hearing about the premise for this book which involves the only female member of the dwindling Knights Templar and their never ending war against the Unholy vampires ghosts fallen angels etc I expected DEVIL’S KISS to be a slam dunk favorite I love it when an author draws from relatively untapped sources for their worlds and gives us a fresh mythology to play with And it was apparent from the first page that the writing was excellent Unfortunately those were the only two things that worked for me in this book My overall disappointment with DEVIL’S KISS is largely due to the main character Billi is just not sympathetic and given her life she should be Her mother was murdered her father is at best indifferent to her she has no choice in the life she must live and she can never indulge in normal teenage frivolity But apart from the opening scene where she is undergoing her final Ordeal to become a Templar I didn’t ever sympathize with her She’s too hard jaded and sulky for most of the book Then there’s the story itself The description implies a heavy romantic subplot that barely registers in the book The character of Michael doesn’t show up until the second half and the romantic tension between Billi and Kay is about as compelling as a phone book I did like the semi surprise twist at the end and I always appreciate it when an author makes hard choices for their characters but this was just not the story I wanted it to beSexual Content Kissing References to teen pregnancy