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Review before finishing the book I am so sorry to my friend who willingly spent her money just to buy me this disappointing book for Christmas When I read the overview, I was like, This is going to be a great book , and so, I spent months craving for this book because I don t have the time to buy and read it, until my oh so good friend gave it to me as Christmas gift I was so excited to read it butIt.was.horrible The plot was just so irrelevant to the supposed main idea of the book The ending was so predictable Okay, start from the beginning Jem is a troubled child under foster care who doesn t want to get emotionally attached to anyone because of her ability to see other people s death dates when she looks into their eyes, blah blah blah Then she meets Spider, a guy who finally understands her, lets down her guard and takes a chance, blah blah blah The back of the book was way interesting than the story itself.So the London Eye explodes right after they left the area they ran away, she predicted it, obviously , so the police got suspicious and they re being hunted, accused of being terrorists And that s where the interesting part ends The rest of the book comprised of their runaway and hiding from authorities and civilization It was booooring I didn t care about the characters all that much The only character I liked was Britney, who played a minor, short role in the book.Personally, I was expecting something exciting after the explosion Like, there would be another terrorist attack, and Jem and Spider would get caught, but they found out about Jem s abilities somehow and she would be used to help stop the future terrorist attack Or something Or maybe even reveal Val to be some sort of former agent or something ANYTHING Anything that doesn t involve running away over and over It was just so repetitive Okay, maybe I m like this cause I just finished reading Eve, which was full of surprises AWESOME BOOK I wanted from the story, I don t get how the rest of the events relate to her ability I mean, it s just so pointless to have that factor in the story if the author isn t even going to make it useful It s like I can see the person s death WOW and as the story progresses SO WHAT NOW I don t recommend this to anyone The sort of love story part here isn t even sappy I m so so so so so sorry Christa Thank you, though I tried, but it was just so boring It sucked, really I didn t even get into the the characters Sooooorry Anyway, I m going to try to finish for the sake of finishing it. Popular EPub, Numbers By Rachel Ward This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Numbers, Essay By Rachel Ward Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I was pleasantly suprised by this book, I really liked the story and the exploration of the underclasses and labelling in society The questions asked about the current justice system in Britain and whether or not the police are simply looking for a likely candidate to blame, are often a question faced in reality The exploration of racial issues also gives insight into a dark world where the police see a black boy or girl, but less so automatically as a criminal or at least a suspect.The plot intrigued me as soon as I heard of it The protagonist, Jem, has been able to see the numbers all her life, as soon as she looks into someone s eyes, she knows the date they will die The numbers have always been absolute and unchanging But one day she sees the exact same numbers on everyone waiting in the London Eye queue and flees, knowing the tragic fate of the passengers The Eye becomes subject to a terrorist attack and the only CCTV footage shows Jem and her friend Spider running away from the scene Instant suspects, the two attempt an escape, heading for a seaside town of Spider s childhood.The story idea was very good, it seemed fairly original to me unless someone better read would like to correct me The focus on the lower working class was insightful but, most likely, exaggerated I find it stereotypical of the author to paint every one as a drug dealer or criminal of some kind, all with a low life expectancy to go with it Some of it may be an accurate depiction of the struggles faced when you aren t born into wealth and opportunity but I grew up in a very mixed class English town and the only difference between those defined as working class and middle class was their income Neither were criminals, neither lacked education or ambition.The race issue, however, can still happen and the author made her point very effectively by the way that the police assume without question that Spider must be a criminal.The love story is something I didn t expect and when it first happened I didn t expect to get into it either Actually, I became rather absorbed Jem is such a strong character, I like how she is the one to pull Spider out of the river instead of waiting for him to come to her rescue Twilight, anyone and how the two are partners, equally helping each other and sharing one another s strengths and weaknesses there is no damsel, no knight in shining armour, they are both equals who have been labelled by society since they were young kids.The ending, well the bit just before the ending, made me cry I felt unexpected emotion for the characters and was left with no doubt as to whether I would read Numbers 2 And even if that bit before the ending hadn t been enough, the very last line would have been the cliffhanger to seal the deal I was very impressed. Reading this book was agonising.I wanted to like it so much Jem s ability is great The message of the novel is interesting The concept holds so much promise, but gets seriously bungled up due to the shoddy writing, silly characters and insipid plot I didn t like the writing it felt kind of messy to me In my opinion, the story is told in a very dull way I don t know, it had the potential to be interesting, but it fell flat in that area.And the characters They are such complete idiots Jem is such a frustrating protagonist The whole bitter thing is understandable, given her sad history, but after a while it gets kind of annoying There were a few moments in which I actually liked Spider, but overall he s pretty irritating too or maybe I m just an irritable person.The decisions the characters make are just so incredibly stupid