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I liked this book,you get to meet a few kids of the Heroes of the Lance Wars.They get to go on and start their adventures. This book is a collection of stories mainly about the new generation the children of the original companions It s difficult for me to be objective about these books because I become so involved in the whole, vast scenario the characters and their adventures become very real vital to me, and I find myself unable to make any sensible criticism or comparisons What I can say is that, despite being in similar settings, the books are always compelling and innovative even amusing in some places especially where kender are involved.I very much enjoyed The Belgariad but Dragonlance is better and I would place it second on my list of best fantasy LoTR being the only series that tops it, in my opinion. Years Have Passed Since The End Of The War Of The Lance The People Of Ansalon Have Rebuilt Their Lives, Their Houses, Their Families The Companions Of The Lance, Too, Have Returned To Their Homes, Raising Children And Putting The Days Of Their Heroic Deeds Behind ThemBut Peace On Krynn Comes At A Price The Forces Of Darkness Are Ever Vigilant, Searching For Ways To Erode The Balance Of Power And Take Control When Subtle Changes Begin To Permeate The Fragile Peace, New Lives Are Drawn Into The Web Of Fate Woven Around All The Races The Time Has Come To Pass The Sword Or The Staff To The Children Of The LanceThey Are The Second GenerationAn All New Audiobook Edition Of A Classic Dragonlance NovelThis Audiobook Of Five Novellas Bridges The Gap Between The Chronicles And Legends Trilogies And Dragons Of Summer Flame While Detailing Their Adventures, The Second Generation Also Sets Up Key Events And Characters In Future Dragonlance Novels I like to read fantasy, but I feel at the same time that I m wasting my time by not reading something mature or educational I m not a snob, believe me, and I know this sounds ridiculous Maybe I m just too hard on myself, and I need to sometimes read just for fun The Dragon Lance series by Weis Hickman really fits the just for fun nail on the head These stories are full of action, intrigue, and humor They are well written, if somewhat predictable, with good characterization It s good vs evil adventure at its finest This book is a transitional book that consists of 4 short stories novellas It is meant to pass the torch from the characters of the previous 6 books to their offspring in the next 6 books These stories were entertaining, but lacked the satisfaction of the extended quest that most fantasy novels unfold I look forward to reading the next novels in the series. A fantastic collection of short stories that flesh out the world of Dragonlance. I really like Dragonlance, but I didn t like this new generation or this new incarnation of stories Maybe you will, I dunno.If you really liked Dragonlance, take a look If you re new to the world, stick with the 80s books But hey that s just me. This is clearly a transitional work, which sets the scene for the next generation of characters, who are, very annoyingly, named after the friends of the first generation of Heroes There s Tanis and Tanin, Strum and Strum, Paladine and Palin, Gilthanas and Gilthas you can see where this is going It s like there s a serious name shortage in the Dragonlance series I found this book not as strong as it could have been, which is not surprising given that it s comprised of 5 short, independent stories that give the readers a quick insight into the times of peace that reigned after the War, and a brief introduction to the kids, aka the Second Generation.The most interesting story, for me, was Palin s journey through the tower of sorcery, in The Legacy There was a sweet kind of irony in reading Palin s struggles with magic, which mirrored his uncle Raistlin s Overall, a decent collection, but not outstanding It lacks the cohesiveness and strength of the earlier novels. meeting with the second generation, all the children of the companions we got to know so well is lovely but i think the kids are not taking after their parents the forces of evil seem to be rising once again and i wonder whose children will go the way of evil and who of good this book has some very humorous bits in it, had me laughing alone with tears down my cheeks like an idiot but the gnomes are so funny and we get to meet our very first ogre suspense is not missing in this book either especially in the part regarding the son of laurana and tanis half elven My new years gift is giving this book two stars which is extremely generous.I m a completionist and feel the need to finish all of the Dragonlance Weis books.This book contains five novella s that tell the tales of the kids of the Hero s of the Lance.1 Tells of Kitiara s son2 Tells of Caramon s son3 Tells of a story of three of Caramon s sons4 Tells of the legend of Raistlin s daughter5 Tells of Tanis s sonThey were extremely uneven Novella two and three were laughable they were so bad e.g imagine putting a saying like Bob s your uncle into a fantasy novel or turning the struggle of your soul into a slapstick comedy while novella 1, 3 and 5 were average at best but were readable.This is one of those books where I determined how many pages were left and divided it up into a week and then my penance that day was to get through the number of pages I was assigned just to finish This should be a one star book but I can t make myself give a Dragonlance book one star for the sake of all of the hundreds of hours of enjoyment that I ve received from Dragonlance.I only recommend this for people who enjoy root canals, finals week and Newt Gingrich books.For all others take a wide pass on this one. This is one of my favorite anthologies that is set in the Dragonlance world I highly suggest reading the chronicles and legends before reading this, as it will give you those warm nostalgic feelings that DL is known for slapping you in the face with Nice to see some old friends again.