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Arrgh From the misnomered title A body farm is only in a small portion of the book to the implausible plot how did this get past editors SPOILER For startersOnly 3 people work at this TOP SECRET section of the FBI and 2 are dismissed because of malfeasance One has a dubious past and lied on her application Come on Our protagonist easily found that out, but NOBODY from the bureau vetted this crooked employee Geez Give me a break I m willing to suspend a bit of logic but I am NOT willing to check my brain at the door There are many other problems with the storylineScarpetta returns to the crime scene at night and forgets a flashlight Really Her partner may be in grave danger and she says NOTHING A child is missing and NOBODY thinks to search her home but Kay does Scarpetta enters a suspected killer s home without a gun, yet she sleeps with one next to her bed at all times Right Truly, I didn t really even like care about the main charactershe was a snobby know it all and she was sleeping with a married man Sorry I wasted my time reading this. As other reviewers have noted, the title The Body Farm is a bit misleading since it doesn t come into the plot until near the end, and then it is as a sidebar, but its graphic descriptive inclusion and the good Dr Kay Scarpetta s enthusiastic promotion for donating bodies for science totally rocks if icky science rings your chimes.I had to laugh the author Patricia Cornwell gave readers a high minded dutiful social message while at the same time satisfying us mystery readers in our queasy quest of seeking ewwwww entertainment and learning about police work and criminal law science topics.This series must be read in order start here Postmortem Mixed into the plot of Dr Scarpetta s public life of autopsies, vengeful serial killers, and bastard politicians obstructing her and the police, are a vividly dysfunctional gang of police friends, lovers and family who pop into the middle of her cases causing stress and distress In this book, much happens to Kay s favorite relative, Lucy, who is now a young adult She is a genius computer science geek who has been severely warped by Kay s self involved low life drama queen sister, Dorothy, a fiction writer Lucy wants to follow in Kay s footsteps as a crime fighter, so she is an intern of sorts in an FBI program at Quantico, Virginia Kay s relationship with her mother is fraught with the issues which commonly occur between an uneducated elderly woman of conventional housewife concerns and an extremely educated daughter who is swimming in upper level problems of government and leadership responsibilities Adding to the difficulties is the physical distance between Kay s mother, living in Florida and Richmond, Virginia, where Kay is headquartered.Captain Pete Marino, Kay s friend as well as a cantankerous police officer Kay works with in many cases, has been living in a manner designed to shorten his life, as a recent divorce has increased his rage and depression He is jealous of Kay s lovers, despite that the relationship between himself and Kay has been strictly professional Kay is gun shy of relationships in the first place, but unfortunately, she has fallen in love with a married FBI agent, Unit Chief Benton Wesley, in this book.Eleven year old Emily Steiner, a delicate small town child, has been found dead The mutilations on her body appear to follow the pattern of Temple Gault, the serial killer we met in the previous book in the series Anything related to Gault has the attention of the FBI and Dr Kay Scarpetta The Body Farm is Dr Kay Scarpetta s fifth novel, published in 1994 Her dear niece s age has been hastily augmented to twenty one I was certain Lucy was under twelve in their 1990 introduction I dislike violence, crime thrillers, forensics, even sad or tragic novels I abhor reading about horror or grief The personal perspective of Kay s teammates, family, friends, and my familiarity with them make all her series exceptions When one wants content that isserious than light mysteries, stepping past the lines of non grotesque, standard adult mysteries occurs Patricia Cornwell s novels are a successful effort in higher tolerance.I ask authors to cease hurling cat deaths into fiction This will always deduct a star but especially with the horrific addition so pointless and arbitrary to the novel The main victim had died and that depraved act could not torment her Besides the animal death deal breaker and difficulty I had, believing the murderer identity and motive against feline and humans the pace was fast and multifaceted I traversed 374 pages in a rush of interest that never waned.An additional, necessary criticism is that a major plot point and suspect was untouched and unexplained If it was a red herring, a major series criminal should not have been used That criminal s plot, pertaining to Lucy s FBI training, suggests that his unwarranted appearance sets up a succeeding novel The heroine having an affair rattles my respect no matter what the state of her paramour s marriage might be Although his wife is a seldom appearing cardboard figure, she is highly likeable It seems I come to three stars anyway The pace, complexity, and personal urgency were written well, keeping emotions and interest high I look forward to Patricia s next novel, after my habitual break to absorb other tones of fiction and non fiction. Number 5 in the Dr Scarpetta series.Kay Scarpetta isof an investigator that a medical examiner in the story.A young girl is murdered and the murder is attributed to a known serial