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This Novel Takes You To The Smoggy, Cobbled Streets Of Queen Victoria S Vile Villainous Britain A Layer Of Horror Will Be Seamlessly Woven In To Comedic Effect You Ll Meet A Group Of Demonic, Feral Chimney Sweeps, Who First Appear To Victims As Angelic, Christmas Card Versions Of Urchins, Before Turning Into Agents Of Death

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    April 2010First Reads win I haven t paid much attention to the recent flood of Classic Novels With A Supernatural Horror Sci fi Twist, or the tsunami of Historical Figure As Secret Defender Of Mankind stories that followed Truth is, I was really holding out for Cultist in the Rye After his expulsion from boarding school, as well as the Sacred Brotherhood of Blessed Darkness no thanks to that phony Stradlater and his phony plastic skulls and candles rituals teenaged satanist Holden Caulfield spends one final weekend in New York as he prepares to wake the Old Ones and bring an end to this phony, phony world , but that s probably not gonna happen C mon, Salinger s been dead for months surely his estate has cashed in by now No Aww I guess I ll have to console myself with lesser works like this Queen Victoria Demon Hunter Catchy title, catchy cover, and how could I ignore the following blurb Colon There were many staff at Kensington Palace, fulfilling many roles a man who was employed to catch rats, another whose job it was to sweep the chimneys That there was someone expected to hunt Demons did not shock the new Queen that it was to be her was something of a surprise Oh, Goodreads, you lied to me.It s like a really awesome trailer for a really lackluster movie, where all the good jokes and awesome lines from the two minute video turn out to be the only good bits in the whole two hour snorefest You thought she d be some kind of badass monster slayer, right Latest in a long line of royalty keeping Britain safe from the forces of darkness, banishing demons between royal functions, not being amused at all, that sort of thing, right Wrong Victoria s just a regular old queen or is she whose throne is somewhat threatened by an ancient demon bloodline, but not to worry, there are other people who do the demon slayin for herthat is, until her husband Albert gets kidnapped by werewolves Then it really gets not amusing personal Cue training montage Eighties music probably doesn t work here And then she breaks out the steampunk weaponry and saves the day Fun, sure, and kudos for having a strong heroine and kudos for a great depiction of the utter squalor of Victorian London , but really, it wasn t worth it After a fairly dull story about young Victoria and her handsome prince, with several poorly developed zombie subplots and a not very threatening demonic conspiracy, the epic and chaotic demon slaying climax feels kinda tacked on and, well, really boring Really Boring Shocking, I know Not even the mountains of gore and intestines can save this book It s a bit sad, really I was expecting it to be entertaining and amusing, nothing great, a solid three stars, but really, it wasn t even that good I don t know what to believe any If they can t even do Queen Victoria well, I don t think Zombie Salinger has a chance.

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    Basically it boils down to this.Blah blah blah.nothing happeningBlah blah blah.British historyBlah blah blah.nothing happeningBlah blah blah.GORE GORE GORE GORE GORE VIOLENCE GORE..Blah blah blah.nothing happeningBlah blah blahEwwwww zombie prostitute sex.Blah blah blah.nothing happeningBlah blah blahend of attempt at money grabbing off monster classical literature mash up trend.Example of gore and violence Jacqueline a zombie used the moment to strike, driving her fist into Sugar s face and into her mouth, Sugar s jaw breaking with a snap With a low, gurgling moan, Sugar dropped to her knees and Jacqueline moved to stand over her, ramming her fist further down the poor woman s throat until it was immerses fully to the elbow She seemed to be almost rummaging for something, and expression on her face like that of a child rooting around in the sawdust for a lucky dip barrel Then her gore streaked arm emerged, her hand clutching an assortment of innards that she pushed greedily into her own mouth as, behind her, Sugar fell forward to the library floor, blood pouring from her mouth which gaped loosely open.

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    Love Hate Love Rating 5 5Did you finish Yes laughing the whole time, too.One sentence summary Queen Victoria slays zombies.Why did you get this book I ve seen it around but haven t heard any buzz.Do you like the cover Yes.First line from book Much later, as he watched his manservant, Perkins, eating the dog, Quimby gloomily reflected on the unusual events of the evening.Review I didn t know what to expect when I started this book, but I was pleasantly surprised It was graphically gross than I anticipated but I m not normally a zombie horror reader, so maybe it s not really too shocking for folks used to the genre Gore aside, this novel has a wonderful sense of humor so much so I was constantly chortling, giggling, and chuckling on my commute The alternate history presented by Moorat was fun and believable for me, but I m not a Victorian scholar I think Quimby had to be my favorite character, followed by Queen Victoria I have a bit of a girlcrush on her Moorat s next book is on Henry VIII as a werewolf, I think I ll likely pick it up because the tone and humor in this one was so good.

