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Un chef d uvre sur le travail d Avedon dans la mode. Avedon Fashion Encompasses Seven Decades Of Extraordinary Images By Richard Avedon, The Most Influential Fashion Photographer Of The Th CenturyThis Comprehensive Volume Offers A Definitive Survey, From Avedon S Groundbreaking Early Photographs For Harper S Bazaar Through His Constantly Inventive Contributions To Vogue, Egoiste, And The New Yorker Each Carefully Selected Image Represents An Artistic Collaboration With Significant Models, Stylists, And Designers Avedon Fashion Accompanies The First Major Exhibition To Survey This Body Of Work, At The International Center Of Photography In May With Critical Essays By Carol Squiers, Curator At The ICP, And Photography Critic Vince Aletti, As Well As An Appreciation By Photo Historian Philippe Garner, Avedon Fashion Chronicles An Astonishing Record Of Photographic Achievement 4.5 No way, I thought to myself as I read within the first few pages of this book that Avedon was proclaimed by US Camera as the most controversial figure in photograph in 1948 Let s see here A woman in Paris, flirting with some sailors A woman on the beach, about to throw a ball This lady is jumping in a studio doesn t Vogue US do that, like, all the time They re beautiful pictures, certainly not boring But how could this be controversial Obviously, times changes But as I read on, I learned that it s because Richard Avedon changed them In the 40s, controversy in photography meant changing standard techniques everyone had used for years This is where a young man in his early twenties, whose only experience involving photography was shooting the identity photos of his fellow sailors in the navy, comes in He redefined colour, light, and angle He moved others emotionally as he tried to discover himself If it were not for Richard Avedon, there would be no Mert or Marcus, Inez or Vinoodh well, it s not like he BIRTHED them I mean, that their signature techniques, like those of many other photographers, were accepted because Avedon tried them out decades earlier This book helped me to understand this.Any book about Richard Avedon should have a simple layout so as not to distract from the subject, and this book s design is on point Of 371 pages, the majority is photography, arranged by decade, and ordered so that one can see the cohesiveness but still separate individual photos from how they look next to others.There are then three essays on his overall objective and career, Bazaar work, and Vogue work which are all highly informative, including stories of rivalries with photographers such as Irving Penn and relationships with everyone from Diana Vreeland to Brooke Shields naughty Calvins But interesting to me were the analyses that helped me begin to develop a better understanding of photographer, whether fashion related or not The authors point out, for example, that his studio work was analytical and the location work was spontaneous The book also, in parts, delves into how he responded to political and social events such as wars, hippies, and race Avedon shot the first black woman ever to appear in Harper s bazaar These parts were my favourite, because they expanded upon the way fashion is reflective of a time and place, of history and politics.Most importantly, the book depicts the curiosity in and passion for the human race that Richard Avedon explored through his camera lens and through fashion, a word that, at some point, meant something to society than sexist magazines and reality TV The average reader of WORN though, let s face it, could a WORN reader really be average knows hat fashion is important and relevant to society, and this is something Avedon helped prove In the same way that Avedon articulated through photography what I love about fashion but could never express, Avedon Fashion 1944 2000 articulates just what I could never pinpoint about his photos Review by Tavi Gevinson Most of Avedon s photography books are heavily weighted towards his portraiture work, so I was happy to discover one solely dedicated to his fashion portfolio Avedon himself may shrug off this work as thematically shallow, but the experimentation that magazines like Harper s Bazaar and Vogue allowed him early on his career to discover his interests, techniques, and strengths that could later be applied to the non fashion fields The book clearly shows this evolution by presenting the photographs chronologically, so the reader is confronted with the climb to perfection from early experiments, and then the quick decline of interest as Avedon moved away from the fashion industry. This is one of the most complete retrospectives of Avedon s work, with special focus on fashion The paper has a great satin finish, making the photos really stand out much than most of the other Avedon photo books If you have one book on Avedon fashion, this is the one to own. Simply Inspiring. A seminal photographer s work laid out all bright and big and clear also some very helpful essays which guided my eye as i tried to understand what i was seeing. I saw the exhibit at the MFA Boston in November The exhibit was great, but the book is superior Up close views of the photos on view, plus many Beautifully presented, gorgeous book.