killer But the murder scene is not quite right for this particular killer Whilst the FBI and the local police are searching for the serial killer Kay goes of in a different direction There is a lot going on here and I found the storyline a bit confusing at timesKate s normal sidekick Pete Merino seems to have lost the plot but I never found out why I never found the relevance of The Body Farm It plays a part but it is so miniscule it s hardly worth its inclusion Kate s niece Lucy, who was a smart young UNI student in the last book is now a smart and up and coming FBI student with a drinking problem Did she just wake up one morning and decided to be an alcoholic As an investigator Kate makes a good medical examiner Although in the end it was Kate s investigation that proved to be right.For all it s flaws this is still an entertaining read.If you have enjoyed the other Dr Scarpetta books then you ll enjoy this to. The Body Farm A Research Institute That Tests The Decomposition Of Corpses Black Mountain, North Carolina A Sleepy Little Town Where The Local Police Deal With One Homicide A Year, If They Re Unlucky, And Where People Are Still Getting Used To The Idea Of Locking Their Doors At Night But Violent Death Is No Respecter Of Venue, And The Discovery Of The Corpse Of AnYear Old Girl Sends Shock Waves Through The Community Dr Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner On A Similar Case In Virginia, Is Called In To Apply Her Forensic Skills To This Latest Atrocity, But The Apparent Simplicity Of The Case Proves Something Of A Poisoned Chalice Until Scarpetta Finds Enlightenment Through The Curious Pathologists Playground Known As The Body FarmFrom Author S Website Do I like PC or do I not like PC I m tending toward the latter with this book It s the 2nd PC book I ve read Kay is unappealing as a main character, and grows even so theI read her Is it believable that she has all of these incredible insights into fingerprints, car wrecks, etc that ever other law enforcement agency specialty misses Please Are we to be ambivilent and accepting of the fact that she is an active accomplice in marriage wrecking Above and beyond this, there s just nothing relatable, enjoyable, and interesting about her character As to the storyline, I guessed many of the clues prior to their revelation The story was slow moving, and I bored easily Has taken me a very long time to read this book. I am still not sure if I dislike the author s writing, or if the books are just so old that I dislike the books because they are just that dated.The stupid Lucy storyline 1 There has never been any indication prior to this book that there was any reason to even hint that Lucy had an addictive personality, and or had a problem with drinking So, it s amazing how in only the course of one book, Lucy became this supposed alcoholic.2 The lesbian storyline I think Patricia was starting to question her own sexuality with this book, because there is absolutely no reason or previous hints, that would have lead anyone to believe that Lucy simply getting her cigarette lit by a pair of female hands means that she s a lesbian It felt very out of the blue that suddenly Kay was suspecting of Lucy s sexual preferences.The Benton storyline I actually didn t mind this, though I was rather ambivalent towards it one way or the other I do like Benton, so perhaps thats why.The Merino storyline Meh Did not like it Didn t like any of it His jealousy though did makesense than the entire Lucy plots.The killer storyline Meh Didn t like Didn t care Saw it coming long before.Kay s sister Dorothy Never liked her Flat out hate her from the first mention in this book.Kay It s amazing how idiotic the rest of the world is compared to Kay Kay is super investigator She can do anything, and the FBI is stooooopid The police are stoooooopid Only Kay can save the day Only Kay can find the killer Title The title of this book was pointless to the plot The Body Farm was in one scene, and I don t even actually remember why it was necessary I think she would have been better off calling it Coins for the Ferryman or something like that Something actually appropriate.Other than the fact that I already have them all loaded in my itunes, I m not actually sure I care if I finish the rest of the series or not.I must say if I had to choose between Temperance Brennan or Kay Scarpetta I m Team Bones all the way The Scarpetta books are so meh. 3,5 5,, ,, , alter ego , .,,,, ,, , ,, This book was fast paced and complicated with a twist I really liked it Scarpetta s relationship with Wesley changes from professional friendship to an affair This upsets me because he is married and Scarpetta has met his wife on a few occasions and likes her very much What bothers me most is Scarpetta feels no remorse whatsoever Nor does Wesley Because of the change that goes on with Wesley and Scarpetta s relationship it makes Morino very upset and you start to realize that he has feelings for Scarpetta that are stronger than just friendship I very much missed that relationship in this story I enjoy the back and forth between Scarpetta and Morino and find it rather endearing the protectiveness he feels for her I also find it endearing how he gets uncomfortable when any of his protectiveness shows All this was missing in this book I really missed it I am concerned what is going to happen in the next book in regard to Scarpetta and Morino s relationship In the first book, Morino saved Scarpetta s life, and now in this book she saved his life I wonder how he is going to handle that one Entretenido, aunque previsible.