Neither Jem nor Spider seem to have the ability to think things through rationally so they just rush headlong into disaster They don t even seem to THINK before making rash decisions like fleeing from the police for no reason, or having unprotected sex There are consequences for your actions Practically the whole plot is based on their stupidity Seriously why did they flee WHY If they had acted sensibly, the whole mess would have been wrapped up without so much hassle Yes, I get that they have issues with the social system I get that they mistrust the authorities But honestly, going on the run Who does that What does it solve Their actions just defy logic.I will admit that I only skimmed the last fifty pages And, er, wow That ending with Spider it s ludicrous If it was intended to be shocking or sad, it failed epically in those departments So overall I really don t like this book What a waste of a good concept And apparently, it s a series Haha no way. Rachel Ward has written a really dirty and gritty novel here, one that will stick with me for a whilethe ending was packed with a very sad punchand the last few sentences really left me wanting Numbers 2, The Chaos So while, I was sure in the beginning this novel was NOT one I would like, thinking I would never finish it, in the end it s a 4 mushroom book for me A book that reminded me that, while it might take a while, you need to give a book a chanceit just might turn out to be something you adore This book also carries with it a strong message, everyone dies, that s a factbut it s not how you die, or the date of your death that matters it s who you are UNTIL that day Like the quote Dance like nobody s watching love like you ve never been hurt Sing like nobody s listening live like it s heaven on earth Mark TwainBottom line the beginning is a tough ride, but I urge you to hang onthe last half makes up for it, and Jem grows on you than you ever think she ever could 4 mushrooms Read my rull review Numbers Didn t enjoy this book at all Not because of the writing or a lack of talent from the author s side No I just hated the characters so much that I couldn t help but feel tortured throughout the story.I mean, if you don t like the characters, you re doomed to dislike the book in general.Alright, let me try to explain this without being rude.The main characters are so dumb, that the only people I sympathized with in this story were the police chasing them.There simply isn t a real reason for them to run away Not one And that nullifies the entire plot, doesn t it It s kind of like when you watch a movie, and at the end the main character wakes up and you find out that it was all a dream You get so angry that you want to scream, because that ending means you ve wasted 2 hours or of your life on a story that didn t matter A story that didn t have to happen.That s exactly how I felt about this book.The best parts were when people confronted the main character, Jem, and asked her why she was running She could never really give an actual answer, could she One thing she said was I don t like cops Great Wonderful That s why I m reading this book Because you don t like cops Then she went on about how the police weren t going to believe them because of their background But it s so painfully obvious that this is a pathetic attempt from the author to make the story make sense It doesn t work, because the police made it clear that they wanted to talk to them about being witnesses Not terrorists.Why would I want to read about someone who complains about her having to run away from the police and sleep on the streets, if she didn t need to do so in the first place I growled I shouted I pulled my hair I hated these characters to the point where I wanted them to jump off that roof top.I m sorry But that s how I feel.And don t get me started on that silly ending. Jem has an unusual gift when she looks people in the eye, a set of numbers pops into her head When she was younger, she thought nothing of this However, when her mother dies of an overdose, the numbers suddenly make sense to 6 year old Jem the numbers are the month, day, and year on which the person in question will die.Now 15 years old, Jem has lived a tough life in inner city London Shuffled from foster home to foster home and understandably withdrawn and guarded because of her secret, Jem keeps to herself and avoids making contact with anyone else Kind of tough to make friends when every time you look at them you re reminded of the date they re going to kick it, right All of this changes for Jem when she meets Spider, an energetic boy from the wrong side of the tracks who forces his way into Jem s life The problem Jem knows that Spider will die in two weeks unless she figures out how to manipulate the numbers Things don t get any easier for the two when they are spotted fleeing the scene moments before a terrorist attack on the London Eye Now on the run, time and fate seem to be forcing Jem and Spider into dangerous situations that will surely result in Spider s rapidly approaching expiration date.I really enjoyed that Rachel Ward took some risks in this young adult novel These are not the spoiled, beautiful teenagers that populate so much of this genre today Life for Jem and Spider is grim and gritty, a lifetime of disappointment and failure all mapped out for them as victims of cyclical poverty and its associated pitfalls They ve both been in trouble with the law, and the reader can see how their inherent distrust of a system whose deck seems to be stacked against them leads to one poor decision after another They re also both stubbornly obtuse to the fact that they are as much perpetrator as victim in the downward spiral that is their lives The one fault that consistently nagged at me was that Jem s gift is forgotten for entire chapters and seems almost secondary once the characters are on the run From that point on, it s a typical chase narrative with Jem and Spider struggling to stay ahead of the mounting manhunt I was just expecting a little of the plot to hinge upon Jem s ability and was disappointed when it didn t If I had such a power, I would seriously be messing with some people s heads However, because of its strong characterization and one hell of an ending, I enjoyed it enough to give the sequel a shot when it becomes available.Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder I ve been going back and forth on how I wanted to rate this book, and I m still not sure it s worth a full three stars, but that s what it s going to get from me at least for right now I guess I was expecting something maybe different from Numbers by Rachel Ward It wasn t really creepy, dramatic, suspenseful nor intriguing at any grand or significant scale The story just shifted my suspended reality from here to there with no consistent path or flow, but I never really lost interest, so I guess it worked out okay.The story is about Jem, a fifteen year old girl who s been tossed back and forth in the foster care system after the death of her mother, which I believe was around the age of 4 or 5, not 100% sure, but she was young Anywho, the creepy, well not really creepy, but unique thing about Jem is that she can read peoples numbers when she looks into their eyes Those numbers reveal the date of the person s death with an uncanny accuracy So, Jem never really forges any relationships with people for fear of what she ll learn about them This all changes when she meets Spider, a boy that somehow captures her attention and begins to make her feel emotions she doesn t quite know what to do with The story takes off, well not really takes off, but progresses, not that either, but you get it, when Jem and Spider are at the London Eye and Jem notices the people around her at the station share the same number Predicting something is about to happen, her and Spider take off before a b0mb eventually detonates Jem and Spider are caught on camera fleeing the scene and making them potential suspects Lots of other stuff happens, but not really.There were a couple things to note about this book One, Jem and Spider are both fifteen and the author detailed an event that I didn t think she needed to describe so vividly considering the age of the two characters Not going to say much about it, just that yes I know that stuff happens, but does it really need to be spelled out and gloried I m not passionate enough about what she wrote to take a stance one way or the other, just simply surprised that she did that s all I m saying about that Second, the last few sentences really gave me cause to screech WHOA, but after 300 pages or so of bland, her final wow factor seemed a little late in coming Lastly, the language is really foul, but I wasn t too vested into the story to care too much, so I just wanted to simply mention the language is foul That s all.Overall, just an okay read that really had a ton potential that I don t think the author took advantage of I guess if this story really grabbed my interest and the characters moved me to compassion, I d have written a better review, but not really, so I ll just blame my crappy review on the June gloom here in Cali Okay, so, usually, I try to be nice about reviewing a book, because writing a novel is hard, but I did not like Numbers Like, at all.I thought it was a really cool idea, that Jem could see the date of people s deaths, but I feel like that wasn t really the most important part of the plot It was like, hey, this girl and her boyfriend are on the run from the police, even though they really didn t do anything wrong, but since they were suspiciously running from the scene before a terrorist attack and then were suspiciously running from the police when they were looking for them, they are now thought to be terrorists Stupid society Oh, by the way, whenever the girl sees someone s eyes, she says the date of when they will die And so there was really no point of the seeing date thing at all The author could have done the same story without it I mean, they wouldn t have been running if she hadn t seen the dates, but there could have been a different reason they came up with The other thing that bothered me WHY could she see the DOD I mean, don t go all, There doesn t NEED to be a reason, it s fiction, on me, because, yes there does need to be a reason Why can Harry preform magic He s a wizard Why do the X Men have crazy powers They re mutants Why can Percy do all that stuff he does He s like a demi god, or whatever I m running out of examples, but you know what I mean So I m expected to believe that Jem was just born with this random ability that has no real purpose in the story Also, I didn t like the characters They were dumb, and I din t feel bad for them at all. Numbers ha resultado toda una sorpresa para m , esperando cualquier cosa ha resultado ser una magn fica lectura consiguiendo engancharme de una forma que hacia mucho no me pasaba.La edici n es como la de cualquiera de este tipo de ediciones, normalita, pero cuenta con un peque o detalle antes del comienzo de algunos cap tulos, y es que en los m rgenes de la hoja aparece una secuencia de n meros que le dan un toque diferente Adem s, la portada aunque sencilla me gusta mucho m s que el de la edici n inglesa que a mi parecer es horrible y el t tulo es muy acertado con l puedes saber todo sin apenas saber nada.La historia tiene como eje central el extra o don de Jem de ver las fechas de la muerte de los dem s pero solo es el tema que desencadenada todos los acontecimientos que van a tener que sobrellevar Jem y Spider Huidas y persecuciones, descubrirse a uno mismo, sentir el amor y un gran dilema moral del que es complicado librarse, son algunas de los elementos que nos vamos a encontrar.Y es que es dif cil saber qu hacer cuando sabes que la persona que est a tu lado le queda poco tiempo Se lo deber a de decir o eso solo empeorar a la situaci n La protagonista tiene que lidiar con estas preguntas y muchas otras que no paran de rondarle por la cabeza, su poder podr a ayudar pero tambi n destruir y hacer enloquecer a aquella persona que posea dicha informaci n Las reflexiones de Jem me han agradado, son profundas y te hacen pensar que har as t estando en su lugar, o si a ti te gustar a saber la fecha de tu muerte.El argumento es muy bueno, nunca hab a le do nada parecido en las novelas juveniles, pero he visto algunas rese as que dec an que podr a haberle dado m s provecho al poder de Jem, a m a pesar de que es verdad que lo utiliza lo justo y necesario, me ha gustado el enfoque que la autora le ha querido dar y estoy segura de que los dos siguientes libros se dar n m s informaci n e importancia al este don tan peculiar.Rese a completa