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    This a comical book with a Zombie style twist But now that we have the new series on ITV with the Doctor Who Star Clara as Victoria this makes great sense.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can t wait to read by this author I ve had Henry VIII, Wolfman on my wish list for years I might need to pick that one up soon.

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    Although I was excited actually I was inordinately excited to have finally won a First Reads giveaway, I admit I opened QVDH with than a little reluctance First of all, rush to market publishing trends such as 2009 s zombie remix bonanza should usually be avoided by tenderhearted readers who are easily disappointed by passing literary fashion Secondly, as a stalwart political progressive of Hibernian extraction big ups to all my Fenian ravers , I loathe monarchism generally as a primitive form of government, and I particularly despise Old Blighty s Hanoverian crime family 187 on George III So you could bet that a comic novel about a young Queen Victoria released at the height of a publishing craze would be just about the last thing on my wishlist.Yet, therein lies the genius of GoodReads, my droogies For I have to say, Holmes Moorat delivers a fast paced and fun read, probably setting the benchmark for this swiftly evolving microgenre It took me about a quarter of the book to get acclimated, and some elements were less thoughtfully developed than others, but overall QVDH will serve you well as a literary snack It ll enhance your interminable morning ride on the subway, thrice re scheduled appointment at the doctor s office, or whilst waiting on line with the early evening hours of a Friday peeling away.HE SPEAKS FROM EXPERIENCE Yes, I just finished the thing while waiting on line at a UPS pick up center in the warehouse n bramble wilds of Maspeth, Queens, a place situated among full capacity cemeteries, modular buildings, and the toxic turbidity of Newtown Creek There I was for over an hour and as long as I had my book, there was no need to tap my feet or sigh impotently within earshot of glassy eyed brownshirts 0000 Pluses Quimby the well drawn rou could have supported his own narrative The dynamic between he him and his zombie manservant, Perkins, was like an absurdist and risqu version of Jeeves and Wooster, and easily the most consistently enjoyable part of the story Holy shit Jeeves and Bertie Wolfman Yes Several scenes were particularly well constructed, e.g., the bloodbath in the House of Commons and the bible society s tour of Bedlam.I also enjoyed the forces of conservatism and class oppression depicted as succubi and werewolves because see above, i.e., gay Irish ravers.Demerits The confused symbolism of QVDH s demons was kind of annoying As previously stated, one moment it s suggested the motivating ideology of Conroy and his Satanic sponsors is indistinguishable from that of the upper classes a sort of metaphysical pop Marxist critique However, later it s shown that the demonic bloodline that flows through Victoria s veins is the very source of her abilities and exists as a hereditary gift that must be nobly maintained rather than abused a vague endorsement of Burkean conservatism by an appeal to Baal s Peerage.Additionally, the premonitions of WWI and some instances of anachronistic dialogue may be a mite bit infuriating, until you pause and cease to care.Also, GoodReads Give me books.

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    Writing was a bit dumbed down, but overall it was an entertaining read Although a work of fiction, the historical facts were accurate and the fiction was amusing Blood and guts, with occasional bawdy humor and a pinch of history made for a pretty good book It was a nice change from the other Quirk Fiction I ve read that were actually based upon existing literature It was refreshing to have no frame of reference except what I already knew about the Queen, those surrounding her, and the time period in which is took place.

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    So this isn t going to win any prizes for literature but it s bloody good fun The title s a bit of a misnomer though as Queen Victoria doesn t actually become a demon hunter until late on in the book when her beloved Albert is kidnapped by werewolves So you have zombies and demons and an arse kicking monarch and it makes you so proud to be British Rule bloody Britannia

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    This has to be one of the most ridiculous books I have ever read My sister gave me this book and I barely glanced at the cover and I assumed it was a historical fiction book as she is a big fan of that genre However, when I came round to reading it, I saw from the front cover it was a zombie story and inside found it had all manner of demons and things from the underworld The story revolved mostly around Queen Victoria with zombies, werewolves, succubus , etc thrown in Both Victoria and Albert are half demons in the book but both have turned away from their demonic sides although there is no explanation as to why Albert has done this as at one point he is in with the demons I normally love zombie stuff and can take a lot of gore but I m not sure if it was the book or the mood I was in but some of the descriptions of the zombies eating people made me feel a bit queasy I would recommend if you like absolutely ridiculous storylines where very little is explained Somehow I ended up rooting for Quimby and Perkins as I thought they were the best characters of the book