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This book made me wonder why some female mystery authors choose to endow their female protagonists with so much unecessary angst Reichs is one of several authors that I ve read lately who is guilty of this The protagonist can t just solve crime She has to juggle relationship issues, neurotic family and friends, pets, concerns about her appearance hair and weight , money worries, etc and catch a murderer Yeah, I know that those are all real concerns, but if I wanted to read a book about women s issues, I d pick something from Oprah s list Why can t female detectives just solve murders Male detectives aren t worrying about their weight Or their significant others To quote Henry Higgins, Why can t a woman, belike a man Authors, please don t pander to what you think women want Please just create a strong, female character who kicks ass, takes names, and solves crime. Done with Kathy Reichs You know how some thrillers and mysteries are OK, but a cut below excellent Reichs is on the low end of OK I can see how her work has popular appeal, but frankly it s trite, repetitive, formulaic, and not really compellingly written I can deal with trite and formulaic if something is really well written After three of the Temperance Brennan books and I might have read the fourth, but they re so uninspiring I neither remember nor care , I don t think Reichs is going to get any better.I ll stick with TV s Brennan, thanks I m glad that the producers of Bones were able to transcend these mediocre novels to make a really good show. For someone so smart Tempe Brennan sure does some dumb things Running into the line of fire, blatantly ignoring directives from seasoned detectives, going to biker bars alone at night, etc The plotting in these books would be pretty good if the author didn t continually have her heroine behave in such an idiotic way in order to create suspense or reveal important plot threads I also do not appreciate that some member of Tempe s family or a close friend is always somehow involved with the criminals and of course is put in danger There are way too many coincidental happenings as well Tempe must happen to know someone in every law enforcement agency or field on the continent.However, I enjoyed the technical details about crime solving that were imparted in such a way that they fit into the story I liked the fact that there was less unexplained untranslated French in this book than the last two I learned quite a lot about Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, which was interesting.Even though every chapter ends on a heavy handed cliffhanger seriously, I find myself going da da DAAH in my head, you know, the melodramatic sound effect , I had absolutely no trouble putting the book down and going to sleep Maybe that s why it took me 13 days to read 300 pages Usually I read 90 100 pages per day Also If you re looking for books about the Bones TV show, you will be disappointed I already knew that, but I still find myself disappointed I guess I expected better. Deadly Decisions doesn t vary much from the pattern established in Reichs first two Temperance Brennan novels This one again features one of Brennan s friends family in peril, and again teaches us muchabout forensics than your average episode of CSI.This time the featured forensic topic was blood spatter Five pages worth of lecture, which I have to admit that I didn t read I skimmed until I found the conclusion so this means that the victim was beaten before he was shot I don t think my enjoyment of the book suffered for my laziness.The villains in Deadly Decisions are OMCs, Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Apparently there s a biker war in Montreal, and innocent bystanders are getting caught in the crossfire Brennan volunteers for a multi agency task force to address the problem, and as a result, she and her readers are treated to not one, but two lecture presentations about the history of OMCs in the U.S and Canada These presentations are complete with overhead and slide projectors Like the blood spatter, the storyline would have made just as much sense even without such deep background I realized the details were a severe distraction when I found myself putting down the book so I could construct an organization chart to keep track of all the parent clubs and puppet clubs.Maybe I m just overly critical because this isn t my usual genre Overall, it s a perfectly entertaining read I just wish the surprises had beensurprising. A Nine Year Old Girl Dies On Her Way To Ballet Class, Caught In Outlaw Biker Crossfire Violence Is Spilling On To The Streets Of Montreal And Dr Temperance Brennan, Forensic Anthropologist For The State, Has To Pick Up The PiecesShe Knows She Shouldn T Let Emotion Get In The Way Of Her Role As Scientist, But When Nine Year Old Emily S Body Is Wheeled Into The Morgue She Cannot Help But React Tempe S Nephew, Kit, Is Mesmerised By Motorcycles Does He Understand The Dangers Posed By The Outlaw Gangs An Exhumation Uncovers The Bones Of Another Innocent, Hidden In A Clandestine Grave Close To A Biker Headquarters With Her Boss In The Hospital And Her Sparring Partner Andrew Ryan Disturbingly Unavailable, Tempe Begins A Perilous Investigation Into A Lawless Underworld Of Organised Crime OKAY WHAT THE HELL DETECTIVE RYAN WHAT THE HELL UGH, Deadly Decisions made me want to murder him Also. what is this strange fascination with trying to kill Brennan and her family Is there going to be a book where everyone is safe Other than that, I m lowkey happy that Brennan was in the good ole VA Now. if she could do a hop, skip, and jump into DC I would be even happier guys Anyhoo, the new investigation in her life is with a motorcycle club There s also another thing going on in her life and that has to deal with Ryan Ugh, bad guy He deserves a time out for the shit he has put me through.I liked getting to meet Kit, her nephew. but I also feel like he caused a bunch of drama into her life as well I also feel like Tempy gets herself into a whole bunch of shit Things could ve easily gone another way for her but she decided to go against what everyone was telling her It was a bit frustrating to listen to.Overall, I liked the book but it could ve been better. I m not sure whether I didn t like this as much as some of the other Temperance Brennan novels I ve read due to it being one of the earlier in the series, or whether I m just getting a bit tired of aspects of this novel that I didn t like It was somewhat predictable, somewhat heavy with technical aspects, somewhat reliant on unbelievable co incidences.The novel focuses on Brennan s involvement in a case following the discovery of bones corpses thought to be related to biker gang activity in Montreal Some of the involvement of the central character rang true, but there were also aspects of the narrative where I just couldn t believe a forensic anthropologist would be involved Mary Sue alert The crimes that result from one load of deaths and the authorities becoming involved, it starts to threaten the central character as well as her close friends and family This seemed a bit ridiculous.There was a lot of scientific explanation with respect to pathology and anthropology As interesting as this sort of thing is, in a novel it felt rather clunky an insertion and like the author was saying I have done my research and you are going to have the benefit of my expertise in this area, regardless of how it sits in the story The wise cracking sass was funny most of the time, but just silly on occasion The d nouement was reliant on some somewhat unbelievable heroicness on the part of the central character and a few supporting cast who d been barely mentioned till they turn up to save the day at the last minute.Oh, and I just couldn t understand the way a 19yr old male character felt like someone several years younger Maybe the character was immature, maybe Americans treat their teenagers differently to British folk, I just compared him to myself when I was that age had been left home a year, relatively capable and couldn t feel much common ground.So yes, I ll probably not read manyKathy Reichs there are plenty other books in the genre which I tend to prefer. I think I liked this one in the series the best so far Dr Temperance Brennan keeps her instances of running off by herself and doing something knuckle headed down to a minimum. Our intrepid forensics lady is knee deep in skeletons and a biker insurrection in Canada Ms Reichs does a good job of weaving science with action, and the usual humor.