epub pdf The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7Author David Ray Griffin – Kairafanan.co

Absolutely brilliant book. S T Why The Official Final Report About Is Unscientific FalseAt In The Afternoon On , Building Of The World Trade Center Collapsed, Even Though It Had Not Been Struck By A Plane And Had Fires On Only A Few Floors The Reason For Its Collapse Was Considered A Mystery In August , NIST The National Institute Of Standards And Technology Issued Its Report On WTC , Declaring That The Reason For The Collapse Of World Trade Center Is No Longer A Mystery And That Science Is Really Behind What We Have Said Showing That Neither Of These Claims Is True, David Ray Griffin Demonstrates That NIST Is Guilty Of The Most Serious Types Of Scientific Fraud Fabricating, Falsifying, And Ignoring Evidence He Also Shows That NIST S Report Left Intact The Central Mystery How Could A Building Damaged By Fire Not Explosives Have Come Down In Free Fall If you want to say sleeping and believe what you hear DO NOT READ THIS BOOK If you want to start to wake up, read this book today, not tomorrow. A rambling mess that repeatedly promises big things and then fails to deliver. Though useful and important, this is not as good as his other books He spends a bit too much time on semantical arguments and it bogs down the reading But, it does a good job of pointing out the inconsistencies of the latest NIST report on WTC7 It s not surprising NIST s account is riddled w problems in that their task is to defy the LAWS of Einstein and Newton How do buildings fall into the path of MOST resistance at free fall speed and suffer global collapse without the use of explosives Real eye opener, but it gets a little redundant at times and I found myself skipping ahead several times after the author made a point, and then made it again, and made it again, and again.